Tip: End of Summer Beach Party!

If you can't get to the beach, bring the beach to the neighborhood!

A beach party is universally synonymous with relaxation and fun in the sun!

Plan a beach themed party to celebrate the end of summer and you can guarantee your community a fun entertaining time for all ages.

Try some of these ideas:

  • Provide mini bubble sets to everyone - kids and adults!
  • Promote the party with an advertisement on your website.
  • Provide frozen drinks with bamboo umbrellas.
  • Upload simple templates to your neighborhood website (fish, mermaids, sharks, crabs, palm trees, sea horses, etc.) That can be printed, cutout, and colored beforehand - Use for decoration or contests!
  • Hold an oversized beach hat contest.
  • To assure great music, send an email blast asking everyone to name their favorite beach-themed songs. (premium only)
  • Raffle off beach-themed prizes.
  • Set up two kiddie pools; fill one with water and one with sand.
  • Provide plastic sand pails and tools.

As with any community event, use your website to document the party. (Use common sense posting pictures of your neighbors in swimwear!)

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Tip: Eliminate Litter From Your Neighborhood

Using your website for litter control is easy…

Successful litter control must be an ongoing effort involving the entire community. Make sure you involve youth, seniors, businesses, clubs…everyone! Removing litter can have a huge impact on the health and beauty of your community

Try these tips to improve litter control:

  • Always set an example by not littering.
  • Advertise your neighborhood events as “Litter Free” and hand out litterbags.
  • Organize “Quick Cleanups” via email blast. e.g. “Inviting all neighbors to go outside for 20 minutes, Saturday at 10am and do a quick litter cleanup!” ( Premium Only)
  • Create a page on your website –show pictures of areas before and after litter cleanup.
  • Organize a litter committee.
  • Report illegal dumping to local authorities.
  • Removed trapped litter from fence lines on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Make sure homeowner trash cans have lids that can be securely fastened.
  • Ask local businesses to assure their dumpsters are covered.
Clean communities improve quality of life, and have a much better chance of attracting new residents and businesses.

Examples of real communities using their websites to control litter:
Naturally Bexar
Eagle Eyes (Forest Hills Grid 18)
Newberry Towne
West St. Catherine Neighborhood Association
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Tip: Get People Using Your Website!

Getting the word out about your website is critical…

Marketing your new website takes time, but keep at it! A rule of thumb in advertising is that people need to see an ad 20 times before they buy the product or respond to the advertising.

Try these inexpensive ideas to effectively promote your website:

  • Tell all of your friends. Word-of-Mouth is often the best marketing.
  • Suggest people promote their garage sales on the website. ( Premium Only)
  • Include your web address on ALL your printed material - newsletter, stationary, business cards, etc.
  • Hang flyers in common areas - laundry rooms, clubhouses, pools, parks, etc.
  • Encourage local groups like book clubs, cub scouts, and play groups to use the website - or to get a website of their own and then link to each other.
  • Send out regular email to all of the website members. ( Premium Only)
  • Include a neighborhood hot topic in your marketing materials to make your message stick! For example: "How are we going to pay for the new fence? Join us online to discuss the options."

Examples of how real organizations have thrived after promoting their website:

Marlborough Mesa
Madison park
Camelot Neighborhood Association
Rolling Oaks

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Tip: Increase Volunteerism...

Use your website to bring people together to volunteer...

Everyone is busy and we all have limited time to volunteer. However, volunteerism is critical to a thriving community. 

Use these ideas to achieve more volunteerism in your neighborhood:

  • Post volunteer opportunities on your website - Keep them updated!
  • Don't ask for long-term commitments.
  • Create volunteer opportunities for families
  • Pair new volunteers with experienced volunteers
  • Publicly recognize and thank your volunteers
  • Post pictures of volunteer efforts on your website
  • Accommodate volunteer schedules
  • Send regular email blasts to all volunteers ( Premium Only)
  • Think about holding periodic "new resident orientation" meetings.
  • Remember that a volunteer’s time is limited!

When volunteers offer their time, they still may not know exactly where to start. They often feel like they need permission to act, especially if they are new to the neighborhood. Invite them to act - The more specific the invitation, the better.

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Tip: Smart Tree Removal

Removing a tree is permanent. Do it right!

Occasionally a neighborhood or HOA must remove trees for safety, maintenance, or insurance reasons. Tree removal is often a controversial issue and opinions tend to be passionate on all sides.

