Featured Community: Eagle Lake, Ft. Wayne, IN

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Eagle Lake HOA is a development of 149 single family homes created in 1990 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Eagle Lake has about 3 ½ miles of paved road and quiet cul-de-sacs.

Eagle Lake joined Neighborhood Link in September 2008 and they have done an excellent job utilizing all of the tools that Neighborhood Link provides.

Learn more and visit:
Eagle Lake HOA

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How To Run A Background Check...

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Whether you’re hiring an accountant for your business or a nanny for your child, you may at some point want to run a background check.

The good news is that you can find a great deal of information online—much of it for free. Here’s how...

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Tip: Smart Tree Removal

Removing a tree is permanent. Do it right!

Occasionally a neighborhood or HOA must remove trees for safety, maintenance, or insurance reasons. Tree removal is often a controversial issue and opinions tend to be passionate on all sides.

Using your website and following these tips can help:
  • Be completely transparent in the decision making process.
  • Post a complete summary of every meeting on the website.
  • Hire certified arborists to give impartial opinions.
  • Use the website to actively encourage input and suggestions.
  • Post your CC&Rs on the website so all residents have easy access.
  • Send an email blast giving the location/reasons for each tree removal ( premium only)
  • Start an online discussion where all voices can be heard.
  • Obtain any/all required permits from the city.
  • Give ample warning on the website if any road/trail closures.
  • Plan future tree planting to avoid the need for removal.

Real Neighborhood Examples:

Perkerson Civic Association
Sunset Park Homeowners Association
Woodlawn Park

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