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Block Party

At the recent meeting, the idea of having a block party came up again. Is there any interest in this? Any ideas on how to go about it? By Kitty more
Started: February 28th 2005Replies: 1

Lawn Mowing

It's a little early to bring this up, but is there anyone in the neighborhood looking for lawn mowing jobs this summer? What do you usually charge for a typical PSE yard? By Kitty more
Started: February 28th 2005Replies: 1

Neatness Counts

Any commentary on this subject? more
Started: March 2nd 2005Replies: 0

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How to Increase Your HOAs Dues
Money-bags Proper planning and open communication can help ease the pain of increasing monthly homeowners association dues. It is the responsibility of your homeowners association’s board to set a budget each...
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