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What is Habitat for Humanity?
Habitat You may have heard of the non-profit Habitat for Humanity, but how much do you really know about them? If you or someone you know is looking into community service opportunities, Habitat may be a great way to ...
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Determining employee or independent contractor status with IRS criteria
Tags: FinancialBoard
New Owners - Putting Your Association's Best Foot Forward
Creating a positive impression of the association for new owners
RV Parking Could Cost your HOA $500,000!
RV parking restrictions - enforcing of those restrictions, knowing when to litigate, etc.
Tags: RestrictionsHOA BoardHOA
Closing Out Your Year End Financial Statements
What to consider when closing out the year's books
Tags: Financial

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Are You Ready for Earthquakes?
Areyouready_030_th One of the most frightening and destructive phenomena of nature is a severe earthquake and its terrible aftereffects. An earthquake is a sudden movement of the earth, caused by the abrupt release of strain...
Tags: DisastersSafety
Constitution of the United States
The Constitution of the United States comprises the primary law of the U.S. Federal Government.
Tags: Politics
Utah - The Beehive State
The golden spike completing the first transcontinental railroad line was driven at Promontory, Utah, in 1869.
Tags: RelocationUtahStates
Should You Join A Credit Union
Learn more about credit unions to see if joining one is right for you.
The 2010 Census Explained
Census data are used to distribute Congressional seats to states, to make decisions about what community services to provide.
Tags: Census

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How Can I Afford A Fixer-Upper?
House_th The purchase of a house that needs repair is often a catch-22 situation, because the bank won't lend the money to buy the house until the repairs are complete, and the repairs can't be done until the house has ...
Tags: FinancialRepairsReal Estate
Shopping for Energy-Efficient Appliances and Home Electronics
Guidlines and Info on Buying Energy Efficient Appliances and Home Electronics.
Child Safety Seats (Car Seats)
Safety belts are designed for adults, and children under 4 feet 9 inches tall should ride with a booster seat.
Tags: SafetyChildren
Generate income while waiting to claim Social Security
Generate income while waiting to claim Social Security
Tags: FinanceRetirementThrifty
FAQs About Buying HUD Homes
Answers to common questions about buying HUD homes

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New York - The Empire State
Statuethumb Capital City: AlbanyNickname: Empire State / Excelsior StateMotto: Excelsior (Ever upward)Statehood: July 26, 1788 (11th)Origin of State's Name: Named after England's Duke of York.Largest Cities: New...
Tags: NewYorkCommunityStates
Texas - The Lone Star State
Texas is the second-largest state in the Union in area, after Alaska.
Tags: TexasCommunityStates
Montana - The Treasure State
Montana is known as a tourist destination for those drawn to its many trout streams and wide open spaces.
Tags: CommunityStatesMontana
Vermont - The Green Mountain State
One of the most picturesque states, Vermont has millions of visitors each year.
Tags: CommunityStatesVermont
Connecticut - The Constitution State
Connecticut gets its name from an Algonquian word meaning "land on the long tidal river."

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National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month
Pill-bottlesthumbMedicine misuse as the nationís second biggest drug problem.
New Hampshire - The Granite State
NhthumbA relatively small state, New Hampshire plays a major role every four years in the presidential election.
Protecting the Age Restricted Status of Your Community
Lemonade_thTips on compliance with the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995 requirements
So You Lost Your Job?
LostjobthumbLooking for a job in todayís market is much more than a looking at the classified ads over breakfast. Learn what to do!


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