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Kermit keeps harping on the cost of rehabbing Building R.  The previous BOD approved $35K for the rehab of Bldg R.   Final cost of the project was almost $70K.  $15K of that amount was spent on Unit 121 repairing the chimney, replacing patio doors, replacing carpet, replacing tile, painting the living room and rebuilding the inside fireplace.  All approved by PSI without informing the BOD.  Extenuating circumstances caused PSI to combine a work order for repair of the chimney and living room area of Unit 121 into the total cost of the rehab project.  This work along with the extreme termite damage led to the cost over run.  The management company, PSI, was in charge of the rehab and oversaw the entire project.  PSI failed to keep the BOD informed about change orders and the actual cost of the project as severe termite damage was discovered.  There was nothing the BOD could do when the PSI manager didn't tell the truth about total costs of a project until the project was near completion.  PSI was operating with the consent of the BOD and there was nothing the BOD could do to recover the cost overrun on the rehab project according to an attorney which was hired at a later date.

 Had the 2 projects, repair of Unit 121 and rehab of Bldg R been kept separate the cost overrun on the rehab project would have been considerably less.

There wasn't another building in this complex that was eaten up with termite damage the way Bldg R was at the time of the rehab.  Photos exist should any know it all want to see the real truth.

Also why is Kermit telling people that they can mount a dish on the roof?  It was my understanding that they can only be mounted outside the units ON THE CHIMNEY NEAR THE ROOF. 


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I kept thinking Kermit was quoting a $$$ figure that was much more than the financial statements said was spent on Bldg R.  But when you didn't live here during the renovation of Buld R I guess you know more about the project that everyone else.

Thanks Elizabeth for the update on the 3 1/2 year old completed project, Bldg R.

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I have to acknowledge that it was probably misstated on our July 2008 newsletter that:

"Dish may be placed on the roof between chimney and eve".

Let me clarify this by saying that:

Satellite dish may not be place on the roof itself, but should be attached to the support beam behind the chimney.  Satellite should not protrude above the highest part of the roof and should not be visible from the frontal view of the building.

Install the dish on the chimney only as the last resort and only if there is no other suitable mounting location.  Please consult Randall Management or the Board of Directors before installation.

Geez, I haven't checked this site for a while and those anonymous posters now have names?  John Wayne and Elizabeth Taylor?  What a dynamic duo!  I guess these are ex-board members who used to let the management company, contractors and lawyers running away with our money.  What's the board for if you let PSI handled the rehab, doubled the cost without your knowledge and still keep them for several years later???  PSI should have been fired on the spot.  Lucky for us only one building was rehabbed.  Imagine the entire complex rehabbed with double the cost according to the newsletter, $346,165 x 2 = $692,330. 

Claiming the change order made due to termite?  Was the entire building affected?  How many pictures could you show?  If I recall correctly, my building also had termite according to the conversation I heard one morning between a board member and EMCO.  The change order was no more than $2000.  Doesn't it sound fishy only one building in the entire complex had extreme termite damages while the other were not?  Was there any board member living there during that time?  According to y'all, that building was done 3 years before all of the rest and had that extensive termite damage while the rest were not?  Fishy fishy fishy!

Claiming unit # 121 cost was included in the rehab? What about the unit that caught fire recently?  Wasn't it included in the rehab cost for that building and still way below your figure?

Well, John Wayne praising Elizabeth Taylor is a no surprise but no need to cover yourself.  The fact that the previous board had no clues of what was happening on the rehab, allowed the management company in total charge of the rehab, double the cost from $35,000 to $70,000 without your having a slightest idea are the reasons that you were not qualified to be board members and I hope you never come back to the board again. 

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