Using your website and following these tips can help:
  • Be completely transparent in the decision making process.
  • Post a complete summary of every meeting on the website.
  • Hire certified arborists to give impartial opinions.
  • Use the website to actively encourage input and suggestions.
  • Post your CC&Rs on the website so all residents have easy access.
  • Send an email blast giving the location/reasons for each tree removal ( premium only)
  • Start an online discussion where all voices can be heard.
  • Obtain any/all required permits from the city.
  • Give ample warning on the website if any road/trail closures.
  • Plan future tree planting to avoid the need for removal.

Real Neighborhood Examples:

Perkerson Civic Association
Sunset Park Homeowners Association
Woodlawn Park

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Tip: Stop Graffiti!

Here are some simple tips to help you stop graffiti…

Graffiti affects property values, quality of life, and damages a communities’ reputation for livability.

When graffiti is allowed to remain, it invites more graffiti.

The following ideas can remove Graffiti quickly and eventually prevent it altogether:
  • Report all graffiti incidents to local law enforcement and make a police report.
  • Use the website to solicit graffiti removal volunteers - Perhaps call it a "Graffiti Response Team".  Studies show that if graffiti is removed within 24 hours the chance of reoccurrence is very low.
  • Setup an email blast to all Graffiti removal volunteers whenever Graffiti is reported. ( Premium Only)
  • Prominently display your cities' anti-graffiti hotline phone number on the website.
  • Research and post your city's compensation policy -- Many cities will help pay for part/all of the cost of removing Graffiti. Some will supply the cleaning products themselves.
  • Create a page explaining the different cleaning products that can be used on your properties. Some solvents may permanently stain if not used correctly. Historic buildings may need special care.
  • Write a Graffiti article for your online newsletter.
  • Warn your neighbors that if they see graffiti vandalism in progress, call 9-1-1! Warn everyone not to take the law into their own hands.

Real Neighborhoods Using their websites to fight Graffiti:

Heritage Neighborhood Association
Montavilla Neighborhood Association
Cactus Park Community Alliance
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Tip: Welcome New Neighbors

It's easy to make new neighbors feel welcome…

Make your neighborhood feel like the friendly inviting place that your new neighbors imagined when they purchased their home.

Your neighborhood only gets one chance to make a first impression.

Simple Acts Go A Long Way:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Keep the initial conversation short – Moving is busy and stressful; don’t add to it.
  • Print a neighborhood directory from the website (Premium Only)
  • Offer to help unload – If professional movers are not involved, extra hands unloading the truck are helpful
  • Provide the necessary information to login and become a member of the website
  • Be careful sharing warm memories about the previous owners. (This is their home now)
  • Deliver a hot meal with disposable plates/utensils (Their kitchen may not be unpacked yet)
  • Provide a calendar with HOA meetings, local events, trash collection schedule, etc. (Make this a page on the website)
  • Recognize new move-ins at your next HOA or Neighborhood meeting
  • Create a page on the website with a picture of the new family and a bio (Premium Only)

Keep smiling and greeting your new neighbors every time you see them. A neighbor who feels valued and accepted is more likely to be a positive addition to your community.

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Tip: Invite Your Neighbors Into Your Home!

The holiday season is an ideal time to invite neighbors you may not know well over for a meal.

The thought of planning, buying, cooking, serving and entertaining may seem a little daunting, but here are some simple suggestions:

  • Accept/solicit help from your neighbors: It’s a misconception that the host has to do everything.
  • Create a webpage with your food needs: Let your neighbors sign up online for what they would like to bring. This helps with food preparation, and assures you don’t have 10 turkeys and no side dishes!
  • Invite guests early: This gives you time to plan and will allow your neighbors to put the event on their calendars before their days fill up.
  • Plan seating: You don't need assigned seating, but ensure you have enough seats for everyone including children.
  • Have name tags: Lots of people are bad with names, name tags take some of the awkwardness out of mingling.
  • Plan for children: Children will need to have activities to do while the parents are socializing.
  • Plan for music: Music is usually an essential part of a party atmosphere. Decide on a playlist in advance. Ask for music suggestions on the website.
Take a quiet moment to yourself before guests arrive and have fun!

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Tip: Easily Create Links In Your Web Pages

It's easy to create clickable links in your web pages…

Our flexible editor allows you to easily create new web pages on the fly with photos, graphics, and hyperlinks to other web pages – Don’t worry, there is no need to know HTML.

