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We work in the "public square" for city-wide empowerment of the NEIGHBORHOOD stakeholders-stockholders-shareholders/taxpayers. 

Those Milwaukeeans that live in, work in, raise a family in, go to school in, worship in, invest in a neighborhood level business, build economic engines in and pay taxes in the city of Milwaukee. 

Our scope includes the 15 aldermanic districts, 18 county supervisor districts and 9 public school districts.

Our Vision-Mission is to re-define, re-brand the infrastructure and UN-trap Milwaukeeans from enduring concentrated poverty.


(4) Initiatives

    1. Our Signature initiative is:  ALL Hands on Deck WE, Not Me Initiative.
                • Quality of life issues; i.e., gainful employment, safety prevention/intervention, affordable housing, wellness, education and technology attainment.
                • Economic Stimulus, Research and Development; i.e., tooling and packaging entrepreneurs, government partnership with neighborhood level business and higher education partnership in research and case learning.
    2. We recently announced the "Antidote initiative":              Urban HealthCare Initiative for Wellness of the citizenry in Urban Milwaukee.
    3. The third initiative is the "Preparedness initiative":            Safety Matters Initiative for homeland security and neighborhood.
    4. The fourth initiative is the "Technology Initiative":             Digital Divide Initiative to create for access-literacy-fluency use of the internet for competitiveness, safety, growth, networking and customer care. 
 Join us.


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Milwaukee Professionals Association/MPA is a privately managed and governed organization.  It is the brainchild of Mary Glass, Chair/CEO.

Glass is a hit-the-floor running and hands-on activist that have worked since 1968 to ensure that the neighborhood voice was involved in quality of life and economic development decision making.


Milwaukee Professionals Association is but one of several organizations started by Glass to help ensure continuity of ideas and citizen engagement in the public square. 

The idea of MPA was launched 3 years after the germinated idea for to recognize "hidden talent" and "vetted businesses" in the city of Milwaukee to be intricate parts of "economic development" - economic engines, increasing per capital income and competitiveness.  The idea formed after the meeting held at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 812 N. Jackson, Milwaukee, WI, by Mary Glass (then Chair/CEO of CNI/Fondy North Business Association). 

It was October 22, 2004.  The keynote speakers were 2 young elected officials.  They were:  State Representative Tamara Grigsby, District 18 and State Representative Jason Fields, District 11.

In 2007, Glass launched Milwaukee Professionals Association with a series of neighborhood business meetings held at Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1025 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI, through the courtesy of Dr. Hermann Viets.



                       1990 - Present



CNI/Fondy/North Business Association



WHO WE ARE - Background

"We Are in This Together"

March 17, 2007

Hi Neighbor!

CFNBA - CNI/Fondy North Business Association has stayed true to the belief that Inner City Milwaukee has many "DIAMONDS in the rough".

THAT, "threats" and "weaknesses" can be leveraged by partnering with LIKE-MINDS and using "strengths" and "opportunities" to ensure investment opportunities, quality-of-life issues and true economic development.

THAT, the assets of Inner City of Milwaukee and contiguous neighborhoods are the PEOPLE/people, LAND/land, HUGE GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES and what the people develop and maintain for growth.

THAT, it takes concerned and involved residents, committed businesses, and supportive government to grow neighborhoods.

THAT, accountability for net worth and sustainability is required by all.

CFNBA/CNI/Fondy/North Business Association encourages its members to take advantage of the opportunities to:
*  grow their business
*  be proactive
*  be socially responsible
*  to create synergy with fellow merchants of the area.

CFNBA is assisted in BOLD, INNOVATIVE and INFORMATIVE leadership by a cabinet of officers known as CFNBA Business Leadership Council.

