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The 2008 Political Conventions
Winnerthumb The processes of the political national conventions have evolved over more than a century, but the purpose has remained the same -- to nominate presidential candidates and lay out goals and party priorities....
Tags: Politics
Condo Association Loans - 2 Burning Questions...
Many Condo Associations and HOAs are investigating loans as opposed to assessing their members. There are two burning questions.
Do You have the Best Homeowners Insurance?
Insure your house for the rebuild price, not for the price you bought it.
Tags: Insurance
How to Adopt a No Smoking Policy for your HOA
Steps to help guide the process of adopting a no smoking policy for your community.
Tags: LegalHealth
Should Your HOA Allow Rentals?
The pros and cons of allowing rentals in your homeowners association.
Tags: Staff Pick

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New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment
Nmthumb Capital City: Santa FeNickname: Land of EnchantmentMotto: Crescit Eundo (It Grows As It Goes)Statehood: January 6, 1912 (47th)Origin of State's Name: Named by the Spanish for lands north of the Rio...
Tags: StatesRelocationNewMexico
Top 10 States Receiving Government Earmarks
In fiscal year 2008, there were 11,524 earmarks totaling $16,501,833,000
Tags: PoliticsTopTenStaff Pick
What is Global Warming?
The Earth has warmed by about 1F over the past 100 years.
Are You Ready for Extreme Heat?
Information on the dangers of extreme heat and ways to prevent them
Tags: DisastersHealth
Hurricane Readiness
Facts about and ways to protect yourself and your property from hurricanes
Tags: DisastersSafety

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What Is Phishing?
Emailthumb Phishing is a scam where Internet fraudsters send spam or pop-up messages to lure personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims.  Have you received email with a similar message? It's a...
Tags: SafetyGlossaryInternet
Homeowners Insurance
Tips on how to shop for homeowners insurance and save money-also avice on flood insurance
Drive Green - Buy An Efficient Vehicle
The difference between a car that gets 20 MPG and one that gets 30 MPG amounts to $1,020 per year
Tags: CarsEnvironment
First Time Home Buyer Programs - New York
The State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA) offers mortgage programs and credit certificates to assist first-time homebuyers.
Affordable Solar Options For Your Home
Want to capture solar power for your home without breaking the bank? Here are five options
Tags: SolarStaff Pick

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Colorado - The Centennial State
Us-coflagthumb Capital City: Denver Nickname:Centennial State Motto: Nil Sine Numine (Nothing without Providence) Gained Statehood: August 1, 1876 (38th) Origin of State's Name: From the Spanish for the color red, which was...
Tags: ColoradoStatesCommunity
Michigan - The Great Lakes State
Michigan has an unusual geography, as it consists of two land masses--the Upper Peninsula and the mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula.
Tags: StatesMichigan
West Virginia - The Mountain State
With an average altitude of 1,500 feet above sea level, it's the highest of any state east of the Mississippi River.
Arkansas - The Land of Opportunity
Arkansas is the only state in which diamonds have been mined, although today the mine operates only as a tourist attraction.
Tags: ArkansasCommunityStates
Missouri - The Show Me State
Today, more than half the population lives in Missouri's two major cities--Kansas City and St. Louis.
Tags: CommunityStatesMissouri

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Health Care Reform - The Republican Response
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The Adoption Home Study Process
Cormany48thumbThe adoption home study process is conducted to help you decide whether adoption is right for your family.
New Owners - Putting Your Association's Best Foot Forward
December2_thCreating a positive impression of the association for new owners
Cash For Clunkers Program - Consumer FAQ
Cashforclunkers120Questions and answers about the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) known as the Cash for Clunkers program.


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