To easily create a link:
  • While editing, select the text you wish to use for your hyperlink (by selecting it with the mouse e.g.: Click here to link to my page...)
  • Click on the Insert/Edit Link button(looks like a globe with a plus sign)
  • Fill out the little form that appears
  • Link URL:
  • Type in the address of the web page you wish to link to, e.g. http://www.google.com
  • Target: (This specifies where your linked web page should be opened.)
  • If you wish the linked web page to replace the one the user is currently on, select Open in this window
  • If you wish the linked web page to be opened in a new window, so the current page is still available, select Open in new window
  • Title: A description of the link, e.g. Google
  • Ignore the Class pull-down and click the Insert button

As a general rule, pages that are on your web site should use the Open in this window. Pages that are on an external web site should use the Open in new window. Hint: If you insert a picture into your page, you can select it the same way you select text, and make a hyperlink out of a picture too!

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Tip: Make It Pop With Announcements!

Get everyone's attention with the announcement box…

The announcement box (located at the top of the page just below the main menu) can highlight any message you have for the community.

It’s very easy to use:

  • Click the Edit link next to the announcement box
  • Type the announcement that you want displayed. Feel free to use simple HTML tags like b, font, and i for formatting.
  • Type a URL to link the announcement to another page on your website or anywhere else on the Internet.
  • (Optional) Set an expiration date so the message automatically stops appearing after a particular date.

You can use the announcement box to:

  • Promote block parties
  • Invite businesses to advertise (Premium Only)
  • Post crime alerts
  • Remind people about street closures
  • Invite neighbors to subscribe to community email lists (Premium Only)
  • Announce the birth of a new baby
  • Link to your latest newsletter
  • Encourage people to pay their dues
  • Welcome new move-ins
  • Anything else that you can imagine

You can change your announcement as often as you like.

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Tip: Get People Involved!

Here are some easy ways to get more people involved…

Turn any community gathering (even informal gatherings of a few people) into a tool to build relationships and improve your community.

Have a simple form on a clipboard and ask anyone interested to provide their contact details and suggestions for neighborhood improvements.

Then, on your website:
  • Create a webpage detailing the suggested neighborhood improvements
  • Create a password protected contact list (Premium Only)
  • Create an email blast to keep everyone informed (Premium Only)
  • Start a discussion thread prioritizing the improvement suggestions
  • Start discussions about how to make each improvement happen
  • Use the calendar to schedule actions on improvements
  • Email blast asking for volunteers for specific needs (Premium Only)
  • Create pages, upload PDFs, and use pictures to track your progress/success
  • Take your clipboard to the next community gathering and grow your contact/improvement list


  • Have a first aid kit on hand at any community event.
  • Supervise clean up. Remember to leave it cleaner than you found it!

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Tip: Don't Be Left Out Of The Discussion!

Keeping track of discussion activity on your website is easy…

If you post a discussion topic, reply to a topic, or are simply interested in following a discussion, you can choose to be emailed when somebody posts.

Using this feature is simple:

  • Login to your website
  • Click Discussions
  • Choose a topic (or create a new topic)
  • Click 'Subscribe to this thread'
  • Hint: Logging in is an important first step – you will not see the subscribe link if you’re not logged in.

All future discussion will prompt a notification to be sent to you via email. You can subscribe to an unlimited number of topics, and you can manage your email subscriptions from your profile page. (On your profile page click 'Edit' and then  'Edit your discussion subscriptions')

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Tip: Inviting All Your Neighbors...

Marketing your website is always the hardest part…but it just got much easier!

An email invitation is one of the most effective ways for you to promote your website. A premium website makes it easy to use your own email lists to invite people to become members.
(Premium Websites Only)

Using this feature is simple:
  • Click Admin Tools in the left column
  • Go to Membership Levels
  • Click "Send invite emails here"
  • Enter your email list and write a note describing the benefits of becoming a site member.
  • If privacy is a concern in your neighborhood, let people know that their personal information is shared only with site administrators.
  • Proofread your message and review the list of email addresses
  • Each person on your list will receive a personalized link, taking them directly to a welcome page, and then instantly making them a member.

Extra Tip! Pair the Invite Members feature with the Mailing List feature. If you create a Mailing List for all site members (use the "Auto-Invite" option), your neighbors will be given the option to subscribe to that list, as they become a member. This is a great way to get everyone in your neighborhood both site membership and signed up for your email blasts!

