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5 Things to Consider before Hiring a Contractor
Contract Hiring a contractor can be exciting; it is one of the many steps an owner takes when building or improving a house or business. But don’t get on board just yet, not without doing a little research at...
Creating Association Committees
How to create a committee to do its job effectively.
Tags: Board
EPA Asbestos Guide
Comprehensive EPA guide to asbestos
6 Steps To Create An HOA Board Resolution
Create, write and approve a new HOA board resolution using these six steps
Tags: Staff Pick
Budgeting Whys and Wherefores
What goes into a good association budget.
Tags: FinancialBoard

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Car Rental Fees You Can Avoid
Rentalcarfeessm Renting a car can be costly, but you can trim your bill by avoiding these extra fees. When renting a rental car, there are some fees you can’t avoid. City and county taxes are often automatically added...
Tags: Staff PickTravel
Ditch Your Cable T.V. For These Cheaper Alternatives
? It is possible to cut the cable cord and still get most of the programming you love for less than what you currently pay
Tags: ThriftyStaff Pick
Federal Benefits Exempt From Garnishment
If you have debt, certain federal benefits may be exempt from bank garnishment.
Tags: FinanceThriftyDebt
What Is Longitude?
The Earth is divided equally into 360 degrees of longitude.
Tags: Glossary
What is the Electoral College?
The term "electoral college" does not appear in the Constitution.
Tags: PoliticsGlossary

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Five Great Ways to Advertise your Rental Home
Rental_th Landlords understand that the longer their rental property stays vacant, the more profit they will lose on the investment. The following five steps will help you find a great renter for your property in a...
Tags: RentersHousing
How To Choose A Contractor
Tips on choosing a contractor and things to watch out for.
What is a Credit Score?
Your credit score is usually based on 5 criteria.
Tags: FinancialThriftyCreditStaff Pick
Renegotiating Technology Services in a Recession
Most technology companies are hemorrhaging customers.
Tags: FinancialThrifty
Top 5 Tips for Avoiding the Pitfalls of Email
email is playing an increasingly important role in the day to day operations of community associations

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Massachusetts - The Bay State
Bordenflatsthumb Capital City: Boston Nickname: Bay State / Old Colony StateMotto: Ense Petit Placidam Sub Libertate quietem (By the Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty)Statehood: May 16, 1788 (6th)Origin...
Tags: MassachusettsStates
Maine - The Pine Tree State
Maine is appropriately called the "Pine Tree State," as 90 percent of its land is forest.
Tags: MaineStates
Alabama - The Heart of Dixie
Alabama has been at the center of many American battles--between white settlers and Native Americans, and in the Civil War.
Tags: AlabamaCommunityStates
Arizona - The Grand Canyon State
Arizona has a very dry climate and is known for its cactus plants.
Tags: CommunityStatesArizona
North Dakota - The Sioux State
North Dakota was one of the last areas of the frontier to be settled by non-Native Americans.

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Minnesota - The Land of 10,000 Lakes
MnthumbIts name comes from the Dakota (Sioux) word for the Minnesota River's "sky-tinted waters."
Identity Theft! Avoid It!
Idtheft_thU.S. Governmenet guide to ID theft prevention
Stimulus, Recovery Act - Pennsylvania Funding and Jobs
Irsrefundck120How Pennsylvania's estimated $16 billion in federal economic stimulus will fund various state sectors and create jobs.
Lightning Safety
LightningthumbOn average, only floods kill more people. Lightning makes every single thunderstorm a potential killer.


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