Premium Tip: Get Your Message Noticed!

Utilize the prominent and colorful left-side of your premium website.

Selling advertising on your
premium website can generate money for your community. 

But, you can also use the advertising feature to develop greater neighborhood pride, awareness, and cohesion by creating informational “ads” or announcements for your neighbors.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Promotions for picnics, block parties, etc.
  • Open letters from a neighborhood leader to the community
  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Warnings

Follow these simple steps to create an ad or announcement:
  • Click Admin Tools (In the Welcome Box after Login)
  • Click Manage Advertisers and Advertisements
  • Click Add Advertiser
  • Create a name (e.g. Block Party Notice, President’s Letter, etc.)
  • Click save, select the name, and click Add Advertisement
  • You can create a great-looking ad/announcement in minutes with our easy editor
  • Create an unlimited number of ads/announcements

Examples of real communities using this premium feature:

Lago Lindo POA
Country Club Historic Neighborhood
Tampa Homeowners
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Featured Community: Slater Mill, Douglasville, GA

Each month we feature a great community in the Neighborhood Link Network...

Slater Mill Community Association is a wonderful gated swim and tennis community located in West Georgia just 20 minutes outside of the Atlanta Metropolitan area. They are also only three exits from Six Flags of Georgia.

Slater Mill joined Neighborhood Link in April 2012 and has already done an excellent job utilizing the tools that Neighborhood Link provides.

Learn more and visit: Slater Mill Community Assoc

Want to nominate your community to be the Featured Community? Send us a short email telling us why and a link to your site. Email Us

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