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Avoiding Foreclosure Rescue Scams
Sadthumb Behind every new foreclosure is a desperate family willing to do anything to save their home. And as foreclosures continue to mount across the U.S., so do the number of con artists trying to take advantage of...
When To Consider Travel Insurance (and when NOT to!)
Four reasons to purchase travel insurance and four reasons not to
Tags: Travel
How to Adopt a No Smoking Policy for your HOA
Steps to help guide the process of adopting a no smoking policy for your community.
Tags: LegalHealth
Building Communities Through Committees
Once committees get started on their assignment, one can encourage greater community participation
Tags: Board
Board Meetings for Every Situation
Board Meeting types and their uses.
Tags: BoardMeetings

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What is RSS?
Rssfeed RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and Rss feeds allow you to receive notification when new content is available on a web page or blog when you subscribe to that webpage or blog. Why would I want to...
Tags: ComputerGlossary
EPA's Targeted Watershed Grants Program
The EPA watershed grant program
Debt Collection: Understand Your Rights
Understand the rights granted to you under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Tags: FinanceThriftyDebt
Are You Ready for Tsunamis?
Important facts about and ways to protect yourself from Tsunamis
Tags: DisastersSafety
Community Restraint Programs For Juvenile Offenders
How community restraint and treatment programs can help recidivism.
Tags: GangsCrime

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The 2009 Mortgage Bailout
Housegamethumb The deep contraction in the economy and in the housing market has created devastating consequences for homeowners and communities throughout the country.  The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan...
Tags: ThriftyFinancialPoliticsMortgage
Choosing Utility Providers
How to choose an electric, natural gas, or water provider-you may have a choice.
Halloween Safety Tips
Tips can protect children who plan to go trick-or-treating this Halloween.
Tags: SafetyChildren
FHA Refinance Loan Options and Guidelines
FHA refinance loan programs are available to those who have a current fha loan and those that don't.
Drive Green - Driving More Efficiently
Learn great tips on driving more efficiently and improving gas mileage
Tags: EnvironmentCars

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Kansas - The Sunflower State
Annual-sunflowerthumb Capital City: Topeka Nickname: Sunflower StateMotto: Ad Astra per Aspera (To the stars through difficulties)Statehood: January 29, 1861 (34th)Origin of State's Name: From the Sioux Indian for "south wind...
Tags: KansasStates
Maine - The Pine Tree State
Maine is appropriately called the "Pine Tree State," as 90 percent of its land is forest.
Tags: MaineStates
Louisiana - The Pelican State
A strong French influence is still evident throughout the state--its capital city is named Baton Rouge, French for "red stick."
Tags: LouisianaStates
Missouri - The Show Me State
Today, more than half the population lives in Missouri's two major cities--Kansas City and St. Louis.
Tags: CommunityStatesMissouri
Iowa - The Corn State
Named for the Iowa River, which was named for the Iowa, or Ioway, Indians, Iowa joined the Union in 1846.
Tags: IowaStates

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Ingested Magnets - Serious Intestinal Injuries
Magnet2Small magnets can kill children if two or more are swallowed.
Assessment Delinquency Rates
DelinquencyratesthumbManagers are beginning to see more associations with delinquency rates approaching 20%.
Ice Damming Leaks: What Happened?
Icedam1_thHow to prevent ice damming leaks on roofs.
Are You Ready for Earthquakes?
Areyouready_030_thHow to be better prepared in an Earthquake


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