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2018 - Here We Come


The Fiduciary Rule/Oath of Office

The Fiduciary Rule/Citizen Stewardship

TINN - TEAM Internet-Net Neutrality Broadband Initiative for the UNDERSERVED


2014 - Here We Come


Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC project planner Mary Glass is reporting NEW ventures for "hidden talent" during the next 10 months in Affordable Health Care.  


The Affordable Health Care law is now in FULL Implementation as of January 1, 2014.  Visit and sign up - if you have not.


Visit often to stay abreast of the nuances and updates of AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE from the neighborhood and "customer-centered" perspective.  We also strongly encourage visitors to visit: 


 Stay tuned.

 IT/Information Technology and Education Attainment in Health Care are two major tools for navigating the HEALTH CARE field.

 Exhibit highlights mobile devices/SMARTPHONES and how they aid health care.


Our THANKS to "NEIGHBORHOODLINK.COM", a pioneer for neighborhood websites.


THIS IS OUR HISTORY Website - Take a peek

Campaign Neighborhood - CFNBA has history in the neighborhoods of:

*  Amani - Area 9, Exclusive, led consultation/wrote 1995-96 Community Development Block Grant Neighborhood Strategic Plan


CNI/Fondy North Business Association led the neighborhood strategic planning and outreach to the neighborhood even though Project Respect was the funded CDBG representative.  Some of the projects were:

1.  Fond du Lac Restoration Plan - The complete replacement of Highway 145/Fond du Lac Avenue from 19th and Fond du Lac to 35th and Fond du Lac.

2. The Edwards Study.

3. CNI/Fondy North Business Association brought to the neighborhood the planning with the Amani Commission (group created by Mary Glass) first Main Street program through Wisconsin Commerce Deprtment.

4. Negotiated and Lead Consultant for the Super K-Mart project - representing the citizenry.

5.  Initial involvement - Smart Growth Plan - Launch CN-CFNBA 5-Year Smart Growth Signature Plan (2005-2010).

6.  Litigant in Federal Transportation suit with Sustainable Milwaukee.

7.  Participated in the formation of Bylaws for WAICO/YMCA.

8.  Hosted for 4 years - Blues and Jazz @ Johnson Park.

9.  Originator of Earth Day and partnering for Johnson Park.

10. Provided Clean-up events coordinated with Keep Milwaukee Beautiful and neighborhood outreach for children and families for networking and organizing at Fondy Market on Fond du Lac.

11. Organized first Fond du Lac BID district.

12. Held monthly meetings at Bethesda Senior Center on Fond du Lac.

13. Lead neighborhood organization in the advocacy for Center Street Library, 2727 W. Center and Villard Library; recommended and petition present block grant funding.

 14.Brought WI Extension services for Master Gardner Training and gardening.

15.  Worked with and promoted creation of "block watches".

16.  Worked with Federal Crime Removal program.

 17.  Led protest in Legacy Bank against funding allocation for Fond du Lac Avenue brought by Senator Gary George - $1Million.

18.  Led protest against selling of PAL - Police Athletic League Center to COA - Children Outing Association on Burleigh.

19.  Let protest against BIG BOX developers that the City of Milwaukee failed to create a deal to ensure the many jobs promised - K-Mart and Autozone.

20.  Called for accountability of North Avenue Commerce Center (24th-27th and North - Irgens Developers



Midtown - Area 12, contiguous networking and business association

* WAICO/YMCA - Area 10, contiguous networking and business association

* Metcalfe - Area 8, contiguous networking and business association

* Sherman Park - Area 5, contiguous networking and business association

* AREA 4, contiguous networking and business association


Take a look at the great facts that are available about the neighborhoods our work touch.  They are:









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7-4-21 MARY GLASS "UNKEPT" 4TH OF JULY MESSAGE. Her commitment to the American Resue Plan. How VACCINATION IS THE HIGHEST PRIORITY FOR ALL - ESPECIALLY AFRICAN AMERICANS, other People of Color and... more
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February 9, 2021   CNI-FONDY-NORTH BUSINESS WEBSITE has been on P A U S E.   We are raising the curtains for the next 19 days on TOP-NOTCH HEALTH CARE.   It is pre-glossed with a... more
Started: February 9th 2021Replies: 0


Started: February 9th 2021Replies: 0

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