Featured Community: Cypress Lake HOA, Vero Beach, FL

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Cypress Lake HOA in Vero Beach, FL has been using Neighborhood Link since January of 2010.

CLHOA has done a great job using all of the tools that Neighborhood Link provides, especially their "Home of the Quarter" section where they feature a different home in the neighborhood every three months on their home page.
Learn more and visit: Cypress Lake HOA.

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Tip: Save Yourself Time!

Your Website Can Save You More Time Than You Imagined!
A neighborhood leader spends lots of time answering the same question from different residents. If you hear the same question more than once, post the information/answer on your website. You can spend your time more wisely and provide better service to your neighbors.

"Our online handbook outlines our acceptable RV storage procedures." or "Your Realtor can print our CC&Rs directly from our website." are answers that might save you enough time to organize that block party you've been trying to plan.

Time Saving Information other Neighborhood Leaders have Posted

  • Bulk Trash Collection Schedules
  • Directory Updates
  • After Hours Emergency and Complaint information
  • By-laws
  • Use Permit Provisions
  • Lot Maps
  • Pool Information
  • Architectural Review applications
  • CC&Rs
  • Insurance Declarations
  • Resident's Handbooks
  • Rent/Dues Collection information
Examples of how real organizations have used this feature
Steeplechase at Foxcreek
AshleyWoods / Eagles Creek HOA
Carefree Crossing Estates
Clifton Community Council
Dixon Branch Homeowners Association

When NOT To File A Homeowners Insurance Claim

Sometimes it’s better to pay for damages to your home than to file a claim and risk increased premiums—or a canceled policy. Find out when you should NOT file a claim.

You’re being tracked. Not in some creepy, stalker kind of way, but every time you file a claim against your homeowners insurance policy, you’re entered into a nationwide database called CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange).

File too many claims and your insurance company could cancel your policy—or at the very least, raise your rates. And, because CLUE is a nationwide database used by nearly all insurers, you may have trouble securing a policy with a new company.

If you need to make a claim and your policy covers the loss, then by all means make use of that policy you’ve been paying for. But there are some instances where you may be better off not filing a claim.

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