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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978)


When It Was Started and Why We Have a Civic Association


About our association

Our Civic Association

The original association was created in 1988. It started out as a blockwatch group. But because there was a lot of new building going on in the area, the original organizers decided to create a civic association from the blockwatch group. The blockwatch is now a committee in the civic association. This newly formed civic association was called “The Blendon Estates Civic Association.”

After the group created the by-laws (they started out pretty much as you see them now on our website), they started collecting dues from the residents and started making plans for neighborhood gatherings. There was an artist that lived in the neighborhood who volunteered to create a new logo. This new look would energize the new association. We had tee shirts printed and sold them as our first moneymaking project.

Our subdivision was built as three phases: Blendon Estates – Phase I; Blendon Estates – Phase II; and The Woods at Blendon. The original association was formed from residents of the first two phases, thus the name: Blendon Estates Civic Association. The residents of the final phase of the development, The Woods At Blendon, asked to join the group. After they were brought into the association, it was decided to rename the group with a combined name of “The Blendon Woods Civic Association.”

A few years later, a new section was developed off of Broadview Road. This was a small group that had some houses on Panorama and Swingley Drives. The residents of this new area also asked and were approved to join the group.

Sometime in 1991 the association decided to become a member of The Northland Community Council. NCC is a powerful organization that has over 73,000 residents living in its service area. There are currently 25 neighborhood civic associations that are members as well as 2 service organizations. NCC has many areas of neighborhood interest with much of the focus on new building cases. Because there is a considerable amount of building and development in our area we are interested in those cases that directly affect our property values. For more information on the Northland Community Council, you can view their website at

There are currently 325 homes that are in our civic association. Roughly 65% of the homeowners are dues paying members of the association. We plan several events throughout the year: an Annual Spring Garage Sale, the Fourth of July Parade, and a Pumpkin Party in October. We have an annual dues drive. We publish a neighborhood directory as well as bi-monthly newsletter. Because the city of Columbus does not always plow our streets in the winter we had decided a few years ago to ask residents for additional money to plow our own streets. The snow plowing is paid for out of the general fund.

We are always looking for volunteers to help. If you are interested, please 

Email us:


Susan Nichols




(Original) BY LAWS OF BLENDON WOODS CIVIC ASSOCIATION The new By-Laws are on the Pages and Links under Documents



Article I

The Blendon Woods Civic Association (the Association) will promote cooperation, the owners’ enjoyment of their premises, a neighborhood spirit and protection of the residents’ investments in their homes. Our sole objective is to foster friendly, pleasant and attractive surroundings.

Article II

Blendon Estates Sections I and II, the Woods at Blendon Estates and other represented areas will be divided into manageable areas by the Blendon Woods Civic Association Board of Directors (the Board). Each area will elect their individual Area Representative according to the provisions in Article III. The Board will amend or redraw boundaries as warranted.

Article III

Area Representatives will be asked to serve for a period of one year. A notice will be distributed throughout the neighborhood asking for volunteers.

Article IV

A quorum will be three Board members and three representatives.

Article V

The Area Representatives will elect a seven-member Board of Directors from their own ranks. The Board will consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairperson of the Architectural Review Board, and two Members of the Architectural Review Board.

Article VI

The Area Representatives will then elect five representatives who will each serve as a Chairperson of one of the five standing committees. The committees are the Block Watch, Social, Landscaping Awards, Special Projects and Welcoming Committees.

Article VII

The Area Representatives will advise the chairperson of the Welcoming Committee when a new neighbor moves in. The Chairman will visit the new neighbor along with the Area Representative and other interested neighbors to welcome the newcomers and encourage participation in the Association and Block Watch, and to explain the deed restrictions.

Article VIII

The deed restrictions detail improvement projects that are subject to review. A resident with such a project can give the blueprints or specifications to any Area Representative or Board member for review by the Architectural Review Board (A.R.B.). The A.R.B will contact other residents that may be affected by the project and take the opinions of these residents under consideration when making its decisions.

Article IX

In the event the A.R.B. rules that a breach of the deed restrictions exists, or will exist, the Board may authorize the necessary steps to remedy the situation. Members of the board, acting as a group of individual residents exercising their rights as stated in the deed restrictions, will take these actions.

Article X

The A.R.B will issue a memorandum of decision following each review. All three members of the A.R.B. will sign this with the Association President and Vice-President acting as alternates. The Board and all Area Representatives unconditionally agree to be bound by the decision of the A.R.B. No further guarantees can be made as the Association cannot waive the rights of other individual residents.

Article XI

The Association will be solely responsible for all authorized legal fees, judgments, damages and/or settlements incurred by Area Representatives or the Board as a result of their authorized actions on behalf of the Association.

Article XII

Any resident that disagrees with a decision by the A.R.B. will have the right to appeal to the Board by making advanced arrangements to be heard at a regularly scheduled Association meeting. The Board will vote on the appeal at this meeting.

Article XIII

Any Board decision can be reversed by petition. The petition must clearly detail the Board decision, the reasons for it, the reasons for opposition to it, and it must be properly signed by at least two-thirds of the households in the represented areas clearly indicating their desire to have the Board decision reversed.

Article XIV

Membership in the Association is entirely voluntary. However, the deed restrictions apply equally to all residents, both members and non-members. A person’s membership status shall in no way affect a decision by the A.R.B, the Board, or the Association.

Article XV

In the event an Area Representative becomes unable or unwilling to properly represent the residents, the Board shall appoint a replacement Representative or redraw the boundaries. A replacement will be named by the Board to fill any Board, A.R.B. or Standing Committee vacancies created by such actions.

Article XVI

Association meeting will be open and accessible to all residents. Anyone who wishes to speak, run for Area Representative or assist in any way should be encouraged to do so.

Article XVII

The Secretary will maintain the Association records, meeting notes, newsletters, etc. The Treasurer will provide a quarterly accounting to the Board and an annual accounting to all residents. Any two of the President, Vice-President or Treasurer must sign the Association disbursements.

Article XVII

By majority vote or Representatives attending an announced meeting, the Board may amend, delete or add articles to the bylaws, as it deems necessary. Residents may also amend, delete or add articles by following the procedure detailed in Article XIII.


DEED RESTRICTIONS for the Blendon Woods Civic Association

Deed Restrictions are set up by the company developing the housing community and it is filed with the Franklin County to preserve the subdivision as an attractive and pleasant subdivision for the benefit of the future owners.

See the link in the Community Pages area and click on the link for the full seven page document of the Deed Restrictions. This is a PDF of the actual document filed in Franklin County in 1990.


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