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5 Things to look for in a local school
Safety_harbor_middle_school Whether your family has just moved to a new area or is simply looking for change, there are a lot of details to keep in mind especially if your kids would need to change schools. For the sake of your family...
Greening Up Our Community Associations
It is no longer considered "weird" to show your concern for the environment
Tags: Board
Creating A Fire Defensible Space
Wildfires are among the nation’s growing natural hazards.
Tags: Safety
Do you owe taxes on your home sale?
Chances are good that you wont owe any taxes when you sell your primary residence thanks to the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act
Work Related Hearing Loss
Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases
Tags: Health

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Protecting the Age Restricted Status of Your Community
Lemonade_th Aging baby boomers and improved medical care, both having increased our life expectancy, combine to create a huge housing need for seniors. It is projected that by 2030 there will be almost 88 million people...
How to sell your vacation timeshare
Selling your vacation timeshare can be a difficult task. But it can be done if you’re willing to follow the four “be’s”
Should You Invest In An ETF?
Learn if ETFs are right for your investment portfolio
Neighborhood Watch Websites Provided by Neighborhood Link
How to use a free website from Neighborhood Link to facilitate and enhance a Neighborhood Watch Group
The 2009 Redoubt Volcano Eruption
March 22, 2009 Redoubt Volcano produced a series of five explosive eruptions that each lasted from four to thirty minutes.
Tags: SafetyEmergencyAlaskaDisasters

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What you Need to Know about the New 2010 Credit Card Rules
Ccthumb Read all about the key changes you should expect from your credit card company beginning on February 22, 2010. "With this new law, consumers will have the strong and reliable protections they deserve." ...
Tags: ThriftyFinance
What are Anxiety Disorders?
Effective treatments for anxiety disorders are available, and research is yielding new, improved therapies that can help.
Tags: HealthGlossary
What are Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?
Health Savings Accounts will change the way millions meet their health care needs
Tags: FinancialGlossary
Securing Your Wireless Network
A wireless network can connect computers in different parts of your home or business without a tangle of cords.
Tags: SafetyInternet
Loan Modification: Is it Right For You?
What is loan modification? How is it different than refinancing a mortgage and what does it take to qualify.

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Arizona - The Grand Canyon State
Grand-canyon-thumb Capital City: Phoenix Nickname: Grand Canyon State Motto: Ditat Deus (God enriches) Statehood: February 14, 1912 (48th) Origin of State's Name: Spanish interpretation of "arizuma," an Aztec Indian word...
Tags: CommunityStatesArizona
North Carolina - The Tar Heel State
North Carolina joined the Union in 1789 and is the 12th of the original 13 states.
Maryland - The Old Line State
One of the original 13 states to join the Union (in 1788), Maryland is in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard.
Tags: MarylandStates
Oklahoma - The Sooner State
Oklahoma's capital is an easy one to remember -- Oklahoma City.
Tags: CommunityStatesOklahoma
Idaho - The Gem State
The state's name is thought to be an Indian name, Ee-dah-hoe, which means "gem of the mountains."
Tags: IdahoStates

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