Retirement Planning: Investment Options

Diversify When You Invest!

In the other articles of this series, you developed a retirement plan, estimated how much you'll need in retirement savings, and learned a few tips to save more for your retirement fund. Now that you have freed up a few extra dollars, where are you going to put them? Luckily, there are a number of options available to you.

Thus, in the final article in this retirement series, we will give you a brief overview of some of the more common retirement investment options.

Talking with your banker, the benefits department of your company, or a financial advisor can help you decide which is right for you. In general, the key is to diversify and take advantage of as many options as you can as they all offer their own pros and cons.

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Retirement Planning: Tips for saving

Start Saving Now!

Now that we have started you thinking about your retirement plan and calculated how much you’ll need in retirement savings, it’s time to increase those savings.

The good news is that it’s never too early or too late to start saving for retirement. You don’t have to wait until you’re approaching retirement to make changes in your spending habits to stash extra dollars into your retirement fund account. And if you are 50 or older, you may be able to take advantage of catch-up opportunities that could potentially increase your retirement income.

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Featured Community: Country Club Historic, Denver, CO

CCHN created its HOA in the early 1970s and is one of the oldest Neighborhoods in Denver, CO (developed in the early 1920s).

Country Club Historic Neighborhood was originally developed in conjunction with the Denver Country Club and was designated as a Historic Landmark District in 1990.

Their Neighborhood Association was created in 1970 and although membership is voluntary, each year over 300 (of the total 375) homeowners join their association. Their board of directors consists of 21 volunteers from the neighborhood.

Because CCHN is in a landmark historic district, there are strict covenants concerning building and renovation.

Using Neighborhood Link tools, Country Club Historic residents have:
  • Helped enforce strict historic landmark provisions.
  • Disseminated information about ongoing development projects affecting their neighborhood.
  • Raised over $130,000 to create new urns at various entrance points to their neighborhood for traffic mitigation and beautification.
  • Broadcast timely crime alerts to neighbors.
  • Organized an email alert system for regular updates.
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Retirement Planning: How Much to Save?

How Much Do You Need to Save?

When beginning to plan for retirement, often the first question people ask is: How much do I need to save?

Before this can really be answered, you'll need to do some thoughtful planning about the type of retirement you are envisioning; but, in general, you should expect to have saved enough to generate retirement income of anywhere from 70 percent to 120 percent of your current income.

Before your eyes pop out of their sockets, it's important to keep in mind that how much you need for your retirement savings really depends on your situation.

The second in the series of articles will provide you with some tools and tips for calculating your retirement savings number.

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Retirement Planning: Start Now!

Do you have a retirement plan?

If you were to ask a number of people what they were saving for, you’d get a variety of answers: the latest tech gadget, a new car, a dream vacation, or even those splurge shoes. But the answer you most likely won’t get? Retirement.

Saving for retirement isn’t fun, but it is necessary and something we all need to be actively involved in. Unfortunately, only 60 percent of workers are currently saving for retirement and only 13 percent are confident about having enough money for when they do retire.

Neighborhood Link has created a four-part article series meant to take some of the confusion out of retirement planning by helping you to start thinking about your retirement goals, to estimate how much you’ll need in retirement funds, to find ways to save for retirement, and to help you determine what retirement investment options might work best for you.

The first step in retirement planning is to take time to consider your dream retirement. Will you continue to work? Where will you live? Do you plan to travel? Determining how you want to spend your newly-found free time and where will help you establish your future expenses.

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