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Well Anna, it's not easy being a board member.  Sometimes you come onboard not having a slightest idea of what was going on, but you learn the process along with your mistakes from trials and errors.  Sometimes you hire a contractor and he turned out a gimmick, so you look for another one.  Sometimes you don't have a clue about construction and wished to have another board member who knew about it, but found none and no one would participate or volunteer to be a board member....until something bad happened and then you get a lot of criticism.  I'm as guilty as anyone else for previously not caring about SPW business.  I don't know about construction but I could offer my services in other ways.  So it's good to have a diversity on the board.  I have said it and will say again, please participate in SPW businesses!  Please show up at board meetings to hear what's going on, even for just the first 15 minutes of the meeting, then you could leave and let the board discuss.  Please communicate with each other utilize this forum.  I have been looking for someone to replace me as I won't be here much longer, but so far not   even a reply.  I'm frustrated that some people tend to criticize while not even lift their finger to help around SPW.  So mad that I wanted to say "shut up and let other who volunteers for free do their job".  Finally let me say this, the current board is helping SPW greatly and they are saving tons of money, evidently the reduced maintenance fees that we all get back in our pockets each month.  So please give them a helping hand and please try to keep some of them on the board as best you could and for as many years as you could.  Come to the meeting and talk to them.  When the time comes for board voting please talk to them and vote for those who really care for SPW.

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