Highline Meadows Fellows

Board of Directors plan on More Due Hikes for New Year

Maintenance has double standard when driving

The Maintenance Department is at it again driving all over the grounds which is mostly dirt and mud. But why does it not happen at Building 280....Because one of them lives there


Why does the HOA operate in Compartmentlized mode because you are only told what you need to know and not where the money is being spent. Notice they eliminated the Community Discussion on there website and now they are bad actors on Next door. Good luck really finding out where the money is going....


Board of directors planning big hike in HOA Dues next year...get ready and maybe a Special Assessment


Hear they go again ripping out the molding in the buildings and painting them. Its not a modern look and it looks bad just because they dont want to paint the trim. look at Buidling 209 for an example


"Yikes",  this HOA is Demanding now $695 dollars for Xcel gas meter failure and replacement of Gas valves in each uit at Building 130 by December 31st 2023. That amounts to HOA fee plus an extra $695 dollars


Maybe you have seen the signs that Park It Right is now in our complex. This company has a rating of "F" with the BBB and has 123 1 star ratings on Yelp. Good luck with getting reimbursed if you are booted. Just like the new trash company......


The TEN condo buildings still have not had carpets cleaned in over 3 years and it is totally disgusting. They have $5000 set aside in the budget (CARPET CLEANING) but they dont care about the Condo buildings because most of them live in the townhomes or off the property


They charge the condos a cleaning fee each month.....Let me remind you that the Condos provide 80%of the budget.


What makes homeowners have there Dogs pissing on the sidewalks on a daily basis and laughing as people have to walk throught it each day at Building 190 and building 130 at the mailboxes.. This urine gets into the buidlings and unit owners dwellings beacuse it gets on there soles.


On Friday Morning October 13th one of our residents took his own life inside his garage and was found the next morning by the Fire Department around 10am


This tragic incident has affected the whole community and our hearts go out to the family involved.


Board of Directors spend almost all the reserves leaving HOA with almost nothing


'After only 13 days Building 130 finally has Hot Water


HOA president Steve Mericle spends almost 20 K on old wornout truck but wont help owners in building 130 as he sticks it to them with $695 Special Assesment


Now day 10 without heat or hot water. HOA has finalized that they will be charging owners at Building 130 only $695 Dollars

see pages below


Update now is day 8 without gas hot water or heat at Building 130. Looks like owners on on the hook for $700 each unit and repairs should be made by Friday


Why is the HOA and ACM dragging there feet? It's been 5 days now without hot water or heat in Building 130, They could have started inspectioning the Furnances of each unit this weekend when more people would be home.


HOA brings in over $1.2 Million dollars in dues each year


All 24 units in Building 130 have not had hot water since last Wednesday September 20th2023. The HOA has been dealing with this "NO HOT WATER" situation according to my
calendar for two other times this year. We pay an HOA bill that includes maintenance andrepair of the boiler and return of hot water.

The fact that we may have suffered over-pressure event which may have damaged each units gas valve is not the responsibility of the owner to pay for a new gas valve on there furnace. We did not cause the problem to our Buildings Xcel gas valve, installed in 1970, and should not becharged $695 dollars for something we are not responsible for and did not cause.


The fact that the Outside Xcel Gas meter is defective and needs replacement is theresponsibility of the HOA and Xcel energy. Most likely the gas Xcel gas meter has cause this overpressure event and they are ones responsible along with the HOA.

We are paying a cleaning fee and have a person doing this job that we pay ACM. All our 3 employeess work for ACM to the tune of about $140K per year plus we pay $54K for ACM to manage the complex. That is almost $200K per year


Finally the Board has released some financial information and the first Newsletter in three year.... Its about time, Dont pat yourselves on the back....


Welcome Next door members!


 Why does the South entrance look like crap? Why is water from broadway entering our complex at the bus stop on the south side and causing flooding into complex, debris and Dirt?


City of Centennial Contacted-The sidewalk foundation is slowy being washed away into our parking lot


SEE ACM Reveiw-Pages below


Why did ACM remove the January 2023 financial information from the secured website? What cant they provide the information on where Our money is being spent?


Each member could earn up to $500 Dollars by simply requesting the documents and not receiving them under the new Colorado DORA law

What exactly are  your rights under Colorado Law?- See Pages below


Do you want to live in the basements of the Condo Buildings? Unless you want your kitchen dug up and the drain replaced we would not advise it. The failure rate of the Drains and backups occuring in the basement units is on the rise. Look at Building 230 right now for details. All 10 condo buildings have suffered some sort of drain issues.


The new regulatory agency for HOA's by DORA has now been contacted about HOA hiding the financials for seven months


Why does the communication suck so bad in this Highline Meadows community?


Why havent they cleaned the carpet in nearly 3 years for the Condo building when we are being charged a monthly cleaning fee?


How many visits does it take from the Electrician to fiqure out why the lights are on all the time in building 230


Why did the Maintenance spend all that money and time patching the roads when now there going have a profession firm do it at same areas? How do they ignore the South entrance?


Why doesnt ACM and Board return Emails on issues in complex? Why do they ignore us?


Why are the porches being built have deep notches on the bottom of the footings, this looks unsafe and does not follow permit guidlines. It appears they are using 4x6 simpson footers instead of 6x6. City of Centennial is ignoring,,,,,


Minutes are behind for months and the Money... youre guess is as good as mine... But six months behind?


Why do we allow this to continue?


No Hot Water... we pay our dues and now 4 days in a row NO HOT WATER! They just dont want to fix it at Building 130



Blame everyone for one persons mistake is the motto of this HOA!!!!


