Tip: The Announcement Box Will Draw Attention!

Announce Box
The announcement box (located at the top of the page just below the main menu on your home page) is a very useful tool that is often overlooked.

You can use the Annoucement Box to promote block parties, post crime alerts, remind people about street closures, announce the birth of a new baby, link to your latest newsletter, encourage people to pay their dues, welcome new move-ins, and anything else that you can imagine.

It’s very easy to use:
  • Click the Edit link and type the announcement that you want displayed.
  • Type a URL to link the announcement to another page on your website or anywhere else on the Internet. (Optional)
  • Set an expiration date so the message automatically stops appearing after a particular date.

You can change your announcement as often as you like, even if the expiration date has not been reached on the current announcement.

Featured Community: Bella Notte HOA-Orlando, FL

Bella Notte
Bella Notte at Vizcaya HOA is located in southwestern Orlando, FL and was completed in 2005.

It consists of 203 privately owned townhouses and single family homes, complete with community pool and fitness center.

Bella Notte at Vizcaya has done a great job of utilizing our new advertising tool to create and sell their own ads on their website.

They have created 7 different ads for their various clients and in the process they have created a profit center with their website!

Learn more and visit:
Bella Notte HOA..

Protect Your Home From The Foreclosure Next Door

Foreclosure Sign
Even if your home has been safe from the threat of foreclosure, it’s possible that it has still been affected by those who haven’t been so lucky. Foreclosures, especially those that are starting to look run down, can drag down the property values of an entire neighborhood. If the curb appeal of your neighborhood is lacking, so is the value of your home.

And having a foreclosed home or two (or more) in your neighborhood isn’t just potentially bad for curb appeal. It can also invite crime, which could cause your homeowners insurance to increase.

But there are things you and your neighbors can do to help maintain the value of your home—and your neighborhood.

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How To Save On Closing Costs

Closing Costs
Many are shocked when they learn how much they owe to close on their mortgage. But there are ways to save before you sign on the dotted line.

Closing costs seem to be a necessary evil when securing a new, or refinancing a current, mortgage. And they can be expensive—anywhere from 3 percent to 6 percent of the price of your home. But there is a silver lining: you can reduce your closing costs with a little knowledge and a few negotiating tactics.

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October Resource Guide

Resource Guide
The Neighborhood Link Resource Guide contains hundreds of useful articles pertaining to Associations, Homeowners, and the General Community.

The articles contain great information on subjects such as: Homeowners Insurance, Real Estate, Health Insurance, How to Start a Neighborhood Watch, Choosing A School for Your Child, FHA Loan Requirements, How To Save For Retirement, and much more....

Below is an index with links to the newest articles in the Neighborhood Link Resource Guide from October 2010.