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2008 National Conventions Going Green
2008 convention will be the greenest conventions so far in U.S. history.
An information guide on asbestos and asbestos abatement. Also discusses vermiculite and how it relates to asbestos.
Conventional Storage Water Heaters
How storage water heaters work; what criteria to use when selecting the right model; and some installation, maintenance, and safety tips.
Drive Green - Buy An Efficient Vehicle
The difference between a car that gets 20 MPG and one that gets 30 MPG amounts to $1,020 per year
Drive Green - Driving More Efficiently
Learn great tips on driving more efficiently and improving gas mileage
Drive Green - Keeping Your Car In Shape
Learn great tips on keeping your car in shape and improving gas mileage
Drive Green - Planning and Combining Trips
Several short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much fuel as a longer multipurpose trip covering the same distance
EPA's Targeted Watershed Grants Program
The EPA watershed grant program
Energy Efficient FHA Mortgages
Describes the Energy Efficient Mortgage Program established by FHA
Environmental Considerations When Landscaping
What we do in our yards often affects our neighbors and the environment.
Environmentally-Friendly Landscaping
How to go about implementing environmentally-friendly landscaping around your home.
Five Ways to Help Protect the Environment at Home
Five easy ways to make a true difference for the environment and reduce your household’s carbon footprint.
Fixing High Energy Bills
Tips for lowering the amount of energy your home uses.
Global Warming Dangers
Scientists expect the average global temperature to increase an additional 2 to 6ºF over the next one hundred years
Guide to Cleaning Up Heating Oil Discharges
How to clean up a heating oil discharge in your home.
Hidden Home Health Hazards
How to test for radon and mold, and what to do if they're in your home
How Your Association Can Go Green
Al Gore has warned us about global warming and most of us think we should do something.
Landscape Shading
Proper landscape shading strategies can help save energy costs and keep you cool in the summer.
Landscape Windbreaks
Strategies, methods, and value of landscape windbreaks around your home-save money and energy.
Landscaping For Water Conservation
Various methods for landscaping while considering water conservation-Planning watering, and xeriscaping are discussed.
Making Your Home Energy Efficient!
How to do a home energy audit and make your home more energy efficient.
Saving Water Can Save You Money
Excellent tips and planning guide for saving money by saving water in your garden and landscaping.
Shopping for Energy-Efficient Appliances and Home Electronics
Guidlines and Info on Buying Energy Efficient Appliances and Home Electronics.
Space Heating and Cooling: Saving Energy and Money
Saving money and energy with heating and cooling-links to energy calculators and more.
Tax Credits for Energy Conscious Purchases
New tax laws will allow tax credits for energy-conscious purchases.
The Agricultural Impact from Climate Change
Several factors directly connect climate change and agricultural productivity
The Environment and the U.S. Government
Environmental concern is a fairly recent phenomena in American history
Top Five Water-saving Techniques
It's not just the dry western areas of the country which need to be concerned with water efficiency.
Water Conservation Tips Around the Home
Conserving water around your home:Indoors and Outdoors-Very Useful Tips that will save you water and money
Water Efficiency Measures for Landscaping
Best practices for water efficiency measures in regards to landscaping
What Are Biofuels?
Description of the different types of biofuels.
What Is A Pesticide?
Most pesticides contain chemicals that can be harmful to people, animals, or the environment.
What is Global Warming?
The Earth has warmed by about 1ºF over the past 100 years.
What is the IPCC?
IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Why Is My Basement Damp?
Causes and solutions for damp basements
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