Instead of fixing Boiler in Building 130 for no Hot Water ACM blames it on the poeple of the building using too much hot water and does nothing to fix the problem for three days


HOA does not tell anybody anything- NO NEWSLETTERS

They just do what they want ... Would be nice to get the other 225 peoples voices heard. Youre goona like and we are gonna shove it down your throat!


You would think at some point they would throw some gravel down on these Dirt areas at entrances of the condo buildings, but everything has to be a big expensive project


Finally they catch Tony driving the HOA truck on his sick day as if they didnt know that he has racked up thousands of miles and we are paying for it.


 MUD MUD EVERYWHERE.....Dont Worry They Dont Care....

Paul the maintenace man would never drive his cart to the Entrance of his Building 280, but he does it all over the complex ripping up the landscape- See his Building 280


Why have the lights (26 of them) in Building 230 been on 24 hours a day for four months? Your flushing your money down the toliet!

No Flood Insurance?


Now its appears that James IIg a Board member at Highline Meadows has hired his son and his company for doing a landscape project here at Highline Meadows. He doesnt even live here but his son lives with him and his company Liberty Landscape.



Now Building 130 Laundry Room whos lock has not worked in months gets broken into several Lockers 4/25/2023


Board Of Directors does not even try for $10,000 Dollars grant for the third year in a row-It;'s free money and again they drag there feet


One reason the HOA should be informing the community of everything going on including Vandelism and Break-in's. It's Unfortunate that the HOA  wont keep the community updated


Of course the HOA say's nothing. Police reports of Three locker break-in's in  Laundry Room on 4-18-2023 at 1:30am- Makes you wonder when these security doors will finally be finished as they drag there feet....................................................


Two Vehicles in the Parking lot of Building130 have windows smashed out on 3-31-2023 at 7pm


See the Highlights of your HOA Board-Go to Pages


Here's some Ideas to make the Landscaping better-SEE PAGES


See all the highlights that the Board has done in the last two years at this Highline Meadows community-Go to Pages

Thanks Steve! I mean "NO THANKS"!


Even after requesting the Information Steve Mericle (President) will not published the financials or minutes missing. Why are they hiding the information?


Did anyone ever tell you your living in a FEMA flood plain? Did they tell you that some buildings could get flooded and that if a major flood event happened the Pond and creek could back up from the Highline Canal Littles Creek Dam Spillway at Costello


Did you ever think the Lift Station could get flooded?


Car Windows smashed. items stolen, building 280 Laundry room lock breakins. laundry room locks not locking, doors still not complete.....Typical performance of ACM and the Board of Directors


Were's the Truck and why has it been out of service for over six months? Why did they buy another "POS" lawnmover that will break just like the other two they bought.


The board wants ZEROSCAPE, but has dragged there feet on the idea for 16 years ending up spending Tens of thousands of dollars on an aging clogged irragation system which uses smelly dirty pond water


Did you know that we spent $12,000 on employee salary for the month of January 2023


We have  a truck with a plow but it cost us over $10,000 in January for Snow Removal...


Why dont they post the Financials from last year for the Months of November and December, could it be they dont want you to know anything that happens after October 2022?


Even when they communicate with you through emails they drop the ball and forget you even contacted them, some emails never get a response


Without any Newsletters for three years...No one knows anything but the Board


Why are they running two websites, the old website used to let owners know whats going on. Now all of that has  ended with the new webiste you cant find out anything about whats going on.


They got rid of Newsletters that existed for over 40 years now we have nothing... but wait what about this site?


What happened to the secuirty doors that you paid for?

Why are the Financials so far out of date 8 months?

Whay are the Minutes 3 months behind?


Whoever runs the snow plow in this place has damaged landscaping, destroyed parking blocks, blocked out parking spaces and destroyed street fencing


Again the engine in the truck explodes as the Board of Directors continue to dump money into the old 25 year truck, while its still in the repair shop.... seems like for 4 months....They hire contractors to move snow


The maintenance people are supposed to be working from 7am to 3:30 pm. Why do they take long lunches and leave early on most days? No supervision or oversight! Where's Tony?


Why did the Board Of Directors spend $17,000 on a 25 year old truck? Now it breaks down and needs even more service......


Come on folks it's very simple.....Keep your documents updated on your website. Having the Minutes 4 months behind and financials over six months is unacceptable.


The board of Directors need to get there act together!


Check Out a new facebook group called Highline Canal Fellows to learn more about the Highline Cnala surrounding this community-see links


Working with board some of the fellows members have some great ideas for change here at Highline Meadows for Landscape


We already have had proven success with new gravel and trees added to the surrounding Highline Canal and are now proposing some trail ideas around the complex


The new Condo secuirty doors are being put in and should be completed soon in the future. This in turn will keep out any homeless person from sleeping building at night


The Board of Directors are supposed to fund the reserves, but somehow they have only managed to put little money toward the reserves and as such Now they need at least 2 Million Dollars according to the latest Reserve Study. Stay Tuned for more details.



It would appear thet the Board of Directors want to blame others for there oversight in not obtaining permits and plans with the City of Centennial. Now they are having there lawyer send out letters intimating association members and lying about them interfering with the association business and for speaking the truth


It is obvious that the Board of Directors and there Lawyer are conductiong a Retribution campaign against anyone who exposes the Truth in this HOA- They want you to Shut Up!


Knott Labs Engineering wrote a letter stating the Cassions had Rebar in them by removing one that was installed at the same time and examining it. Hopefully the Building 190 porches are safe. although we belive that Rebar was never installed.


