Run an effective HOA meeting


One of the challenges all homeowners association (HOA) boards face is running meetings.

When meetings don’t run smoothly, it’s harder to accomplish HOA tasks, homeowners stop attending and your board may experience burn-out. Here are five tips to help make your HOA meetings more efficient.

1. Determine as a board what you want to accomplish at the meeting.

Do you want to discuss a new plan for common areas? Agree on a new landscape vendor? Gather homeowner input on a new rule? Figuring out your goals for the meeting can help provider structure around it.

2. Create an agenda and assign time limits.

This may feel too structured, but it will help keep the meeting on task. Otherwise, you may find that your meetings turn into social gatherings, run off-topic or never conclude open discussion items.

3. Choose a procedure for conducting business during meetings.

Finding the right procedure for your board will take some experimenting, but should follow standard steps. It should include a call to order, roll call, reading of previous minutes, a presentation of officer and committee reports, resolution of old with motions to approve or not, discussion of new business and adjournment.

4. Create a code of conduct.

Board meetings are meant to conduct the operations of your HOA, and should therefore be treated as business meetings. A code of conduct can help board members and homeowners know what is expected during meetings.  

5. Come prepared.

If you’re discussing a vendor contract, bring copies of that contract with you to the meeting. If you want to bring attention to a rule violation, snap a photo and provide copies. Have a proposal you feel could save the HOA money? Create a simple chart that shows how. And bring copies for everyone.

This article contains general information. Individual situations are unique.

Source:,, Realty Times
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