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What are the Responsibilities of Board Members?
Board As the leaders of HOA’s, board members have various responsibilities that can depend on their position on the board. Like the national government, the president has different duties than the secretary,...
Board of Directors: Who Are They and What Do They Do?
Rights and responsibilities of Association Board members
Tags: Board
Reserve Now Or Pay Later
Important responsibilities of the associationís board of directors
Management and Homeowner Communication
How Homeowners and Management can communicate effectively about property issues
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Determining employee or independent contractor status with IRS criteria
Tags: FinancialBoard

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Executive Summary of the 2009 Stimulus Package
Obamasmall The economy is in a crisis not seen since the Great Depression. Credit is frozen, consumer purchasing power is in decline, in the last four months the country has lost 2 million jobs and we are expected to...
Tags: FinancialThriftyCreditStimulusPolitics
Retirement Planning: Tips for saving
This article provides tips on how to save for retirement.
What Is A Land Bank?
Uses vacant land for the purpose of stabilizing neighborhoods and encouraging re-use or redevelopment of urban property
Tags: Financial
Tips To Choose The Right Accountant
he right accountant can help save you money and act as a trusted financial advisor
Tags: RetirementTaxesStaff Pick
Buying A Used Car: How To Get The Best Deal
Five steps to finding the best deal on the best used car for you!

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Top Five Water-saving Techniques
Pool Using water-saving techniques Water-saving can save you money and diverts less water from our rivers, bays, and estuaries which helps keep the environment healthy. It can also reduce water and wastewater...
Tags: Environment
Funds for Handyman-Specials and Fixer-Uppers
How to get funds for handyman-specials and fixer-uppers through HUD's 203(k) program.
Why is Gmail Free?
You pay Google with complete unfettered access to your personal correspondence.
Tags: EmailPrivacy
Conventional Storage Water Heaters
How storage water heaters work; what criteria to use when selecting the right model; and some installation, maintenance, and safety tips.
Ice Damming Leaks: What Happened?
How to prevent ice damming leaks on roofs.

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North Carolina - The Tar Heel State
Ncthumb Capital City: RaleighNickname: Tar Heel State Motto: Esse Quam Videri (To Be Rather Than To Seem)Statehood: November 21, 1789 (12th)Origin of State's Name: Taken from "Carolus," the Latin word for...
Oregon - The Beaver State
Spanish sailors in search of a northwest passage were the first Europeans to see what is known today as Oregon.
Tags: CommunityStatesOregon
Michigan - The Great Lakes State
Michigan has an unusual geography, as it consists of two land masses--the Upper Peninsula and the mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula.
Tags: StatesMichigan
Maryland - The Old Line State
One of the original 13 states to join the Union (in 1788), Maryland is in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard.
Tags: MarylandStates
Florida - The Sunshine State
Ponce de Leon, in search of the elusive fountain of youth, was the first European to explore Florida.
Tags: FloridaStates

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Deferred Maintenance. . .
Deferred1_thDeferring the common area maintenance of an owners association can have negative and lasting effects upon a community.
How To Avoid Foreclosure
Foreclosure_thHUD Guide on how to avoid foreclosure.
Hawaii - The Aloha State
HawaiithumbHawaii, whose capital is Honolulu, is often called the "Crossroads of the Pacific" and is a popular vacation spot.
How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?
Houseforsale120Reasonable planning to successfully afford a suburban house, urban condo, or rural ranch.


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