If your website isn't already premium, learn more about all of the great benefits or signup now!

Tip: Make Summer Safe and Fun!

It's summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime…

Summer is an especially good time to bring a community together. Your community website can help your neighbors enjoy a safe relaxing summer!

What can I do?

  • Start a babysitting bulletin board. (Premium Only)
  • Post a page of pool regulations and times of operation.
  • Create password protected page to advertise playgroups. (Premium Only)
  • Post neighborhood rules about fireworks, skateboarding, etc.
  • Organize/advertise a neighborhood cleanup or garage sale.
  • Post info on checking BBQ grill hoses for cracking, brittleness, and leaks.
  • Add pictures of events, parties, and picnics that occur in the neighborhood.
  • Post information on reserving local park pavilions, clubhouses, etc.
  • Sell advertising to local landscapers, pool cleaners, etc. (Premium Only)
  • Promote a neighborhood party, walk, or anything else where neighbors get to know one another!
Examples of real organizations making summer fun:
Country Club Historic Neighborhood
Madison Park
Camelot Neighborhood Association
Valley Park Civic Association

Premium Tip: Get Your Message Noticed!

Utilize the prominent and colorful left-side of your premium website.

Selling advertising on your
premium website can generate money for your community. 

But, you can also use the advertising feature to develop greater neighborhood pride, awareness, and cohesion by creating informational “ads” or announcements for your neighbors.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Promotions for picnics, block parties, etc.
  • Open letters from a neighborhood leader to the community
  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Warnings

Follow these simple steps to create an ad or announcement:
  • Click Admin Tools (In the Welcome Box after Login)
  • Click Manage Advertisers and Advertisements
  • Click Add Advertiser
  • Create a name (e.g. Block Party Notice, President’s Letter, etc.)
  • Click save, select the name, and click Add Advertisement
  • You can create a great-looking ad/announcement in minutes with our easy editor
  • Create an unlimited number of ads/announcements

Examples of real communities using this premium feature:

Lago Lindo POA
Country Club Historic Neighborhood
Tampa Homeowners
Find out more about premium features...

Tip: Post Information For New Move-Ins...

Help new residents become a part of the community…

Every person moving into a new neighborhood needs to learn a few basic things about how to function in their new community.

Your community website is a likely first stop for a new neighbor trying to "learn the ropes".
Consider putting this info on your website:
  • Pet Policies
  • Gate Schedule
  • Architectural Regulations
  • Garbage Pick Up Schedule/Rules
  • Clubhouse Rental Rules
  • Local Library Information
  • Recycling Directions
  • Mail Delivery Information (Try including the name of the mail carrier!)
  • Utility Contacts (who to call for marking underground water/lines)
  • Voter Registration / Voting Locations
  • Residents Handbook

Real Communities with information for New Move Ins:
Oak Ridge Homeowners Association
Merrill Pines Condominium Association
Stonebridge Townhome Owners Association

Tip: Update Your Personal Profile

A friendly profile will make your community feel more inviting…

Often your online profile is the very first impression your neighbors will have about you. 

If a new neighbor knows what their neighbors look like, and a little something about them, they will feel less isolated and be more likely to become involved.  Meetings and social events can be intimidating for a new person who doesn’t know anything about anybody.

It's very easy to update your personal profile:

  • Login to Neighborhood Link
  • Click ‘Your Profile’ in the left column of the website
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button

Some Ideas of What to Include:

  • A picture of yourself.
  • A brief history of what brought you to this community.
  • Some things you’ve enjoyed about living in your neighborhood.
  • A link to your personal website, blog, or facebook page.
  • Your hobbies or other things that interest you.
  • You can also include promotional information… if you’re a Realtor, plumber, landscaper, etc. this is a great place to talk about what you do.

Examples of real profiles


Tip: Promote Your Superbowl Party...

Promotion is the key to any successful gathering

With the power to share comes the ability to spread the word, increase awareness, and accomplish your goals. 

Use your website to promote any noncommercial event:

  • Meetings
  • Parties
  • Rallies
  • PTA fundraisers
  • Reunions
  • School Events

Many of the Neighborhood Link features can be used to promote your events.  Try:

  • Posting the event in the online calendar
  • Using the announcement box on the homepage
  • Uploading a PDF Flyer
  • Creating a professional webpage with our simple editor
  • Starting a new interactive website with its own discussions, calendar, etc.
  • Use Email Blast to notify everyone (Premium Feature-Learn More...)

