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$8,000 First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit
Details of the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers from the 2009 stimulus package
10 Ways to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill
Cell Phones -- there are ways you can save money while still enjoying the features that led you to purchase the phone.
2009 Stimulus In President Obama's Own Words
This historic step won't be the end of what we do to turn our economy around, but the beginning,
5 Steps To Stop Debt Collection Harassment
Stop those harassing phone calls and letters with these five steps.
5 Tips For Improving Your Credit Score
Understand how your credit score works along with 5 great tips for improving your credit score
66 Ways To Save Money
Tips on everything from airline fares to prescription drugs
A Guide for First Time Homebuyers
Describes the 6 step process for the first-time homebuyer
AAA Credit Ratings Explained
AAA Rating Explained
Avoiding Foreclosure Rescue Scams
These fraudulent foreclosure rescue companies offer vague promises, but will actually lie and cheat to get your business.
Choosing a Credit Card
While some cards have no annual fee, others expect you to pay an amount each year for being a cardholder.
Correcting Fraudulent Information in Credit Reports
Using the Fair Credit Reporting Act to correct fraudulent entries on your credit reports.
Couponing Abbreviations
As with most things in life, couponing has its own vernacular.
Debt Collection: Understand Your Rights
Understand the rights granted to you under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Ditch Your Cable T.V. For These Cheaper Alternatives
? It is possible to cut the cable cord and still get most of the programming you love for less than what you currently pay
Do You Qualify for an FHA Loan?
What is an FHA loan, and who qualifies for one?
Do you owe taxes on your home sale?
Chances are good that you wont owe any taxes when you sell your primary residence thanks to the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act
Economic Stimulus Plans - A Glossary Of Terms
Generally accepted definitions are given below so that you can become conversant in the language of stimulus packages.
Executive Summary of the 2009 Stimulus Package
In the next two weeks, the Congress will be considering the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009
FHA Home Loan Financing and Benefits
FHA home mortages have many advantages from lower downpayments to stronger protections.
FHA Mortgage Insurance
Buying a home with an FHA Loan? Putting less than twenty percent down? You'll need FHA mortgage insurance.
FHA Streamline Refinance
The FHA streamline refiance program makes it easy and quick to refinance your home and lower your monthly mortgage payments.
Features of Reverse Mortgage Loans
Unlike the typical home loan, the amount you owe on a reverse mortgage grows over time.
Federal Benefits Exempt From Garnishment
If you have debt, certain federal benefits may be exempt from bank garnishment.
First Time Home Buyer Financial Assistance
A description of the unique financing opportunities only available to first time home buyers.
Generate income while waiting to claim Social Security
Generate income while waiting to claim Social Security
Grocery Coupon Online Directory
Comprehensive Listing of local and national grocery websites that provide printable online coupons,flyers, and weekly specials.
Homeowners Insurance: Twelve Ways To Save
Twelve ways to save on homeowners insurance.
How to Improve Your Credit Score
Your credit score is calculated using a complex algorithm that takes into account many different factors.
How to Save Money on your Utility Bills
Below are a few tips to help you get started saving!
Loan Modification: Is it Right For You?
What is loan modification? How is it different than refinancing a mortgage and what does it take to qualify.
Lower Your FHA Loan Payments
If you have an FHA loan, a new loan modification program can help you lower your monthly payments.
Making Your Home Energy Efficient!
How to do a home energy audit and make your home more energy efficient.
Obama Loan Modification Plan Explained
Details of the loan modification plan that reduces your mortgage payments and allows you stay in your home.
Obama Mortgage Rescue Plan FAQ
Details on the Obama Mortgage Refinance and Loan Modifcation Plan-Who qualifies and how to get it.
Obama Stimulus Plan FAQ
FAQ about what is in the Obama 2009 Stimulus plan and who qualifies for what...
Own a home in a community association? Use this tax break!
take advantage of this often overlooked benefit.
Prepaid Credit Cards
There are plenty of situations where a prepaid card might be the most convenient choice, but be sure you understand the terms
Reduce Your Rent
How to save money on your rent by following these simple tips and guidelines-sample letter to send to your landlord
Renegotiating Technology Services in a Recession
Most technology companies are hemorrhaging customers.
Save Money On Your Cable/Satellite TV Bill
Almost everyone can save money on their Satellite or Cable television bill.
Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill
Before you sign your next cell phone contract, do the math.
Save Money On Your Family's Technology Needs
Do not continue to pay for any technology services at the current rates.
Saving Water Can Save You Money
Excellent tips and planning guide for saving money by saving water in your garden and landscaping.
Saving and Managing Your Money During a Recession
Great tips on how to save and manage your money during hard times.
Should you rent or sell your home?
Whether you sell your home or rent it out depends on any number of factors
Should you use a home equity loan?
If you own a home and have a steady source of income, you likely can qualify for a home equity loan, also known as a second mort
Special considerations when excluding home sale gain from taxes
Homeowners who realize a gain (profit) from the sale of their home may qualify to exclude part or all of that gain from their in
Stimulus Package 2009 - What's In It For YOU
All of the details of the $787 billion stimulus package and how it pertains to you.
Tax Credits for Energy Conscious Purchases
New tax laws will allow tax credits for energy-conscious purchases.
The 2009 Mortgage Bailout
The administration is launching what it calls the “Making Home Affordable” initiative.
The 2009 Mortgage Bailout Executive Summary
Homeowners with mortgages up to $729,750 may qualify for this program.
The 2009 Stimulus Package Explained
All the details on the 2009 Stimulus package and how to get your piece of the pie.
The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP)
Two groups of people would benefit directly from the President’s plan.
Using Grocery Coupons Effectively to Save Money
Learning how to use coupons effectively can save your family hundreds of dollars each year.
What Are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
If Fannie and Freddie were purely private firms they would have failed in 2008.
What Is A Deed-In-Lieu?
If you are at the point of being willing to give up your home, but want to avoid foreclosure read this article
What is Foreclosure?
If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure, there are two important questions that you need to ask yourself.
What is a Credit Score?
Your credit score is usually based on 5 criteria.
What is a Reverse Mortgage?
A reverse mortgage is a loan that allows you to convert some of the equity in your home into cash.
What is the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
Involves the purchase and redevelopment of foreclosed and abandoned homes and residential properties.
What you Need to Know about the New 2010 Credit Card Rules
New rules for credit card companies mean new credit card protections for you. Here are some key changes
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