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Kermit James - President, oversees day-to-day SPW issues, gathering votes from board members for majority decision, newsletters, coordinate meetings.
Phone: 713-772-8431

John Atar - Vice President, oversees major repairs & rehabs. Consults with repair contractors.

James Nguyen (effective September 6, 2012) - Hi all, I'm back to serve on the board but as a "member at large". I will oversees email communication, maintaining our website and vote on important association issues. Please feel free to contact me by email or by joining our discussion forum on this link:

My email:

Faraq Tabba - Treasurer

Shamim Lokandwalla - Board Member


Twelve (12) Monthly Board Meetings are held every first Thursday of the month. Homeowners are invited for a 3-minutes speaking to register their concerns or comments, or for observation without speaking. The Board uses these meetings to conduct SPW business and vote for majority decision.

At times, Board of Directors would need to meet behind closed doors for important & confidential matters. Homeowners are excused from the meeting.


Four (4) General Quarterly Meetings (subject to change) to be announced in advance by the Board. The Board uses these meeting to provide progress reports, financial reports, and to address homeowners' questions and concerns.

Meeting location: Inside pool area (subject to change)


About our association



Location: Sands Point Drive near Southwest Freeway U.S. 59 South.
141 Units, 20 buildings, 2 stories. Floor plans: 1 bedroom/1 bath, 2 bedrooms/2 baths. 1-car & 2-car garage attached.
Year built: 1980. Fenced swimming pool. Currently undergoing major exterior rehabs.

*The Rules & Regulations enforced on the property are designed specifically to help preserve a pleasant and orderly environment for the benefit of all the residents.

*Deed restrictions are enforced by Sandspoint West Homeowners Association (SPW-HOA). Acting through its Board of Directors that is authorized to impose reasonable fines against Unit Owners for various violations of the rules under the Texas Uniform Condominium Act, Chapter 82 of the Texas Property Code, effective January 1, 1994; which allows for such fines under Section 82.102(a)(12). The Association shall assess said fines after the first notice of a violation unless Unit Owners comply within 30 days or request a hearing before the Board within that 30-day period.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: For any repairs to the common property, please call Randallmanagement company.

If you see suspicious behavior, need to report a theft or burglary of a home or vehicle, or wish to report a loud party or other noise disturbance, call the Houston Police Department at 713-222-3131. For emergencies call 911.

Please DO NOT leave your garage doors up & unattended. Please KEEP your front doors, sliding doors and windows locked and secured at all times. Crimes of opportunity do happen! There are a couple of sex offenders living in our complex. Always be mindful that we live in an area of high crimes. Click on the link below and enter the address 6701 Sands Point Drive, 77074 to find out crime statistics. Then click on the balloon, begin with our red balloon, and other surrounding balloons or each address to see what kind of crime was committed. These crimes statistics are more than one year old, but the numbers crimes around here are staggering. Be very cautious and be safe!

Unattended parking behind garage is a violation of our Deed Restrictions (section F of Rules & Regulations):

1. Residents shall keep garage doors closed at all times unless in attendance. Garage doors left open are an open Invitation to theft, burglary or will allow a trespasser to gain access to your unit. Open garage doors also present an unattractive view of the property.

Sandspoint West property owners/residents are strongly urged to support the SPW-HOA Board of Directors. They are volunteering their time and effort for free. Within two and a half years, the new board has completed rehabs for the entire complex at the average cost of $25,000 each building. We did this in the midst of 125% insurance premium increase without passing the cost to homeowners. Immediately after the rehabs, we have substantially reduced the maintenance fees by 23 percent or about $50 less for each unit. That was quite an accomplishment that not many Association could have done anywhere. Currently, the board is discussing the next round of maintenance fees reduction. Updated 9/1/09.

Our primary goals are to properly manage homeowners' maintenance fees, protect or increase the property values, keep the neighborhood well maintained and cared for, and have a safe community.


While using the Pool facilities, the rules (posted at the pool) and on Rules & Regulations must be complied with at all times.

Homeowners can obtain a pool key by submitting their Resident Profile to the property management company (Randall). Tenants leasing a unit may obtain a key through the homeowner once a copy of the rental application, lease agreement and credit check information are submitted to the property management company. A replacement for lost key will cost $5.

Please do not give the pool key to anyone who does not live on SPW property. Please do not open the pool gate for anyone asking you to open it for them while your are inside the pool. It's likely they are not our residents and they should not be using our amenities. By allowing strangers into our property, you may be liable for their behavior or for their accidents. Parents please keep your eyes on your children at all times.

TOWING is ENFORCED on the property. All homeowners, renters & their guests must comply with parking regulations. An vehicles parked illegally is subjected to towing at the owner's (or guest's) expense; the Association and/or the property management company will not reimburse residents or guests for towing charges. Vehicles are considered illegally parked and subject to towing with or without notice, as provided by law. Please see the Rules & Regulations for conditions subjected to towing.

Beware! Our contracted wrecker is patrolling the complex for immediate towing. Contact information for towing company could be found on various signs located around driveway entrances.


Trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays. As a precaution, items such as credit cards or bank statements should not be left intact inside trash bags. All trash should be sealed and securely tied in plastic bags and placed beside garage doors no sooner than after dark the night before scheduled pick-up days, but preferably the morning of pick-ups.

Placing trash out too early is not only unsightly, it is a violation of our Deed Restrictions. Animals may also tear bags and scatter trash around the driveways. Picking up scattered trash is a tough duty that our Porter has to deal with on a regular basis.

Large breeds of dogs are not allowed on the property, specifically ones that are considered aggressive and dangerous which pose a threat to residents and children. Landlords and renters please be aware of these rules. Please see our Community page for SPW By-laws and Rules & Regulations.


Houston Crime Statistics

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