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HOA Pet Policies and Service Animals
Dogpark When to allow service and comfort animals despite a strict pet policy. If your HOA restricts or limits pets, you may run into the issue of service or comfort animals with homeowners and tenants. Do you need...
Tags: Legal
5 Things to look for in a local school
As the parent or guardian of your child, ensure that they are getting the best education that they can.
Do You have the Best Homeowners Insurance?
Insure your house for the rebuild price, not for the price you bought it.
Tags: Insurance
Using Grocery Coupons Effectively to Save Money
Learning how to use coupons effectively can save your family hundreds of dollars each year.
Money Tips for Young People
Financial matters can seem complicated as a Millennial.
Tags: TaxesStaff Pick

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Are You Ready for Tsunamis?
Kanagawa_th Tsunamis (pronounced soo-n-mees), also known as seismic sea waves (mistakenly called tidal waves), are a series of enormous waves created by an underwater disturbance such as an earthquake, landslide, volcanic ...
Tags: DisastersSafety
West Virginia - The Mountain State
With an average altitude of 1,500 feet above sea level, it's the highest of any state east of the Mississippi River.
Get Out Of Debt!
Six steps to help you eliminate debt for good
Tags: Staff Pick
North Dakota - The Sioux State
North Dakota was one of the last areas of the frontier to be settled by non-Native Americans.
5 Steps To Stop Debt Collection Harassment
Stop those harassing phone calls and letters with these five steps.
Tags: DebtFinanceThrifty

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Jumbo Loans for Jumbo Mortgages
Mansion120 If you are in the market for a home priced over $417,000, you are in jumbo loan territory - where the loans are large and the interest rates are high. When a Regular Loan Goes Jumbo So, what is a jumbo loan? ...
Tags: Home LoanMortgage
Choosing a Credit Card
While some cards have no annual fee, others expect you to pay an amount each year for being a cardholder.
Tags: CreditThrifty
Minimum Wage
The Department of Labor enforces the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Tags: Financial
What is PRISM?
What is PRISM?
Tags: EmailPrivacy
Selling Your Home? Be Sure To Disclose...
By law you must disclose certain problems with your home when selling
Tags: Staff Pick

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Maryland - The Old Line State
Md-monumentthumb Capital City: Annapolis Nickname: Old Line State / Free StateMotto: Fatti Maschii Parole Femine(Manly deeds, womanly words)Statehood: April 28, 1788 (7th)Origin of State's Name: Named to honor Henrietta...
Tags: MarylandStates
Georgia - The Peach State
Georgia, founded in 1733, is one of the original 13 states.
Tags: GeorgiaStates
Oklahoma - The Sooner State
Oklahoma's capital is an easy one to remember -- Oklahoma City.
Tags: CommunityStatesOklahoma
Iowa - The Corn State
Named for the Iowa River, which was named for the Iowa, or Ioway, Indians, Iowa joined the Union in 1846.
Tags: IowaStates
Alabama - The Heart of Dixie
Alabama has been at the center of many American battles--between white settlers and Native Americans, and in the Civil War.
Tags: AlabamaCommunityStates

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What is PRISM?
PrismWhat is PRISM?
Landscaping For Water Conservation
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FHA Home Loan Financing and Benefits
Familyhome120FHA home mortages have many advantages from lower downpayments to stronger protections.
Saving and Managing Your Money During a Recession
BrokenpiggebanksmGreat tips on how to save and manage your money during hard times.


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