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Dispute Resolution: Give Mediation a Chance
Disputeres1_th Compared to a lawsuit, mediation is swift, confidential, fair and low cost. The ABC Homeowners Association, in Houston, Texas, has been trying to collect late fees from a homeowner for months. It...
Tags: BoardCommunication
Team Building for Associations
How the Association can work as a team
Tags: BoardCommunication
Understanding Financial Statements: The Balance Sheet
Primer on understanding finanical statements
Tags: Financial
Keeping Your HOA Safe
Take these simple steps to help keep your homeowners association community safe and secure
Tags: Staff Pick
Directors, Officers and Conflicts of Interest
A discussion of conflicts of interest, potential and actual, and and how to handle them.

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What is RSS?
Rssfeed RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and Rss feeds allow you to receive notification when new content is available on a web page or blog when you subscribe to that webpage or blog. Why would I want to...
Tags: ComputerGlossary
Medicare Supplement Changes for 2010
Two new options have been added to Medicare Supplement plans while four have been eliminated. Offerings of some current plans h
How To Establish A Business Network
Learn how to network effectively to advance your professional life.
Neighborhood Watch Websites Provided by Neighborhood Link
How to use a free website from Neighborhood Link to facilitate and enhance a Neighborhood Watch Group
New York Relocation Guide
A guide to help you get through the process of relocating or moving to New York
Tags: NewYorkRelocationStates

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How To Buy A Foreclosed House
Foreclosesm Buying a foreclosed home takes patience, persistence and planning, but can result in big savings. If you need to find, purchase and move into a new home within the next few months, then a foreclosure likely...
Tags: Staff Pick
What Are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
If Fannie and Freddie were purely private firms they would have failed in 2008.
Tags: MortgageThriftyFinancialPolitics
Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer
It is important to choose carefully when hiring an individual or firm to prepare personal returns.
Tags: Financial
Should You Pay Points On Your Mortgage?
Paying for mortgage points can help reduce your monthly payment, but may not be right for everyone
Tips For First Time Homeowners
Follow these tips to help ensure your new home remains your dream home
Tags: Staff Pick

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Colorado Relocation Guide
Colflagsm This relocation guide will provide you with information and links that will help get you through the maze of relocating to Colorado. Colorado Overview Called the "Centennial State," because it became the...
Tags: ColoradoStatesCommunity
Montana - The Treasure State
Montana is known as a tourist destination for those drawn to its many trout streams and wide open spaces.
Tags: CommunityStatesMontana
Oregon - The Beaver State
Spanish sailors in search of a northwest passage were the first Europeans to see what is known today as Oregon.
Tags: CommunityStatesOregon
California - The Golden State
The discovery of gold and the immigration in 1849 of thousands of "forty-niners" came in search of the precious metal.
Tags: CaliforniaCommunityStates
New Jersey - The Garden State
George Washington won a key Revolutionary War battle at Trenton when he crossed the Delaware River.
Tags: StatesNewJersey

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Colorado Relocation Guide
ColflagsmA guide to help you get through the process of relocating or moving to Colorado
Protect Your Home's Value From The Foreclosure Next Door
ForeclosesmHere are four things you can do to help prevent your neighbor’s foreclosure from hurting your home
How to have a Garage Sale if you're in an Apartment.
GarageUnfortunately, not everyone lives in a house or has a yard. So what can you do?
5 Signs It's Time to Vote Off a Board Member
BoardYou, and probably the rest of the board, is thinking the same thing: Is it time to vote them off?


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