As we CONTINUE in the quest of INNER CITY COMPETITIVENESS, let us look at:

- Accountability
- Benefit Packages
- Board/Administrators/Staff Training
- Capacity Building
- Education Attainment
- Hiring from-the Neighborhood
- Increased Wages/Family-Supporting
- Investing and Re-Investing
- Neighborhood Governance
- Neighborhood Imaging(safe and friendly)
- Partnering
- Safety: The Neighborhood Greeters Program
- Social Responsibility of all Businesses
- Smart Growth Initiative, State Statute 66.1001
- Standardized Customer Service
- Technology Hook-up
- Tourism

Additionally, I wish to invite your attention to the importance of being a "collective voice" for a better neighborhood and marketplace. The absence of a voice for you is the difference in getting contracts, appointed to decision making boards - city, county and state, and empowering the area and industry you do business in.

Join us in a COLLECTIVE EFFORT by becoming a MEMBER and HELPING to make the Inner City of Milwaukee the best it can be.

Mary Glass


Support your Mission.
What better way to support the Mission of the local school, church and social organization than being at the table with leaders of the neighborhood and become more involved with the neighborhood and the resources thereof.

CFNBA supports partnership-building between the business community and the education centers of the world. Some ways of collaboration are speakers, mentoring programs, employment training, plans, employment and underwriting projects and field trips to support the school curriculum. There are many ways both the business and education community can compliment each other for the good of all.

Membership: $55.00

Support your neighborhood.
Network with different organizations within the neighborhood.

What better way to meet and greet varied individuals in leadership roles. CFNBA supports mentoring and partnership-building.

Some ways of collaboration are speakers, mentoring programs, employment training, employment and underwriting projects and field trips to support the school curriculum. There are many ways both the business and education community can compliment each other for the good of all.

*  CFNBA INDIVIDUAL - Student or Retiree
Membership: VOLUNTEERISM = Requirement minimum 40 hours.

Support your neighborhood.
.....Friends of Jazz & Blues @ Johnson Park
.....Block-to-Block Safety Alliance
.....A Good Neighborhood Network.
.....Kid's Cafe

What better way to meet and greet varied individuals in leadership roles. CFNBA supports mentoring and partnership-building.

Some ways of collaboration are speakers, mentoring programs, employment training, employment and underwriting projects and field trips to support the school curriculum. There are many ways both the business and education community can compliment each other for the good of all.

We promote business growth through educational seminars and workshops. Your membership is a straightforward and powerful way to ensure growth through neighborhood strategic planning, continuous staff development and having a collective voice.


For Inner City neighborhoods to grow "self-sustainable" and gain in ¡¡±net worth¡¨, it is mandatory that the businesses and leaders of the neighborhood control the comings and goings of wealth; its land, people and government subsidies.

HIRING FROM-THE-NEIGHBORHOOD is one of the first steps to growing the workforce in the Inner City. Once you have committed to hiring from the neighborhood, it is important that Operation Standards and Staff Training are implemented.

STAFF AND STAKEHOLDER TRAINING provides the template for how a business is ran. From the Investor to the Board Member, to the Receptionist who answers the telephone, to the person watering the plants, knowing what is expected, knowing how to do what is expected, and ongoing monitoring of expectations are invaluable keys to a successful business in Inner City.

Staff training on all levels, including owners and managers, can play a big role in the growth curve. In fact, it's manditory.

Ongoing training and monitoring helps to ensure ¡¡±Customer Service¡¨. And, ¡¡±great¡¨ customer service should be the standard for each business in the Inner City.

TECHNOLOGY HOOK-UP is an added-value to Inner City businesses and it can promote - Capacity Building - in Inner City businesses. It is a way of jump-starting revenue streams and improving services to the merchant and the merchant's clients.

In today's environment, a business can lose its edge and/or prevent market share due to not having some of today's electronic devices such as: a computer, software packages that help guide and operate the business, fax, email, website, palm pilot, cell phone, voice mail, paging, surveillance systems, security-weapon monitors, credit and/or debit options.

INCREASING WAGES and a growing Benefit Package tied to growth of the business should be part of the ongoing strategic planning of management in Inner City businesses.

IMAGING is creating a certain type of picture that represents the business in a positive and customer-friendly way. Imaging is also a perception of how the businesses of the Inner City conduct business. How the physical structure looks. What the business sells and the quality of the items for sale.