City of centennial accepts Letter from Knott labs for porches at 190


They finally updated the Finanacials ,but now they are charging interest on $570 dollar special assement. The HOA clearly said they would not charge Interest till after December 31st 2022


The maintenece Department got an Oil change on the Truck and it leaked oil, 1 month later the truck needs a "new engine". What a peice of junk they bought just like the Lawnmowers. The manintance department lawn mowers have been breaking down for months.


The porches cement caissons were supposed to be replaceed at Building 190 before the second permitted porches were built, but tthey forgot..... Now the HOA must find an Engineer that will sign off on these caissons that were not built correctly and could be Unsafe


HOA Website is out of date on financials for over Seven Months


HOA wanted the $570 dollars from each condo unit for Secuirty Doors, did they deliver NO.....

Are they telling you anything? NO!.......


Why dont they keep the Minutes Updated? its always two to threee moths behind


NO hot water for TWO days straight!!! Does the HOA care?


Again, again and again Feb4th, March 6th, March 11th, October 31st, Nov 8th  and Nov 9th Building 130 has no hot water. As ususal they just reset it and forget it when they should be fixing the problem or replacing the Boiler



Finally Building 130 is getting water damaged serviced as 4 units must got ot Hotel while work is being done


Finally Back of garages are secured by Maintenance after 3 Months


Trailer Park Vechicle under blue Cover without fenders, doors and license plate still at Building 140 for two Months


Finally JT Construction rebuilds porches at Building 190 only to find out they "did it incorrectly" and Ignored the Permit Cassion requirements. see picture above, not only did they not put in the newer cassions ,but ignored the Vertical bars and hooks, straps and bracket requirements in Cassion. Also they mounted them Without hook plate, not plumb, out of alingment and overhanging


City of centennial failed the first Inspection.......I guess they can try again? that would mean removing everything and starting over....



BMW Gets Grill stolen @ 3:50am this morning October 27th by Building 280


Covered Vechicle by Building 140 looks like it's out of Trailer Park Boys ...Missing Fenders and doors, no permit no license for over a month


What happened to The Patrol services ,,,,,HOA got rid of them and did not tell you


Anyone can walk into any Condo Building because as usual the HOA is dragging there feet (4Months)on the door replacements... They want the Money up front $ 570 per condo owner est $131K


People are sleeping in hallways.............They know the codes to the Laundry rooms and stay in Storage units unlocked and piss in Sink. You can see the buttons that need to be pressed are dirty........


Maintenance has Tunnel Vision as they ignore Broken into garages (by Buillding 280) and work on  garages that have not been Compromised


At what point will they secure these garages after two months as anyone can enter the backside of these broken into garages?



Garages are getting broken into....We informed the HOA over two months ago that the back sides of the garages are being broken into...did they do anything. No..... now a lot of the back sides walls are ripped out the seams and serveral units have been broken into.


Why would they not update the financials for 6 Months...maybe they dont want you to know where the 1.1 Million dollars each year is going. They certainly dont update the Minutes they are 3 months out of date.


What are those stupid poles on the garbages? They were installed by HOA as lights but they got wet after two days. Do we really need them there are light poles above most trash enclosures...somebodys brillant plan?




The buildings on a concrete pad ....where did the water go?


Now its been 1 week since the flood and the water remains in the ceilings and walls of Building 130 without any mitigation. It would appear that they are doing nothing and have not pulled any permits for removing Asbestos and wet drywall in Unit 107, 207 and common hallways.


Are they informing anyone.....?....No nothing has been sent to the homeowners as the HOA and ACM drag there feet after a whole week of the standing water causing possible structural damage, as well as, mold and mildew


Building 130 Suffers flood from Unit 207 who left his bathtub running and overflowing for many hours flooding the unit below and the common area walls and ceilings


The ceiling contain 8% asbestos in the popcorn, Even though the floor was air dryed, the water is still in the walls from the Incident that occured Thursday morning September 29th 2022


Today is 10/6/2022 and there has been not attempt to dry out the walls or fix ceiling and it is very possible that the celing could collapse.


At the very least the Activation of Mold and mildow occuring is very likely


 in other news.....


Not so fast.... They are still attaching to the endgrain of the Joists and came up with a calculation that cannot be verified. There is no approved Load Calculation for mounting to End Grain and it is not recommended,


All this means that the porch plan needs to be redone most likey with another approve mounting technique


Finally a plan has been approved by the City for the permit of the porches with many saftey guideline established 9/20/2022

1. Post must be 6x6 Pressure Treated

2. Concrete Casions must follow plan

3. DTT2Z Deck Tension ties must be used

4. All structural wood must be Pressure Treated

5. Metal Drain Flashing must be installed at Sliding glass door

All these requirements will make these porches much safer, but its gonna cost a ton and every step with require inspections


also it appears that new porches built and Unpainted at buidling 190 and 130 will require removal and rebuilding



Now the city has denied the original Residential Permit of the porches for Building 190. This is now classified as Commercial permit request. This is a major step by the city chaning the zoning of the project and may result in them using Steel instead of wood.


How is possible that this Highline Meadows HOA could put so many peoples lives in Danger by simply not pulling the required Permits?




The city has not herd from Highline Meadows on a Permit and design submisssion for the porch "STOP ORDER" and the Completed Lighting Job at 100,140 and 50


Now an City of Centennial inspector may come out and deem all the new porches unsafe and  require them to be removed. Most likely they cant get anybody to sign off on there design of cutting the Joist Canterleivers and mounting to the end grain.


Despite what the HOA are saying, we most likely will be in big trouble here causing another massive special assesment to fix the HOA not pulling permits and getting the work done safely for this community,



Ever wonder what they are doing around the complex? Good Luck going out to Front Steps Website for the information from the Minutes which is always 3 months behind. And the Financials are 4 months behind


It's simple "The HOA does not want you to know", they want to do what ever they want with your money and never tell you anything.


