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Section Titles
It's so easy to add pages and upload documents that you can run the risk of overwhelming your Pages & Links section. Section Titles can prevent this!

To create a Section Title, click the 'Add' button (as if you're going to add a new page or link) and click 'Add a Section Title'. Type a title under which you can group some of your content. (e.g. Legal Documents, Maintenance Forms, Yard of the Month Pictures, etc.)

The Section Title will appear in your list of pages or links. Click 'Edit' and you can drag the title to any position on your list, and you can drag the relevant pages under the title.
Make as many Section Titles as you like - your residents and neighbors will appreciate the organization when they are looking for something specific!

Examples of how real organizations have implemented this feature:

Featured Community: Briarglen Plaza NA

Briarglen Plaza
Briarglen Plaza Neighborhood Association was created in 2008 as the result of a pilot program formed by a partnership of several community groups in Tulsa, OK.

Briarglen utilizes their website as a resource not only for the homeowners and residents, but also for prospective homeowners.

Briarglen has done a great job utilizing all of the tools that Neighborhood Link provides.

Learn more and visit
Briarglen Neighborhood Association...

Year End Tax Tips for 2010

New tax breaks may save you money.

There are a number of steps you can take each year to reduce your taxes. This year, several new tax breaks were introduced to help individuals, families and business owners struggling in the ailing economy. Here are a few you may be eligible to take advantage of when doing your taxes in 2011.

No limit on itemized deductions.
While this may change next year for the $100,000-and-over tax bracket, for 2010 there is no limit on any itemized deductions. Before December 31, pay any charitable contributions, local or state taxes, health-care costs, or anything else you can itemize on your taxes.

Credit those college expenses.
The American opportunity tax credit (which expanded and re-named the Hope credit) can be claimed for tuition and other fees paid by students or their parents. (The credit is phased out at higher income levels.) The maximum amount you can claim has been raised to $2,500 for 2010—a $700 increase. The number of years you can claim this credit has also increased from two years to four post-secondary education years.

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Buying A Gift Card? What You Need To Know

Gift Cards
Over 77 percent of shoppers will buy at least one gift card this holiday season. If you’re one of them, be sure you understand exactly what it is you’re buying.

For those hard-to-shop-for people on your list, a gift card can seem like the perfect option—it fits any style and, according to the National Retail Federation, is the gift most requested.

new laws implemented on August 22, 2010, by the Credit CARD Act regulate fees, expiration dates and other issues related to gift cards, you’ll still need to do a little homework to ensure the card you’re purchasing is the best value. Here’s what you need to know.

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November Resource Guide

Resource Guide
The Neighborhood Link Resource Guide contains hundreds of useful articles pertaining to Associations, Homeowners, and the General Community.

Last month's articles contain great information on subjects such as: Protecting Your Home From the Foreclosure Next Door, Winterizing Your Home, Long Term Care Insurance, Affordable Solar Options,Year End Tax Tips, and much more....

Below is an index with links to the newest articles in the Neighborhood Link Resource Guide from November 2010.