New Premium Feature: Quick Invite

Premium Websites now provide a simple way to invite new members!

Do you already have email addresses for your members? Use our new "Quick Invite" feature to send them a personalized invitation.

Each person will receive a direct link to your Welcome page... they'll be prompted to create their username... that's it! When they click "Join" they'll be added to your Members list immediately. No need for further email confirmation or for you to approve them!

Using this feature is simple. Go to Membership Levels in the Admin Tools area and click the "Send invite emails here" link. Enter your neighbors' email addresses and write a message describing the benefits of becoming a site member.

Tip: Pair the Quick Invite with the Mailing List feature. Create a Mailing List for all site members (use the "Auto-Invite" option) before using Quick Invite and your neighbors will have the option to subscribe to the list as they become a member.

This is a great way to get everyone in your neighborhood or HOA both site membership and signed up for your email blasts!