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Please note the discussions are from multiple neighborhoods, not just Brookley Place. more
Started: October 3rd 2018Replies: 0


I started this website through a program of the Metro Louisville Department of Neighborhoods,held at the Louisville Free Public Library. Feel free to start other posts. I'm going to start a recipe... more
Started: December 3rd 2007Replies: 0

Pesticide Use by New Neighbor

We have a new neighbor getting ready to move in next door. For the past 2-3 weeks she has just come out briefly to trim bushes, trim trees and spray commercial like chemicals on her lawn. There are... more
Started: September 30th 2018Replies: 0

Neighborhood Resource Guide

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Should You Hire An HOA Management Firm?
Questionshowsm Questions your board should ask before choosing whether to hire a professional HOA manager, or to self-manage. Whether or not to hire a professional manager is a question nearly all homeowner associations...
Reserve Now Or Pay Later
Reservesnowthumb Overseeing the community's finances and developing budgets that enable the community to maintain and preserve market values of both the residential and common area property are important responsibilities of...
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