Board Resources

Building Communities Through Committees
Once committees get started on their assignment, one can encourage greater community participation
5 Things The Pros Do Before Every Board Meeting
Preparation not only enables you to participate more thoroughly, but you also appear more professional and reliable.
5 Tips When Nobody Will Run for the HOA Board
What happens when no one will run for the HOA board?
A Guide to Successful Association Meetings
A list of agenda items and suggestions for having a successful annual meeting
After a Board Recall - Turning Things Around
There will be those whose actions prompt the members to attempt a full recall of the board.
Assessments, Dues, and Fees -- Oh My!
How to figure the amount of assessment necessary to run the association/hoa.
Association Basics for Committees
Often overlooked or under-appreciated, committees are the basic building blocks of a healthy association.
Association Consistency Key To Success
Perhaps the most frustrating thing for a customer is inconsistent service.
Association Foreclosure: No Small Chore!
What happens once a property is owned by the Association due to foreclosure
Board Meetings for Every Situation
Board Meeting types and their uses.
Board Member Roles
The roles of an Association Board member include being a leader, a policy maker, an enforcer, an arbitrator and a strategic planner
Board of Directors: Who Are They and What Do They Do?
Rights and responsibilities of Association Board members
Board vs. Management Conflicts
Types of board/management conflicts and how to avoid them.
Budgeting Whys and Wherefores
What goes into a good association budget.
Communicate Before You Terminate
When the Board and Management have good communications, small problems are resolved before they become big problems.
Creating Association Committees
How to create a committee to do its job effectively.
Creating Harmony In Your Community
Find ways to educate and encourage members, and at the same time protect and preserve their physical assets
Dispute Resolution: Give Mediation a Chance
Compared to a lawsuit, mediation is swift, confidential, fair and low cost.
Does Your Board Have the Correct Number of Directors?
The importance of having the correct number of Directors on the board and ways to ensure compliance
Effective HOA Communications
Tips to help the HOA communicate effectively with its members.
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Determining employee or independent contractor status with IRS criteria
Fixing What the Previous Board Did
Community Associations are like a living entity, which exist in a state of constant evolution
Glossary of HOA Terms
Glossary of terms used in homeowner association documents
Greening Up Our Community Associations
It is no longer considered "weird" to show your concern for the environment
How Do You Communicate?
It is up to us to use our communication skills to be successful in our business lives.
How To Start A Neighborhood Association
A step by step guide to help you start your own neighborhood association.
How to remove an HOA board member
Need to recall a member of your community associations board
How to take good HOA board meeting minutes
Meeting minutes are official records for your homeowners association. Learn what must be included and how to take good minutes.
If You Must Have An Audit
Audits can make people nervous. We all fear the dreaded "IRS audit"
Is Your Neighborhood Ready For 2011?
Things to include when doing yearly planning for your association
Making the Connection with Your Local Government
Making the Connection with Your Local Government
Management Challenges for Small Community Associations
Challenges for a small association in finding a management firm.
Motivating and Recruiting Members
Ways to motivate and recruit members for the Association
Organization: The Key To Effective Management
Ways to organize Association files so information is at your fingertips
Questionnaires: Taking the Pulse of the Community
How to create a questionnaire and what questions to ask.
Review vs. Audit
Differences between an annual financial audit or financial review
Risk Management Through Property Inspection
Community Managers should develop a detailed site inspection chart for risk management
Risk Management and Insurance
How insurance policies can help with risk management
Run an effective HOA meeting
Five tips to help make your HOA meetings run more smoothly.
Selecting a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Tips for choosing a CPA and a sample RFP to engage one
Selecting and Contracting Service Providers
What to consider when selecting a service provider and creating the contract with the Association
Super Director
How many of us have experienced the Board member who wants to control all aspects of the association's operation
Taking Minutes Whose Job Is It And Why?
Essentials for recording the Minutes at Association meetings.
Talking to the Press
Tips for a positive relationship with the Press
Team Building for Associations
How the Association can work as a team
The Association Calendar: Guide to Important Dates
Using a yearly calendar to promote continuity and compliance with HOA regulations
Transition Inspections: What are the Engineers Looking At?
Tips for the inspection process when the HOA is transitioning from Developer to Homeowners
What Should You Expect from Your Management Company?
The qualities an association should look for in a management company
What is Fiduciary Duty?
Though the term is typically used in the legal and governmental system, it can also be applied to any professional relationship,
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