It really comes down to the HOA board of Directors that have made it imposiible for you to get any information on ANYTHING!!


They used to have newsletters every quarter, now deaf silence is the new way!


One of our reporters snapped this photo of the porches of Building 190. It is a stop work order from the City of centennial.

Apparently the Board of Directors and ACM decided to go under the radar of the city which requires that the correct Permits be pulled. This puts the whole community at risk and is a safety issue.


Not only did they not pull permits for the Porches they pulled the incorrect permit for the Lightening in building 100,50 and 140 along with one set of townhome buildings.


When the city of centennial was contacted they said the incorrect permits were pulled for the Lighting project which resulted in a Stop Work Order to be issued. No one ever approved of what they are doing and it appears that building 50 light is moving.


As far as the Porches the Board and Mangament company should have known that permits had to be pulled for the porches which is a direct reflection of there inability to perform there job correctly.




 As usual they forgot to turn on the water to the gardens, Why do we have to ask them to do there job?


ACM maintenance people turn off  the Hot water in the buildings and never give anyone notice that the hot water will be off all day


Building 309 looks like a construction zone with the Orange drapes,  this is to keep people off the dirt. Why not do it correctly instead of making this place look like crap. Cheap and easy method that makes the community look like a Gheeto.


Wonder why they call this place the Gheeto?


No communication for over 1 1/2 years no News Letter or idea on anything. New communication method is to post online on there website without even telling anyone, Good Luck with that


For the Seventh time the new waste company missed another pick up on Friday come Monday all the trash Containers were overflowing, ACM and HOA dont give a shit about the homeowners


Dont waste your time watering the grass after 50 years the ground is hard and the pond water is gross. If you want grass redo some areas and other areas should go ZEROSCAPE


Are you letting 10,0000 dollar grant slip through the cracks? It's free money!



Now the HOA is allowing Campers into the complex and not changing the rules and regulations. Good Buddy deal that Im sure does not apply to anyone unless your a friend of the Board of Directors

Scroll down to pages to see how that went after a Camper owner in 2007 who in turn had to get rid of his camper because he was not a Friend of the Board.


The HOA has not been informing this community of anything lately. They seem to be invisble not answering Emails, sending out newsletters , enforcing some basic rules they set up.


In fact they have reached a new low form of communication letting us know anything unless it's an emergency. They got our money and one of them plans on using it ,but they are not saying where.


They are not asking anyone,but just deciding what ever they please to do with the money, They certainly have never asked the community. To think that three people have that much power is Bizarre.


So I guess it back to the same business of wasting our money on a Smelly 52 year old clogged Sprinker system Dirt and Dead Grass. Dont say "ZEROSCAPE" because then they couldnt spend the money,


And also just because its green does not mean its Grass. We really dont have any good grass in this place, it's mostly weeds and disgusting.


When they Eliminated the communication they are now concealing any plans for the future of this community.


Just pay your bill and shut up!


Just because it’s Sunday it doesn’t mean that people aren’t gonna need a shower
You responded to my email but it appears that we still don’t have any hot water
Estimate is 12 hours without hot water

After hours and weekend service are important for the owners and HOA members
I think you need to review who’s on call and who can do what on the weekends

You need to have a plan in place otherwise you’re just going to make everybody upset

I suggest that the HOA
Review their weekend and after hours responses and let the members know what they should expect
You need to improve on your communication to the members of this association
To do nothing …..anybody can do nothing
And that’s apparently what’s happening right now with this situation


Monday 3/7/2022 No communication Still No Hot Water


Last week they turn off the water in Building 130 Three times, twice unannounced and then they said it would be off for 7 hours which is total Bullshit


Like I said the communication from the Board Of Directors and this ACM magnament company are getting worse and worse


OK they finally used most likely the donated money at building 100 for ZEROSCAPE, but then they did not finish the job. They had all the equipment in place, but they ignored one side of the Sidewalk. Typical Board of Directors making bad decisions which reflect back on them.


The comunication by this board is way out in left field as the website is months behind and no more newsletters to keep the community informed. They even sent out a little post card that looked liked trash stating that they would not be sending out Coupons for the Dues. Only an idiot would assume that all the people got the message. Why in the world would you decide not to send out coupons for HOA Dues but continue to send out Violation notices in letter form.


Imagine if Xcel told you they would not be sending out coupons and envelopes? They would not ever do that because it's there bread and butter and you dont mess with billing.


And then there's the Budget where the Board Of Directors only show 10 months of spending , a ploy used in the past to not communicate with the Members on the actual spending but only the predicted spending. Why sent out incomplete Budget numbers?


The new trash service has missed 6 pickups, RECENTLY 5 DAYS, now since they were hired. The trash can are smaller and thinner which cause excessive community noise when they are picked up, if they get picked up. Again, bad decisions by the Board Of Directors going with a sub standard trash company trying to save a buck. "This is really Disgusting to see and reminds us that we live in a Ghetto" Thanks Board of Directors!


There have been Vechicles in this complex that have not been moved in over a year. The board of directors keep dragging there feet on doing anything. They created the Rules and Regulations ,but they will not enforce them. There are 1 ton trucks, campers, covered vechicles Etc.


All these communication, trash and landscape issues are a direct reflection of the Current Board of Directors for this community.


The Landscape is so bad that someone gave the HOA $5,000 dollars to do something, did they? Nope


When given the oppurtunity to get a $10,000 dollar grant from the City of Centennial they Choose Lighting and Fences instead of fixing this Crappy Landscape.


