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Street lights in front of SPW

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I will post the link again but I think many homeowners do not care.

By James
Street Lights

Hi James,
Do you have any specific information on how this person got ambushed? Was the crime ever solved? I agree with John, spending a little would go a long way for our safety. You've got my support on this.

By Anna
Street Lights

I remember reading from the police report on HPD website that a man (from another Houston street address) stopped to pick up a Hispanic female. This female apparently produced some kind of weapon forcing him to stop. That's when 3 black males who have been hiding behind the trees (by Zuma's fence) approached the vehicle. A shot was fired. The driver attempted to drive away but crashed into a fence and slumped onto his steering wheel...

I don't think this case was ever solved.

A word of advice to caution everyone who passes by this street section at night, or at any time for that matter: Please DO NOT stop for anyone, even if he/she looks like in distress. Keep driving to a safe place and call HPD. If you stop at the stop sign and another vehicle bumps your car from behind, DO NOT step down to look! DO NOT open your window for anyone. Signal the person who bumped you to follow you to a gas station and call HPD. If it's a minor accident you could always drive to a safe place and call HPD or make a police report over the phone. This is an advice from my brother who is an FBI Special Agent.

If these statements do not cause you to think we should spend $800 on 4 streetlights, I don't know what will. If I could afford it I would pay out of my pocket.

Thanks for your question Anna.

By James

The Incident report link:

Scary this is that it was right across the street.

By John
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