Tip: Get People Involved!

Here are some easy ways to get more people involved…

Turn any community gathering (even informal gatherings of a few people) into a tool to build relationships and improve your community.

Have a simple form on a clipboard and ask anyone interested to provide their contact details and suggestions for neighborhood improvements.

Then, on your website:
  • Create a webpage detailing the suggested neighborhood improvements
  • Create a password protected contact list (Premium Only)
  • Create an email blast to keep everyone informed (Premium Only)
  • Start a discussion thread prioritizing the improvement suggestions
  • Start discussions about how to make each improvement happen
  • Use the calendar to schedule actions on improvements
  • Email blast asking for volunteers for specific needs (Premium Only)
  • Create pages, upload PDFs, and use pictures to track your progress/success
  • Take your clipboard to the next community gathering and grow your contact/improvement list


  • Have a first aid kit on hand at any community event.
  • Supervise clean up. Remember to leave it cleaner than you found it!

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