PARTNERING, INVESTING, and RE-INVESTING in the Inner City can be a new way of leveraging the playing field. A way of engaging micro businesses, creating bulk volume for big bucks. It increases the participation ability and buying options of the employers in the Inner City.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is one form of "accountability" that is ¡¡±paramount¡¨ in the Inner City. It is necessary for neighborhood governance, neighborhood growth, and partnering.

Social Responsibility is the "business etiquette" and "business goodwill' that will set the tone in Inner City neighborhood wealth-building. It is each business taking ownership in "giving back" for sustainability of ALL. It is a paradigm shift. It is a "mind-set" for all.

It provides the "safety net" that is needed to provide seed money, capital improvement, taxes, volunteerism, mentoring, and civic mindedness vital to short- and long-term growth.

ACCOUNTABILITY is a uniform expectation. No one is exempt. It is a "zero tolerance" policy that is known and expected of all who live, invest, grow families. It is the reason for electing and re-electing a representative for the Inner City.

It is commercial. It is retail. It is light industrial. It is residential. It is government. It is the church. It is our public and private schools. It is the library. It is law enforcement and the judicial system. It is the leader. It is leader-groups. It is unions. It is all service providers. It is the developer. It is the investor. It is the financial institutions. It is the young. It is the old. It is all ethnic groups. It is the employed. It is the under-employed. It is the un-employed. It is the homeless. It is the "voter". IT IS THE NON-VOTER.

TOURISM can be an Inner City neighborhood revenue-builder. It is the payola for Show and Tell of the Inner City Neighborhood in a bragging fashion. It is the doorway/gateway to global commerce.

It is being a year-round Welcome Wagon/host and hostess for the Inner City Neighborhood.

It is sharing goodies, services, products, crafts, skills, ideas and stakeholders with the intent of trade.

COMPETITIVENESS is an under-utilized revenue stream for Inner City Neighborhoods of Milwaukee.

Article by: Mary Glass

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About our association




"We are Neighborhood Engineers, Building a NEW Image"

Campaign Neighborhood - CFNBA is a Member of the SMART GROWTH NETWORK.

CAMPAIGN NEIGHBORHOOD - CFNBA's "Action" Mission is to engage residential, commercial, light industrial and institutional (clergy-school-social-government) stakeholders of the Inner-City in providing “state-of-the-art” strategic leadership in advancing:

1. Quality-of-Life Issues.

2. Investment Opportunities for Neighborhood
Business SmartGrowth.

3. Economic Restructuring within Inner City
Neighborhoods through "Social Responsibility" and "Competition".

4. Employment "within" Inner City

5. Self-Governance and Self-Sustainability.

6. The Knowledge of Neighborhood Cultures in the Inner City.

Neighborhoodlink & Wiki Websites

We encourage you to take a look at other points of interest on our "Neighborhoodlink" website; AND our publicpolicyreview website -

And, we look forward to you returning from time-to-time to see our engagement.

We also invite you to become a MEMBER, and we ask for your support of the following events, programs and projects:

.....5-Year Signature Plan (2005-2010) - COMPLETED in 2010

....."BUSY BEAVERS" Public Art Project

.....Annual Jazz & Blues @ Johnson Park (July 4th thru Labor Day)

.....WHO'S WHO AWARDS (last Friday of January)

.....BI-Coastal Development Tourism Trade Strategy Meetings (first one, August 6-7, 2004)

.....BI-Coastal Development Tourism Trade Strategy Meeting - August 20, 2007

.....Media, Wireless & YOU Syntopican (October 23-24, 2007 - MSOE/Milwaukee School of Engineering, Todd Weir Conference Center(Annually)

.....Breakfast Roundtable(Every 3 months)

.....Luncheons of Distinction - BI-ANNUALLY

1. Busy Beaver Club
2. Busy Beaver Poet Laureate(bi-annually)
3. Busy Beaver Book Club
4. Busy Beaver Southern Serenade



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Campaign Neighborhood - CFNBA

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