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Hello neighbors!!

Mars Hill Entrance

Many thanks to all the neighbors who contributed to the Landscape fund this fall! Because of your generosity, we have received enough funds to maintain the beauty of our community entrance!! 

Another recent concern that neighbors are expressing is the noise from Amazon facility on Litton Lane. Please see below for more info. 






One of our Mars Hill neighbors, Randy Green, is leading the Amazon noise reduction initiative. He has distributed a flyer to all the homes in Mars Hill.  It explains the plans and progress that has been made so far. The proposal is to install an attractive sound barrier along the Amazon property line. Your support would be greatly appreciated, and we hope you will join Randy in this endeavor!!


The flyer can be accessed by clicking on PAGES & LINKS below. Feel free to share!!








Eric Stambaugh  513-544-8079           

Paul or Lynne Goodridge   859-586-8514


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Mars Hill Fall 2017 Flyer....

Everyone...It's time for the Mars Hill entrance to have a "pick me up!"  The last major renovation was in 2010 and now, 7 years later, and the area is needing some work.  We have been doing... more
Started: September 29th 2017Replies: 0

2013 Fall updates!!!

Hello Mars Hill residents! It's that time of year again to come together, get outdoors, and beautify our neighborhood. Contact Keval, Lynne, Paul, or Eric if you can contribute money, supplies/tools,... more
Started: September 21st 2013Replies: 0

Please add your contact information...

Hi,    We're just getting started.  Contact information that is publicly available, as in the white pages or online, will help.  Please email or call me if you have any... more
Started: August 30th 2010Replies: 1

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