Tip: 2 Ways to Get More Out of Discussions

The discussion forums are the heart of many Neighborhood Link communities - we've come up with two tips you can use to maximize your experience.

Receive an email alert when someone replies to your favorite discussion.
If you post a discussion topic, reply to a topic, or are simply interested in following a discussion, you can choose to be emailed when anyone replies. If you're logged in, there is a 'Subscribe to this thread' link on every topic page. Simply click that link and any future replies will prompt a notification to be sent to you via email. You can subscribe to an unlimited number of topics, and you can manage your email subscriptions from your profile page. (On your profile page click 'Edit' and then choose 'Click here to edit your email subscriptions')

Easy ways to find your favorite topics.
When viewing the discussion area you'll see that discussion topics display a "Posted In" location and "Tags". This is great information, but you can also be use these links to browse other related topics. For example, a discussion topic might say 'Posted In: Marlborough Mesa, Mesa, AZ Tags: Safety, Crime' Clicking on the 'Marlborough Mesa, Mesa, AZ' will display other discussion topics posted in that area. Clicking on the word 'Safety' will display other discussion topics related to safety on a nationwide basis. Thus, it's a great way to discuss a topic with people outside your own community! When you start a topic, add your own tags so people interested in what you're discussing can easily find your topic.

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