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The Controlling Director
Controllingdirectorthumb How many of us have experienced the board member who wants to control all aspects of his or her community association's operation from finances to personnel to housekeeping? This controlling person just...
Practical Painting
Curb appeal is greatly affected by the condition of the building's paint.
HOA, Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities
If you are part of an HOA, you have certain rights, whether you are an owner or renter
What is Fiduciary Duty?
Though the term is typically used in the legal and governmental system, it can also be applied to any professional relationship,
Tags: BoardFinance
Cats and Dogs... A Manager's Tale
An association manager talks about pet issues and pet stories for HOAs
Tags: Pets

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EPA's Targeted Watershed Grants Program
Susquhana_th We are also getting valuable information about how wetlands attenuate floods, and the ability of riparian buffers and wetland plants to absorb nutrients thus reducing runoff to streams and ultimately ...
Tags: Environment
Extended Car Warranty: Do You Really Need It?
When thinking of whether or not to purchase an extended car warranty, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.
Tags: Consumer
PPO Health Insurance
Preferred Provider Organizations are payment service providers that offer more affordable health care plans with fewer limits.
Tags: Health CareHealth InsuranceHMOPPO
Why You Need a Personal Health Record
Storing and tracking your medical records online can help save you time, money and possible health complications by taking an ac
Cash For Clunkers Program - Avoid and Report Fraud
The Cash for Clunkers Program is closed.
Tags: CarsFuel EfficiencyTARP

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FHA 203K Loan
Disrepairhomesm The FHA 203K loan program is designed to help finance the rehabilitation and repair of  run-down properties. It has been utilized as a primary tool in revitalizing run down neighborhoods. What is the FHA ...
Tags: FHA LoanMortgageReal Estate203K
Toxic Mold Environments: Moisture and My Home
Toxic Mold:Health Risks, Detection, Prevention, and Remediation
Tags: HealthSafety
Ice Damming Leaks: What Happened?
How to prevent ice damming leaks on roofs.
Why Is My Basement Damp?
Causes and solutions for damp basements
Saving Water Can Save You Money
Excellent tips and planning guide for saving money by saving water in your garden and landscaping.

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Tennessee - The Volunteer State
Parthenonthumb Capital City: NashvilleNickname: Volunteer StateMotto: Agriculture and CommerceStatehood: June 1, 1796 (16th)Origin of State's Name: Named after Cherokee Indian villages called "Tanasi"Largest Cities:...
Tags: CommunityStatesTennessee
North Carolina - The Tar Heel State
North Carolina joined the Union in 1789 and is the 12th of the original 13 states.
Colorado - The Centennial State
Called the "Centennial State," because it became the 38th state when the U.S. turned 100 in 1876.
Tags: ColoradoStatesCommunity
Wyoming - The Equality State
The constitution of the "Equality State" was the first in the world to grant voting rights to women.
Tags: CommunityStatesWyoming
California - The Golden State
The discovery of gold and the immigration in 1849 of thousands of "forty-niners" came in search of the precious metal.
Tags: CaliforniaCommunityStates

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Environmental Considerations When Landscaping
Erosion_thWhat we do in our yards often affects our neighbors and the environment.


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