They dont know what to do because there too busy doing nothing.


Can you tell me why the maintenance man do not drive on the grass or close to the building at building 280 and 230

It looks good for a reason because they don’t drive on it with their big knobby tires

Could it be that one of the maintenance man lives there?

And the next question is why do they always drive up to the doorways of all the other buildings causing the ground to be dirt?

I believe they need to respect the grounds a little more instead of driving all over it and then not driving on it where they live 

I believe the reason the maintenance people drive all over the grounds it is because it looks like crap and they don’t give a damn!

They drive to the doorways so they don’t have to walk another 10 feet

Not the case of building 280 they respect it-Its is very well maintained and not damaged by your carts and 4 wheelers

***This is a double standard***

The front of these condo buildings look like a Third World country dirt mud and no vegetation a perfect candidate for zeroscape 

My definition of zero scape is nothing more than gravel colored gravel There could be designs but it’s not really necessary

Also did you know that the cart and four wheeler are wider than the sidewalk

So borders need to be added to the sidewalk gravel border 

It’s ridiculous to think that the cart or 4 wheeler is going to be in the same spot all the time and not driving all over the landscape

Therefore trails.... definite trails for the carts need to be made, otherwise they’re always driving over different parts of the landscape and nothing in the end will grow

Example would be the backside of 209 and traveling from building 190 down to the Clubhouse

I know you’re only interested in lighting and security because you have peaceful Valley I.E,  beautiful landscaping in front of your building

 At some point somebody should try to spiff up these areas over here at the condo buildings

I’m really surprised nobody’s doing anything about the crap conditions in between the condo buildings


When people from out of the community come into our complex that’s one of the first things they notice is how crappy the entrances look with Dirt and Mud being tracked into the building



The HOA  Board Of Directors has now started sending out Violation Notices to entire buildings not knowing who really is to blame. A form of Collective Punishment,  the letters are about Dog Poop and littering but do not provide specific details


Please see PDF scroll down to "Pages"-Highline Meadows Violation Letter Witch Hunt"


This is the new reality of living in this Highline Meadows HOA. This puts neighbors against neighbors when 99% are innocent and are being sent Violation Letters.


Some members dont even own a dog ,but they receive Violation notices about Dog Poop.


Its is not only a waste of money and time but it is making the members of this HOA Mad.



 Guess  you could dream, but you know they are not doing a damm thing.........................


A liitle gravel and borders could make the muddy entrances of the condos look a lot nicer. The towhomes all look great,  much of the manintenace for landscaping has been done in this area. the condo building landscapeing looks like crap.


The typical senario is that each year we dump thousands of dollars into the 50 year old irrigation system which uses the smelly pond water, by the end of July the grass is dead.


It is not really grass it is mostly weeds in the condo areas since there has never been any grass seed planted or sod layed down.


Making matters worst the Maintenance men drive there cart all over it causing dead areas and dirt..With the exception of Building 280 where the Maintenance Man lives, he makes sure he does not drive on the grass. But at other buildings he does not care.


See letter to HLM BOD about it below in Pages


See the picture above of the Maintenance Golf Cart with Aggresive tread ripping up our landscape.This is at building 130/190. What a disaster area! NO ONE CARES



We could have very well groomed areas in front of the condo building entrances with very liitle labor and cost.


Colored gravel with borders could fill up all these dirt mud areas that are just tracked into the buildings. But like always nothing is getting done!


So as usual, the entrances to the condo building look like shit, And like the last 15 years there has been not attempt to Zero Scap the landscape since it was brought to the attention of the HOA.


Case Update:

As the court always rules in favor of the HOA so has this Latest Money case. So again the Court rules in favor of the HOA with there powerful lawyers.


Full disclosure of HOA was not visible on there Website until it was brought to there attention. The information on meeting and finacials was not being updated in a timely fashion.


Case #2020CV032038 states that they only received 107 Votes but the email sent out said they received 184 who do you trust?


They are petioning the court with the real votes, buit they lied to the members of the association.


See below pages




We are located in the 100 year flood plain, see document below on Pages.


The Highline canal suppies water to Highline Meadows when it flows, what happens when it does not flow? "see page below"


 Please review the attached 1957 Topgraphic map showing that the Highline Canal had water seepage at our current Highline Meadows location that created the creek right where our upper pond is located. see page below



Why is Highline Meadows Board of Directors changing our Declaration?


-Accounting error-They have been charging the Condo owners 9% more than they should have according to the declaration-Now they want to rewrite the Declaration so that they would not need to refund the Condo owners and increase the town homes dues correctly based on Square footage established in the original Declaration



Why is Highline Meadows Board of Directors changing our By laws?


-They want to change the voting quorum to 20% of the owners from 50% (changed by petition of court in 2016 from 75% to 50%) majority which puts the 70 Town-homes in full control of our voting rights


They did not get the 75% majority votes and now they want to petition the court for approval based on voter turnout


Why is Highline Meadows Board of Directors changing our Articles of incorporation? Change name to reflect “Highline Meadows” in Name of corporation

Dont let them get away with no disclosing the asbestos in this communiy
Per the Colorado Department of Heatlh
"All that the Regulation states is that prior to renovation or demolition, any owner, contractor, or HOA MUST test for the presence of asbestos, otherwise, the material is assumed asbestos and MUST be handled accordingly"
See pages at bottom

Dear Board of directors,


We have received and reviewed you provided information pertaining to changes to documents and dues.


It is clear that you have not really told us what is going on and the following are examples of why;


1) Your letter only talks about how much the town homes will have to pay, but you do not mention the condo increase in "dollars" if we authorized your documents. You are admitting that the condos have been overpaying on there dues and possibly that a refund is in order.