Examples of real promotional efforts:

Broadway Station
Ballard Football Boosters
NAP-Neighborhood Alliance Pawtucket
San Gabriel Valley Football Officials Association

Tip: Celebrate The Season!

Use your website to spread good cheer!

The holiday season is an especially good time to bring a community together. Your community website can help your neighbors enjoy an extra special winter holiday season.
Try some of these things:
  • Update your website to celebrate the holiday season.
  • Have residents bring ornaments and decorate a community Christmas tree.
  • Recognize residents and business owners who go out of their way this season.
  • Have a holiday house-decorating contest.
  • Post decorating and safety tips on your website.
  • Hold a pancake breakfast, and ask a neighbor to dress as Santa.
  • Show a classic holiday movie in your home and invite neighbors.
  • Be of good cheer!

Examples of community websites promoting holiday spirit:

River Glen Homeowners Association
Kolin-Ruby Community Watch
Westmoor Sandpiper
Highland Park Neighborhood Association

Tip: Make Halloween Safe And Fun

Use Your Website to plan and promote your autumn celebrations.

Peer at the moon through a telescope, visit a haunted house, roast a marshmallow, go on a hayride, enjoy a chili cook-off, dress up in a costume, or better yet do them all safely while promoting community togetherness

You can effectively use your website to:
  • Ask for event volunteers
  • Create a safety tips page
  • Promote a specific time frame for trick or treating in your community
  • Advertise an event in your home page's announcement box
  • Post photos of your autumn event
  • Highlight Halloween events in your community calendar
  • Upload PDF event flyers
  • Start a fun discussion about unusual Halloween handouts you've received
  • Create an annual community tradition
  • Remind drivers to watch out for trick-or-treaters and to drive safely

Examples of how real organizations are implementing these ideas:
Huber Ridge Area
Camelot Neighborhood Association
River Glen Homeowners' Association
Madison Park
Bella Notte at Vizcaya

Tip: Get The Word Out!

Getting the word out about your website is critical!
The more people who know about the website and how to get involved, the easier it will be for you to accomplish the goals you've set for your community.

You don’t need to hire a public relations professional.
Try these things inexpensive ideas to effectively promote your website:
  • Tell all of your friends. Word-of-Mouth is often the best marketing.
  • Include the web address on your printed material - newsletter, stationary, business cards, etc.
  • Hang flyers in common areas - laundry rooms, clubhouses, pools, parks, etc.
  • Encourage local groups like book clubs, cub scouts, and play groups to use the website - or to get a website of their own and then link to each other.
  • Include a neighborhood hot topic in your marketing materials to make your message stick! For example: "How are we going to pay for the pool repairs? Join us online to discuss the options."
Examples of how real organizations have have thrived after promoting their website:
Marlborough Mesa
Madison Park
Camelot Neighborhood Association
Rolling Oaks

Tip: Save Yourself Time!

Your Website Can Save You More Time Than You Imagined!
A neighborhood leader spends lots of time answering the same question from different residents. If you hear the same question more than once, post the information/answer on your website. You can spend your time more wisely and provide better service to your neighbors.

"Our online handbook outlines our acceptable RV storage procedures." or "Your Realtor can print our CC&Rs directly from our website." are answers that might save you enough time to organize that block party you've been trying to plan.

Time Saving Information other Neighborhood Leaders have Posted

  • Bulk Trash Collection Schedules
  • Directory Updates
  • After Hours Emergency and Complaint information
  • By-laws
  • Use Permit Provisions
  • Lot Maps
  • Pool Information
  • Architectural Review applications
  • CC&Rs
  • Insurance Declarations
  • Resident's Handbooks
  • Rent/Dues Collection information
Examples of how real organizations have used this feature
Steeplechase at Foxcreek
AshleyWoods / Eagles Creek HOA
Carefree Crossing Estates
Clifton Community Council
Dixon Branch Homeowners Association

Tip: Preserve Your Important Documents!

Improve the content on your website with these simple tips...

With your website's unlimited storage space, you can develop greater neighborhood pride, awareness, and concern for neighborhood preservation by keeping an online archive of all your important documents.

