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Federal Laws Do Apply to Homeowner Associations
Flag_th This brief summary is intended to acquaint you with the major federal laws that affect homeowner associations. For authoritative information on these laws, you should consult your state...
The 2008 Political Conventions
It serves as an official introduction of a party’s nominee and demonstrates party unity
Tags: Politics
Does Your Board Have the Correct Number of Directors?
The importance of having the correct number of Directors on the board and ways to ensure compliance
Tags: Board
Dispute Resolution
Challenges in resolving disputes between the Association and home owner
Rules Enforcement Process
Suggestions on policies and procedures for enforcing a Homeowner Association's Covenants and Deed Restrictions

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EPA's Targeted Watershed Grants Program
Susquhana_th We are also getting valuable information about how wetlands attenuate floods, and the ability of riparian buffers and wetland plants to absorb nutrients thus reducing runoff to streams and ultimately ...
Tags: Environment
Affordable vacations: How to travel on the cheap
Tips for how to save on everything from transportation to hotels to airfare
Tags: TravelStaff Pick
South Carolina - The Palmetto State
South Carolina was first formed in 1729 when the Carolina colony was divided in two to form North and South Carolina.
Resume Writing Tips
Get Noticed! Your resume will likely be one of many under consideration.
The Environment and the U.S. Government
Environmental concern is a fairly recent phenomena in American history

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What is Panic Disorder?
Panicthumb Panic disorder is a real illness that can be successfully treated. It is characterized by sudden attacks of terror, usually accompanied by a pounding heart, sweatiness, weakness, faintness, or dizziness....
Tags: HealthGlossary
What Is A Short Sale?
In a short sale, the owner of a home and their mortgage lender agree to sell the home at a discounted price.
Why Are My Floors Cold?
Tips for figuring out why floors are cold
For Sale By Owner: How To Sell Your Own Home
Learn how to go through the “for sale by owner” process—it’s not as hard as you may think.
Homeowners Insurance
Tips on how to shop for homeowners insurance and save money-also avice on flood insurance

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Wyoming - The Equality State
Wythumb Capital City: CheyenneNickname: Equality State / Cowboy StateMotto: Equal Rights.Statehood: July 10, 1890 (44th)Origin of State's Name: Based on an Algonquin Indian word meaning "large prairie...
Tags: CommunityStatesWyoming
North Carolina - The Tar Heel State
North Carolina joined the Union in 1789 and is the 12th of the original 13 states.
Massachusetts - The Bay State
The birthplace of many of the ideals of the American Revolution, Massachusetts attracted people who believed in self-government.
Connecticut - The Constitution State
Connecticut gets its name from an Algonquian word meaning "land on the long tidal river."
Wisconsin - The Badger State
Wisconsin is one of the top producers of milk, cheese, and butter in the country.
Tags: CommunityStatesWisconsin

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Risk Management Through Property Inspection
InspectpropertythumbCommunity Managers should develop a detailed site inspection chart for risk management
What Are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
FanniethumbIf Fannie and Freddie were purely private firms they would have failed in 2008.
Top Five Water-saving Techniques
PoolIt's not just the dry western areas of the country which need to be concerned with water efficiency.
Establishing a Landscape Liaison
Landliaison_thHow to establish a landscape liaison person for your association.


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