Colvin Glen/Colvin Forest

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Colvin's Glen/Colvin Forest nestled between trees and parkland is minutes away to the beltway. 

Enjoy a walk through the neighborhood or hop in a car and enjoy shopping and many dining options all within 15 minutes!  The neighborhood is across from the historic Colvin Mill.


A little history (Thank you Karen Washburn our local Fairfax County/Great Falls Historian)

Washington owned several hundred acres encompassing our area which he had purchased from the Fairfax ’s.  His intention was to use our area for a wagon staging area for the farmers coming in from the Shenandoah Mountains with their produce for the city markets. However, a Mr. Shepard was lobbying Washington to sell him the property so that he could build a mill. Washington was busy building his canal and obviously sold the property to Mr. Shepard for what is now the Colvin Run Mill. (Colvin Run Road was actually RT 7/Leesburg Pike back then –it hadn’t been straightened out yet). The land and Mill were sold to the Carpers in 1811. So, our land was used either by the Carpers or the Wheelers (owned next farm heading west) as a Dairy Farm and Wheat farm. Apparently, there were no trees as we know it now-it was all farm land.

A couple of other interesting facts: the Wheelers daughter married a Crippen. Thus, up by Baron Cameron, it is known as Crippen’s Corner. The next  time you are driving on Rt 7 take note of all the Dairy Barns that still dot the landscape, usually at an entrance to a subdivision.

Also, this area was very active during the Civil War. The troops were occupying Hunter Mill due to the railroad. There is a “summer road” that runs in the back of Carpers Farm that was used to get to the railroad.

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Barrister's By-Laws?

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I'd like to hear the thoughts of residents on how to make traffic within Barristers Place observe the 25 mile per hour speed limit. Few drivers do so now but surely there must be ways to make them... more
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Assistance with OOma phone hook up

Does anyone have a good tech person that could help me hook up an Ooma phone system?  In Alexandria VA areas- open to having teenagers assist.  Not sure I have right cables, etc. ... more
Started: July 18th 2018Replies: 0

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