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Street lights in front of SPW

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The City has replied to our request for the installation of 4 street lights in front of SPW. However, per City policy, as the requesting party, we must pay an initial fee of $211 per light. See link to City's street lighting policy:
Center Point Energy then would install 4 street lights on Sands Point from Tarnef to SW freeway feeder road and the City would maintain it.
For those of us who has driven through this street section, say after 11:30 PM when Zuma had shut down their playground lights, you would notice that this street section would become very dark and very dangerous. In fact, back in May 2006, a person got ambushed and shot to death right on this street section of 6800 Sands Point.
Initial inquiries are showing some board members and residents not wanting to spend any amount of money on street lighting. My thought is, this is a chance for us to make it safe for our residents and the public to cross this street section. It would keep up our property value as crimes, vehicular thieves and hookers would be deterred. It would provide lighting for our children who want to walk over to Zuma to play at night and come back when they close. We'd rather spend $844 for 4 street lights than waste $36,000 on a useless mailbox ramp & park project by the previous board.
What are your thoughts? If you have a chance, please ask your neighbors for their opinions. Are you willing to come to our next general meeting and speak your opinion?
We have a couple of months to reply to the City before this deal is pushed aside.

I agree that spending a little bit of money can go a long way. In this case, I agree with you that the lights will deter criminals because they can be spotted easily and also keep the passage safe for kids who want to go to zuma.

By John

Thanks for your reply John. I wish you and other homeowners could come to a board meeting and express your opinion. Then I would have a good chance to get a majority agreement. Another way is, if I could get a few more replies like yours I could print them out and bring to our board meeting.

By James

Do the homeowners know about this site? Or have they simply forgotten or don't care. It would be helpful to have more discussion on this site.

By John
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