2) You are changing the quorum voting to 20% owners and not telling us this upfront.


3) You are not disclosing all the changes either by red line or punch list and leaving it up to the owners to interrupt the old documents versus the new documents


4) Your Amended Declaration did not include " Asbestos"  or even mention that it "exists" in each unit and how the association will deal with abatement, disclosure of common area abatement or unit owner responsibility and health impact.




5) You are providing Cost specific expenditures to support your due increases to the condos that are not relatable to the normally distributed Annual budget and have changed or modified the descriptions of the areas which don't conform to our current budget.


You are not showing the Gasline Replacement in the Budget for $47,140 dollars were did this come from?


You are showing cost of  Water Remediation of $76K-where did this happen and why did the insurance not pay for it?




6) You are hoping that this community will understand these documents and not providing any additional education about them through videos or meetings. You have not provided a full list of "was" and "is" on the changes to the documents and therefore not really telling us all the changes.


There is no way this is going to happen!



Snow water should go into the pond not on th road see page below:
Acm appears to be doing a great job here at Highline Meadows
After 1 year Its great to have people who are not taking us to the cleaners as sheep in the field
It would appear that Densie (5150) may get away with all the stuff she did in the past reported here as facts. Good Riddens to Denise and 5150!
Although the statute of limitations has not run out and the community can come together in a class action suite against her and her company (for fraud )5150 based on the facts!
These facts can be found by going down to the bottom and looking at Pages
The fact we are now strong enough to be without Denise and her posie will make us stronger as we try to fix her mess over the last 15 years
The numbers dont make sense! Where's the money?
Current issues: Roof mansurds appear to be on track
Pot holes and street are in poor condition
Our maintenance person will be leaving soon- Thanks Troy for all your great work.
Now the parking rules are in effect and it appears that towing will occur soon if people dont obey the new rules
The roofing operation next door at the ramparts has been going on for 4 months now with no completion in site. They are not be very considerate in making nosie and disturbing Highline Meadows residents.
Fact: did you know that Braodway Ramparts uses our lift station? Yes they are responsible for all 20% of yearly costs. Somthing they have not been paying over the years.
Still in disbelief? Look at the records below in Pages
Fact: did you know that Highline Meadows used to be a farm and used the water from the highline canal and that 7 Manholes in the ground around the complex were constructed to monitor the ground water which fills the ponds
Denise is gone and she finally got 130 new carpet and paint before her quiting Highline Meadows
WELCOME TO ACM- The new management company
Let this website be a refleftion of the past and hold valuable information
If the new board is smart they would go after Denise and 5150 for fraud
What they still have not painted 130 East Highline... As usual wasting our time and money! As of 6/18 they completed the paintnig but we are still waiting on carpet Today is 7/22/2018
8 months now and going on forevere, now thay want another 1/3 of a million dollars to finish the job







Update Jan2017 ANNUAL REPORT



ASK WHAT ASK WHEN SHOW ME THE PROOF-SEE spending out of control at bottom of this page PDF





Some upset residents could be heard outside the doors of the  meeting as some residents voice their concerns!




Instead of worrying about where the money was actually going, most had petty concerns according to one insider.




We signed up for this mess...... and we put Denise along with 5150 in charge since the days of TMMC and BRC. She is the “King Pin” She will always control us and our MONEY!




If folks would actually look at “where the money was going” and the deceptive practices of the management company. maybe a class action suit could be brought against them.




No one is motivated..... so sit back and prepare to have your money wasted along with potential Fraud.




Look at the budget, do you understand it? Why do they stop at October for the year published for the residents.... when its not “October 2016” it's “January 17, 2017”!




They had plenty of time to actually show the whole year and publish it to the residents. Why do they do it? Come next year you will see as they will have plenty of time to most likely fudge the numbers to their liking.




Just like the spending around this place...Out of Control and follows the themes of the past meaning...What ever you spent last year you will spend more this year. With so many categories and lack of simplicity how can anyone make heads or tails out of the where the money is going and WHY?




Ask where the 1.5 Million dollars Special assessment went? line by line item, and how much was “actually received”. They cant tell you because “they never tracked it” and it all went into one account.




If you think the fellows are wrong just look at the documents attached analyzing the budget for many years now....Not much has changed other than your monthly dues have increased and Denise is still commander in Chief of all of us.




You are paying some of the highest HOA Dues in the City for the value of your property. Have you ever wondered why the Town-home maintenance has such a low cost versus the Condos? But you pay the most money!




You must understand by now how easy it is for the management company to hide and pad expenses in ten Buildings. You folks don't have a clue what is going on.




Until something changes........ like getting Rid of Denise...... you will keep getting taken to the cleaners.




"So suck it Up fools!"










Update November 2016

Finally the HOA tackeld this big safety issue by replacing the broken transformer on the light on Building 130 looking over street

It tooks almost three years as serveral attempts were made no one could fix it!

Stil;l no carpet and paint in building 130 after a full year of Denise Haas personally claiming that this building would get Carpet and Paint within the next month. (nov 2015)

Meeting cancelled at last minute as Sharon has flown the "Denise" 5150 coop and steped down as president.


Told the gutters would be cleaned, as usual gutters not cleaned


Dont exepct anything "but lies" when they tell you three years before that your building will get new carpet and paint--SUE with 5150 has Lied again............... Our building still did not get new paint and carpet.  Why would Sue tell such lies about that when you and your neighbors have suffered with nasty carpet and not been painted in over 20 years?


