Tip: End of Summer Beach Party!

If you can't get to the beach, bring the beach to the neighborhood!

A beach party is universally synonymous with relaxation and fun in the sun!

Plan a beach themed party to celebrate the end of summer and you can guarantee your community a fun entertaining time for all ages.

Try some of these ideas:

  • Provide mini bubble sets to everyone - kids and adults!
  • Promote the party with an advertisement on your website.
  • Provide frozen drinks with bamboo umbrellas.
  • Upload simple templates to your neighborhood website (fish, mermaids, sharks, crabs, palm trees, sea horses, etc.) That can be printed, cutout, and colored beforehand - Use for decoration or contests!
  • Hold an oversized beach hat contest.
  • To assure great music, send an email blast asking everyone to name their favorite beach-themed songs. (premium only)
  • Raffle off beach-themed prizes.
  • Set up two kiddie pools; fill one with water and one with sand.
  • Provide plastic sand pails and tools.

As with any community event, use your website to document the party. (Use common sense posting pictures of your neighbors in swimwear!)

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