Fighting Crime via Neighborhood Social Networking

Marlborough Mesa in Mesa, Arizona was recently able to utilize their discussion forum as a social networking tool to fight crime in their neighborhood.

Evidently there was an ice cream man in the neighborhood who was consistently "short-changing" the neighborhood kids. The information was posted on the Marlborough Mesa Discussion Forum which alerted the rest of the neighborhood. Other neighbors related similar stories about the same ice cream man. They called the police who in turn tracked down the ice cream man, questioned him, and he is no longer "short-changing" the neighborhood kids.

The Marlborough Mesa group are no strangers to using the Neighborhood Link Discussion forums as a social networking tool. Back in October they used their discussion forum to help identify an elderly neighbor who had been seriously injured in an auto accident.

Congrats to Alma Jones (their tireless webmaster) and the Marlborough Mesa Neighborhood on a job well done!