To get started: First follow these simple steps:

  • Click Pages & Links
  • Click Add
  • Choose 'Upload a Document' (You can upload any PDF, Word or Excel file on your computer.)
Some document ideas to get you started:
  • Fliers from picnics, block parties, etc.
  • Open letters from a neighborhood leader to the community
  • Forms and Applications
  • Maps
  • Budgets
  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Charters, Bylaws, CC&RS
Examples of how real organizations have used this feature
Carefree Crossing Estates
Courtland Square Homeowners Association
Groton Woods Condominium Association
Genesis Park
Brighton Area Homeowners Association

Tip: Improve Your Contacts Page...

Improve the look of your contacts page with these simple tips...

Displaying accurate, reliable contact information is extremely valuable in conveying the leadership’s openness and responsiveness.

Locating contact information is often the primary reason a first time visitor is looking at the website.

Try these steps to guarantee your contact information is useful to your community:

  • List all of your community leaders/volunteers, with their respective titles.
  • List the responsibilities of each leader/volunteer.
  • Provide as many different contact options, as possible (i.e. phone, address, email, etc)
  • If you have organized committees, list committee assignments.
  • Make it clear where, and to whom, a visitor/resident should direct their inquiries.
  • Advertise the where/when of board meetings and committee meetings.
  • Add photos – Especially good are photos of the leaders themselves.
  • Update the contact information immediately when there is a change in leadership or responsibilities.
  • Check all existing contact information twice a year for accuracy (some organizations make it a rule of thumb to check contact information for accuracy whenever daylight savings time changes).
Examples of how real organizations have used this feature
The Olympus Condominiums
Country Club Historic Neighborhood
The Springs At Stone Oak
Bartlett Park Neighbors
Village East Neighborhood

Tip: Spiff Up Your Homepage!

Improve the look of your homepage with these simple tips...

The "Welcome Box" on your homepage can be the most important part of your website. It’s often said that the first section of a homepage is like a storefront window – if it’s appealing and intriguing, visitors are more likely to peek inside.

Try these things to spiff up your homepage:

  • Add a photo of a neighborhood event to the welcome box.
  • Create a useful message in the “Extra Extra” field above the welcome box.
  • If you live in an HOA, have the President write a welcome message.
  • Write about your communities’ history and goals and invite participation.
  • Add a photo, poem, or story created by a member of your community.
Examples of how real organizations have spiffed up their homepage
Harbor Gateway South Neighborhood_Council
Valley Park Civic Association (Piggsville)
Castlerock HOA
Kensington Owners Association
Paradise Hills HOA

Tip: Write A Neighborhood History!

Improve the friendliness and solidarity in your neighborhood today!

A shared/common history is very influential when connecting neighbors. Your website is an ideal way to write and share your history and help build a sense of community and pride in your neighborhood.

If you don't have a history already written, try taking these steps to start:
  • Find out when your neighborhood was built.
  • Find the person who has lived in your area the longest and interview them.
  • Ask long time residents for old pictures of your neighborhood.
  • Research your neighborhood at the public library.
  • Research your neighborhood in your local newspaper's archives.
Hints: Remember to cite your sources, and obtain permission to use any photos that you find in your research.

Examples of how real organizations have used this feature:

Greater Hilltop Community in Columbus, OH
East Sacramento Improvement Association in Sacramento, CA
Manor Lake Civic Association in Montgomery County, MA
Falcon Estates in Colorado Springs, CO

Tip: Create Links To Useful Resources!

Adding useful links to your website is incredibly easy!

You can add selected links to other websites and thus make your website a place where neighbors know they can find useful community information.

When you come across a useful website, copy the website address out of your browser window e.g. http://www.denvergov.org.

  • Click on the ‘Pages & Links’ section of your website
  • Choose the ‘Add’ link right above the ‘External Links’ section
  • Choose ‘Create a Link’
  • Type the title that will appear on your website e.g. ‘Pay Your Parking Ticket Online’
  • Paste the website address in the Link URL field

Choose your links wisely. Too many links can be overwhelming and as unhelpful as not having any external links. Don’t add links that promote specific businesses or political candidates. Don’t select the ‘Citywide’ checkbox unless it’s truly a link useful to every person in your city.

Examples of how real organizations have used this feature:

Country Club Historic in Denver CO
Rolling Hills Villas in Palos Verdes CA
The Villas of Spring Creek in San Antonio TX

Tip: Add Photos to your Contact Information

Pictures of people attract attention better than the most strongly emphasized headline, they look friendly, and they help identify the contacts for the neighbors!

