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Soda thief

We live on Cardwell Square. Last night or early morning, someone went through both my mother's and my car. This has happened several times to us in the last year. My mothers trunk was half open and... more
Started: August 1st 2013Replies: 0

Burglaries in Our Area

Just wanted to alert folks on this page that we know of three burglaries and suspicious activity that have happened in the area in the last month. There appear to be people that are watching to see... more
Started: June 12th 2011Replies: 0

Another attemped burglary in my home

When our home was broken into the first time we were devastated and afraid at every little noise. In our Feb 2010 Gazette the Civic Assn recommended a special Free security program for us... more
Started: October 26th 2010Replies: 0

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