Neighborhood Link Announces New Design and Features

Neighborhood Link Design and Feature Update

Neighborhood Link is excited to announce that we have begun rolling out a complete redesign of our HOA, Neighborhood Association, and Community websites.

The new design includes:

  • A completely redesigned more modern look and feel.
  • A much simpler interface for adding and editing content.
  • Ability to add photos, maps and customized text to your home page.
  • Unlimited storage for documents such as PDFs, Word and Excel files.
  • Expanded use of photos, graphics, and customized html in your web pages.
  • More flexible Newsletter creation and storage.
  • Increased interaction between neighbors and residents through our meet your neighbors pages.
  • Expanded individual profiles.
  • Many more features intended to create more design flexibility and promote ease of use.

Visit a few Neighborhood Link websites below to see what is coming to your website.

We anticipate that all websites will be converted to the new format by the end of the summer in the next few weeks. If you already have an HOA or Neighborhood website with Neighborhood Link and want to convert your website early, then Email Us to Upgrade. Please include the name of your HOA or Neighborhood and in what city your neighborhood resides.

If you don't already have a website with us and want to take a tour of the new design and features or signup for a new site, the please visit our Tour and Signup Page.