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We are a group of Concerned Homeowners that live at Highline Meadows that want justice for this community. We will present the facts and show evidence by asking questions and presenting documentation. In an Effort to get the Highline Meadows page operational, a group of concerned Highline Meadows citizens have joined together to make it possible for all of us to have a voice in how Highline Meadows is progressing. It’s a wonder this site stood still silent for over 5 years. This voice is not the Highline Meadows Board of Directors. It is the citizens of Highline Meadows.Anyone Interested can have a voice. All current Highline Meadows owners have the right to speak out there mind about the current issues on this website. We should not be silent when we are faced with ever increasing Dues and Upcoming Special assessments. We want to know where the money is being spent and why. We need to know more about our BOARD OF DIRECTORS, its members and what they are doing to make Highline Meadows a great place to live. They are committed to making a difference for all of us. These people live in Highline Meadows and are doing the best they can to make it better . In an effort to keep us all informed the site will be updated with current information. With this open forum we all will learn about what is really going on at Highline Meadows and what some of the current issues are. Together we can all make it better and somehow reduce our out of pocket costs. As this Highline Meadows site starts to gather information we can all talk to each other about our current situation and our current Management Company TMMC, We need to talk about solutions to ongoing issues. We hope that many Highline Meadows folks take advantage of this sites information and also contribute to it. By signing up, your privacy and identity is protected thus allowing you to speak your mind. Dont stop Fighting till the Fight is Over-Elliot Ness
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