Tip: Get People Using Your Website!

Getting the word out about your website is critical…

Marketing your new website takes time, but keep at it! A rule of thumb in advertising is that people need to see an ad 20 times before they buy the product or respond to the advertising.

Try these inexpensive ideas to effectively promote your website:

  • Tell all of your friends. Word-of-Mouth is often the best marketing.
  • Suggest people promote their garage sales on the website. ( Premium Only)
  • Include your web address on ALL your printed material - newsletter, stationary, business cards, etc.
  • Hang flyers in common areas - laundry rooms, clubhouses, pools, parks, etc.
  • Encourage local groups like book clubs, cub scouts, and play groups to use the website - or to get a website of their own and then link to each other.
  • Send out regular email to all of the website members. ( Premium Only)
  • Include a neighborhood hot topic in your marketing materials to make your message stick! For example: "How are we going to pay for the new fence? Join us online to discuss the options."

Examples of how real organizations have thrived after promoting their website:

Marlborough Mesa
Madison park
Camelot Neighborhood Association
Rolling Oaks

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