5 Things to look for in a local school


Whether your family has just moved to a new area or is simply looking for change, there are a lot of details to keep in mind especially if your kids would need to change schools.

For the sake of your family and your children, it is important to think of every possibility when considering which school to send your young scholars to. What you value in your child’s education, convenience, and what might affect your future are all important factors to take into account. Read below for five considerations that should be involved in your thinking.  

Safe Environment

This should be a given for any school you send your child too, but in some neighborhoods, a safe environment is harder to secure. Your child is going to have trouble focusing on their homework and classwork if they do not feel safe in class, or dread going to school everyday. When looking at potential schools, pay attention to the surrounding area. If possible, ask neighbors or locals what their opinion is of the schools in the area. They will know better than anyone if a school is generally safe and secure.

Diverse Classes

Though this may not be a priority for some families, it is important to know what kind of classes are offered at certain schools. Whether a school is public or charter may determine if your child can take music classes, or diversified languages. If your child is academically advanced, look into specific programs for gifted kids, because not all schools will have them. If your child excels at a particular subject, you might think about sending your child to a school where that aptitude can and will be fostered.

Stimulating Curriculum

The curriculum is one of the most important factors of a school, if not the most important. No one knows your child better than you, so pick a school that academically won’t be too easy, and at the same time won’t bring your child home in tears each night. Certain tracts at certain schools may bring different challenges, such as required extra-curricula

r activity, community service hours, and intense study hours. Review any goals or requirements with your student if needed.  

Teacher-Student Ratio

The number of students per teacher can vary from area to area. A private school might have smaller classrooms, while public schools are more likely to be packed full. This may not matter as much to some families, but  should still be a consideration; if your child is not getting enough the proper attention in the classroom, consider a new school that can provide more help to your child.

Helpful Staff

We’ve all had to deal with bad school staff members at some point in our life,  whether they were teachers, guidance counselors, or principals. It can be frustrating to deal with a staff that won’t empathize with you or your problems. While it might be hard to gauge whether a school has a good staff at first glance, how your questions are received, and how you are treated in the first few days of registering at the school should determine if the school is the best fit for you. Make sure that your student is in good hands no matter where they go.

Education is the the root of every child’s life. It is what they grow up learning and remembering, so as the parent or guardian of your child, ensure that they are getting the best education that they can.

Source: Neighborhood Link - Sabrina Robinson
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