New Page Editing Tools....

New Editing Tools for Web Page Customization

Recently Neighborhood Link added a suite of new tools to help our users easily customize their web pages. Below is a simple overview on how to use the tools. In the future, we plan on adding more tools and more advanced articles and tips on how to use these tools.

When you now either edit or add a new page to your neighborhood website, you will see a link to our new fancy page editor which we have affectionally called the "whizzy" editor. If you click on the link the to the "whizzy" editor you will be taken to a new page which will contain a tool bar just like the one you see below.

Editing Text
In the white editing box below the tool bar, you can either type or paste text or pictures. The tool bar is then used to edit the text or pictures to your hearts content.

Each item on the tool bar performs a particular task. If you are not sure of the function of a particular item, just place your mouse cursor over the item and a tool tip will appear which describes what the items does.

For example, the item labeled B will make the text bold. The tool next to it labeled i will make the text italic, etc, etc.....

The easiest way to format your text is to first select the text you want to format and then choose the appropriate tool to apply changes to the text. If you don't like the change you made to the text, you can always click on the the left undo arrow in the lower right corner of the tool box or just use your keyboard and type control-Z or command-Z (on a Mac).

After you have finished creating and formatting your text, click on the "ABC" icon in the lower right corner of the tool bar to spell check your text.

Adding Photos or Images
You can add photos or image files two different ways:

1. If you have a picture in a document or a web page on your computer, you can just copy and paste or drag it from the document or web page directly into the "whizzy" editor.
2. The other method is to click on the picture icon in the tool bar that looks just like this icon. That will bring up a dialog box that will allow you to "browse" your computer for a particular image or picture file. Once you click "upload and insert", your picture will appear in the whizzy editor.

We encourage you to experiment with these tools to see the various effects you can achieve. Also, please remember that you cannot use copyrighted materials (images or text) on your web pages.

Have fun!