Walk into Building 130 and see and smell the carpet for yourselve

You cant give away your home due to the squander


Who wants to come to this everyday???  And why are we paying them SO MUCH?


How can we trust SUE?


How can they just write off 1/4 million dollars and claim---"oh well I guess some people would not pay the special assessment"


Why do you still belive that Denise is running our account correctly when it is clear tha the books are crooked and dont make any sense at the end of the year.


You need to learn the history here at highline meadows, you need to look at the facts.





Will a wealth of information on this HOA make them Honest?


How will the Board play there cards now that the facts have been published for the world to see? Will this HOA have justice? Will the people be heard? Will Change occur......Now that the facts have been presented!


Wow, they finally are painting this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One bright spot for Highline Meadows. Are they to walk the straight and narrow from now on? Time will tell.....



 Check your own web page to see that the Board of Directors is withholding important information from this community by not updating this web page and omitting key documents such as Financials from last year and this year.


What Happened now ?  Denise has started her own Management Company Called 5150 Community Management.  We have now a new community manager Sue Daigle who works for Denise.  Denise Haas is Still in charge of our screwed up Finances!!


ASK THIS: What is the extra 75K in OTHER (year End 2013) stated in the Reserves? How do they Track the Special Assessments Monies each year? Are any Special Assessment monies being used for anything but the Fire Systems in the condos and the roofs? Why did no money be put in the roofs last year? Why do they always provide (mail out in Jan)  a 9 or 10 month budget and expenes WHEN WE LIVE IN A  WORLD THAT HAS A 12 MONTH YEAR. What are they hiding?


And Why do they make sure that no all the Documents are posted on the website for such things as Year End Minutes and expenses....I know why.. They dont want you to know...




The time has come for change and transparency by this Board.  We need to cut cost and analyze our spending in the past and current spending habits in order to assure a stable future for this community.


Do you really belive they are spending the money correctly. Just look at this place, why dont they paint now for over 12 years. Do they want it to fall apart? Do they want Condemnation? The answer may be YES.


So when Rory does work he gets a salary but have you ever realized that we might be paying twice for the same work? When a vender does work have you ever realized that the bill could be padded?


The lawyer bill is so big they have to lie about it and keep this community in the dark like always!



Why would they finally sent out the special assessment statements and forget the interest payments that we are paying. They like to hide these monies and never report them.


This INTREST money is unaccounted and could be over 300K, ............how could an HOA get away with this? Why are they still charging interest as if they are a bank. They are not a Bank and are asking the people of this community to charge themselves Interest on there own money. And guess what? They are getting away with it!!!!





INTEREST MONIES??????????????????????????????????



Ask what to these; THEY WONT ANSWER ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012 Budget

*Easement Monies- How and Why

*Condo Sale 27K- wheres the Income

*Special Assessment Interest over two years- Wheres the money and Income

*Loss of condo sale 47K or a Lawyer bill- Your right to know

*How can the Utility Audit be over 100K in October then almost nothing in December?

*Why are the numbers so far out in left field in the Budget

*How can you spend over 5K on Clubhouse Electric year after year then spend almost nothing

*Where is the 20% share of cost of the Lift Station from Broad ridge ramparts- how and when do they pay?

*Many and many other errors tracked and documented six years

*Who the hell is writing this budget are why are they so Ignorant to it's members


It is obvious that the Board of Directors belives that no one will ever look at it and has made a number of mistakes.

Did anyone see the budget released at the begining of 2013.  As usual, they only show til Oct 2012, even though it's 2013. That's only 10 months of information at the annual. What are they trying to hide?


Yes its quite the mess this year as Denise has surely failed to review this budget as well as the board before being released.  Only an ape in a cave who cant add would pass it to be the real thing.


Do numbers lie? see below





We dont need to paint the buildings ?????? we should let them fall apart and really have a big mess on our hands!  Ever wonder why they ignore the outside of the buildings and spend all the money on landscaping, irrigation, pond,parking lot etc. Do they know the wood is falling apart from no paint in 12 years??????????????????


Take some time out to check out all the documents on this website and learn about this HOA. You will find that this Website is chock full on issues going back to 1995. Just click on Pages and Documents to get started. Highline Fellows has always held to "Truth" and has presented the facts during the last 6 years. Now it's 2013!!!



 Do numbers lie? see below


We have a dysfunctional Board ;See below the "Dark Side of HOA's"


Do your part and report this activity to DORA by filling out the complaint form below








Why does BRC not post that they manage Highline Meadows??????????



March 2012- Now that the Board has selected BRC as the new Management company with Denise Haas, it would appear that we are still going in the wrong direction with Denise at the wheel leading the sheep into the field just with a new company behind her.


Denise is very wise to the board and the board will follow her wherever she goes since this community has no say in the matter. Its just business and there is nothing we can do about it. No one cares.....................................................about Highline Meadows. We are nothing more than sheep in a field. I  wish it were different..

 As of July 4th 2012 they still have not provided new HOA dues bills as people have to use the old TMMC tickets.  This is a great indication of a poorly ran organization at BRC. To make matter worst some how our property values are being taken down by our HOA.  They sold 130 East highline circle #308 (two Bedroom) for 27K to KRAMER, CALVIN J and did not offer the unit for sale or the best market price.  Sounds like a good buddy deal. Why did our HOA allow this?

Wow, and now they say they lost $47,702 on a lost of condo sale...What is going on?

 YOU CAN FILE A COMPLAINT- BRC is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Colorado


HOA Information and Resource Inquiry and Complaint Form




It would appear that all the efforts by the community to get this process moving have resulted in a grassroots effort to get away from the past and step ourselves into the future.