To add a photo when editing the "Our contact information..." section, click the photo icon (The picture of the sailboat) and choose any photo from your computer.

Once an image is uploaded you can access formatting features by right-clicking on the image and choosing "Insert/edit image". You can easily
  • Change the dimensions of the photo to make it the perfect size
  • Add a border to the photo
  • Add space around the photo horizontally and/or vertically
  • Change the alignment of the photo on the page

Upload as many photos as you like to the contact page!

Examples of real organizations using photos with their contacts:
Summit Place-Naples, FL
Camelot-Garland, TX

Tip: Use Section Titles To Organize Quickly...

Section Titles
It's so easy to add pages and upload documents that you can run the risk of overwhelming your Pages & Links section. Section Titles can prevent this!

To create a Section Title, click the 'Add' button (as if you're going to add a new page or link) and click 'Add a Section Title'. Type a title under which you can group some of your content. (e.g. Legal Documents, Maintenance Forms, Yard of the Month Pictures, etc.)

The Section Title will appear in your list of pages or links. Click 'Edit' and you can drag the title to any position on your list, and you can drag the relevant pages under the title.
Make as many Section Titles as you like - your residents and neighbors will appreciate the organization when they are looking for something specific!

Examples of how real organizations have implemented this feature:

Tip: The Announcement Box Will Draw Attention!

Announce Box
The announcement box (located at the top of the page just below the main menu on your home page) is a very useful tool that is often overlooked.

You can use the Annoucement Box to promote block parties, post crime alerts, remind people about street closures, announce the birth of a new baby, link to your latest newsletter, encourage people to pay their dues, welcome new move-ins, and anything else that you can imagine.

It’s very easy to use:
  • Click the Edit link and type the announcement that you want displayed.
  • Type a URL to link the announcement to another page on your website or anywhere else on the Internet. (Optional)
  • Set an expiration date so the message automatically stops appearing after a particular date.

You can change your announcement as often as you like, even if the expiration date has not been reached on the current announcement.

Tip: 2 Ways to Get More Out of Discussions

The discussion forums are the heart of many Neighborhood Link communities - we've come up with two tips you can use to maximize your experience.

Receive an email alert when someone replies to your favorite discussion.
If you post a discussion topic, reply to a topic, or are simply interested in following a discussion, you can choose to be emailed when anyone replies. If you're logged in, there is a 'Subscribe to this thread' link on every topic page. Simply click that link and any future replies will prompt a notification to be sent to you via email. You can subscribe to an unlimited number of topics, and you can manage your email subscriptions from your profile page. (On your profile page click 'Edit' and then choose 'Click here to edit your email subscriptions')

Easy ways to find your favorite topics.
When viewing the discussion area you'll see that discussion topics display a "Posted In" location and "Tags". This is great information, but you can also be use these links to browse other related topics. For example, a discussion topic might say 'Posted In: Marlborough Mesa, Mesa, AZ Tags: Safety, Crime' Clicking on the 'Marlborough Mesa, Mesa, AZ' will display other discussion topics posted in that area. Clicking on the word 'Safety' will display other discussion topics related to safety on a nationwide basis. Thus, it's a great way to discuss a topic with people outside your own community! When you start a topic, add your own tags so people interested in what you're discussing can easily find your topic.

Join the conversation! Browse some of our popular topics right now!

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Tip: Create a Living History of Your HOA or Neighborhood

Create A Living History
Your free or premium website has the ability to display and then automatically archive your newsletters!

To add your first newsletter, click on the 'Our Info' section of your website. Click 'Post Your Newsletter' and you will be prompted to upload an existing newsletter from your hard drive (PDF, Doc, etc.) or use the online editor to create a newsletter from scratch with styled paragraphs, subtitles, lists and photos.
Your newsletter will then be displayed on the 'Our Info' page of your website.

The next time you create or upload a newsletter, the existing newsletter will be automatically archived and available to visitors by clicking the 'Previous Newsletters' link - You can archive an unlimited number of past newsletters. You can always remove a newsletter permanently from the archive if you choose, but many organizations have found the archive a useful way to chronicle the events of their group and create a living history.

Examples of how real organizations have implemented this feature:

Uploaded Existing Newsletter:
Cedar Grove Park HOA

Online Editor Created Newsletter:
Blendon Woods HOA

Simple Topical Newsletter:
Barristers Place HOA