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Tanglewilde Property Owners Association is the governing board of Tanglewilde Subdivision. As a resident of Tanglewilde, you have the right to assure all persons within Tanglewilde are in compliance with the Deed Restrictions (DR’s) of their section. Tanglewilde Subdivision was built in 8 sections. Each section has Deed Restrictions that are designated for that section. While most of the DR’s are similar in nature, there are minor differences in some cases. For example, Sections 1 and 4 are the only sections that allow 2 story homes. While TPOA accepts the differences in the DR’s, we do use the power that is granted to us by the “Architecture Control” clause.

In the “Architecture Control” clause the board is able to grant alterations to the dwelling being proposed or altered to a property in Tanglewilde. So if a property owner from one of the other section (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, or 8) would like to consider building a 2-story home, TPOA can grant that permission. Keep in mind, this clause does not allow the board to change or alter the set-back of any lot in Tanglewilde. If you have any questions about the DR’s, please feel free to contact the board via phone or email.


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On Monday afternoon, my grandpa let our chocolate poodle (Chippy) out to pee, and when he went outside to let Chippy back in the house, Chippy was gone. Chippy wasn't wearing a collar, so we think... more
Started: August 31st 2014Replies: 0

Dog has Gotten out

My small god has managed to squeeze out of my yard today while it was raining! I know someone picked her up, as I was informed by a worker across the street, but if anyone sees her or is the one who... more
Started: September 28th 2013Replies: 2

Tires slashed and vandalism in neighborhood behind...

Please be careful and report any suspicious behavior to police. Help keep our neighborhood safe. Cars' tires are being slashed and windows broken. This person carries a sharp weapon. more
Started: June 12th 2011Replies: 1

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