We still need Justice.  We still have no Vote.  We did not select the management company TMMC or BRC or the Board of Directors.  The Board will not answer where the money has been used in the past! They hide the financial s for 11 months on our Highline Meadows secured Website and don't let anyone see them. Shame on You!


Don't ask where the money has been used! And dont expect ant correspondence with the board of directors since they ignore all our emails requests or never answer the questions fully.


Dont Ask where the Interest "extra monies" are from the special assessment payment system since this is extra money above above and beyond the special assesment 1.5 million dollars........gee where did it go?


We understand that the current owners are not interested in any attempt to overthrow this board and there positions are cemented along with BRC and Denise.   Some People have not given up.   Right now, The community does have a say in what happens to our future. 


* As of Feb 2012 the Highline Meadows Website is 7 Months out of date on the Minutes and Financial.



*Now the website contains some but not all of the information and is 3 months behind as of November 1, 2012.


Despite Our property values falling over 65% and Highline Meadows starting to get fixed we are still falling apart as we continue to pay special assessments and high HOA dues.


The paint and porches are cracking and chipping as the Board of Directors ignore the paint for over 10 years and spend all the money on Landscaping, pool and clubhouse.


We are the poster children for HOA's gone "A Muck" as we are being taken to the cleaners with wool over our eyes and we cant do anything about it.


Some People still care about our money, future and homes at Highline Meadows- Join Them Today

We need the Board of Directors to provide “ Full Disclosure” of the Actual HOA Monies being used in each category. Details of this “Full Disclosure” would include where, when and how the monies were used for such things as;


Common Area Maintenance, Drywall, Plumbing, HVAC, Paint, Misc Maintenance, Electric at Clubhouse, Pump Lift Station, Pool, Clubhouse expenses, Laundry Room expenses, Cell Phone, gas, Snow removal, Exterminator, Carpet and floor, Lights, Security and Exit, Parking lot, Balconies, Landscaping, Pond, Tree trim, Fence, Lawyer cost, Maintenance Man hourly wage and management BRC company Cost and Profit.


It is up to the Board of Directors to provide us with the Insurance details and information regarding coverage, for such things as, water main back-ups, lift station pump failures, Roof Leaks, Drywall (Asbestos) and HVAC Boiler replacements in the Condo buildings.



Even our maintenance person can Do most of the plumbing work and rent a snake from a local facility and do it. But we would rather spend it on third party contractors. :Like  a huge Business!!  And when the buildings need paint..........Like everything around here ....they don't have the money because they already spent it, therefore nothing will be done "like always". 


At what point do you ask how long can the building survive without paint as they chip away?? Then ask yourself why anyone would allow this to happen.


Only this "special assessment" brought in the monies  for the roofs otherwise it would affect there "set budget" which is on "auto pilot" to deduct the cash from our accounts and assure that we have "nothing left" at the end of the year "just like the last 12 Years".


Have you ever asked why they would do the roof but ignore the mansards. And now Are the going to have to remove the edging of the new roof to put on the mansard?


We should still consider a "Class Action Lawsuit". for all the years of not spending the money correctly.

  • Breach of Contract
  • Tort - Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Injunction, Declaratory Action, or Damages


We have presented the questions and have no answers. "How can you bring in 1.5 Million Dollars at the beginning of Jan 2011 and put it all in the 2011  budget.  Then show an accounts receivable of 1.2 million. Why was none of these monies ever shown used in the month of Jan 2011. Where did the money go? Over $$$$$$$$$200K????????????????????????????????


This is why we cant trust these people with our money and need serious help. To make matters worse this is just one small example of how the "books don't make sense" and the "monies are floating all over with no control or accountability".


Most Prior years You cant make "heads or tails" out of the Budget and the Monies.



So, are we really "suing ourselves" with a class action lawsuit.  The answer is "NO" because we "don't have any vote" or say in "way our monies are currently being used", or "how  the budget  is written" or special assessments imposed.


Therefore, in order for this community to gain control of this total neglect of responsibility, and to assure property values are maintained.  The complex needs to run more efficiently, cost effective and in a 1st class order.


One possible answer is to "take the Board of Directors and  prior management company TMMC to court and let the Judge decide".  If we do not do this we will remain on the same path with "no say" in our property as we will continue paying outrageous dues and special assessments which would only show small change (Capitol Repair) over a long period of time (5 years).


Attending the meetings will not stop this board because we cant reach "Quorum" as a community. To make matters worse, they will not answer the questions and have "lied to this community" and have a "hidden agenda" that they are not sharing.


We are being "held by this dictatorship" who we did not vote for and they are taking advantage of us as "Poor Sheep in a Field" ......all the way to the bank. It's business as usual and "you cant change it".


The accounts Receivables has been as high as 325K after the 2008 special Assessment, we have always had very high A/R over 200K since special assessments of 2007. As a matter of fact look at the graph below and see that it barely moved in 2010 while our cash on hand was in the negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Say What?????????


As far as the budget, there is always a run on the monies at the end of the year as we seem to be left with nothing for the new year.


Your absolutely right there is something wrong!


I wish more people would question their outrageous spending and inflated budget.


Until these board of directors pick up a calculator and learn to add and subtract and really see where the money was going, we could be in for more of the same with BRC at the wheel.


A huge business and money squandering operation here at Highline Meadows.


BRC writes the budget and the Board signs off on it. No questions asked........ No community Vote is taken on spending or Budget. Leave it up to them and we will always be broke with nothing but buildings that are unpainted with spliting wood and ruined mansurds. On the bright side at least the landscaping will look good.




Even a small group of owners can issue a class action lawsuit.


If this is not done we may not have a chance or any hope left.










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