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Hey James, have you decided to stay or go? Did the current board have anyone in mind to replace you?

What about the annual meeting? If your spot is vacant and if we have a quorum, who will fill it? Are 3 current board members really quiting?

Any ex-board members on the ballot that you know of?


By Anna
annual meeting

I don't think anyone is interested to be a board member, except of course, the ex-board members.

We had 2542 hits on our website in December, even higher than November which was 1900 hits. Meaning a lot of people are looking on the website but not many participation, let alone wanting to be a board member.

So James, I think you should hang in there until you're no longer a homeowner. I don't think we will ever have a quorum again unless the ex-board members return and make everyone mad.

By andrew
Annual Meeting

Well since I don't have any response from anyone wanting to be a board member, I will try to stay a little longer, maybe until this Summer. That is if there is no quorum at our annual meeting. All current board members could choose to stay put (even if their term is expired) unless they want to resign, then the board would appoint someone to replace them.

Now in the scenario of a 51% quorum, whoever have their names on the ballot would be voted by homeowners present at the meeting, or by the proxies they submitted (with their name choice already written on the proxy).

It is very important for homeowners to submit their proxies even if they don't intend to be at the meeting. Please send it (even blank ones) to Randall or give it to a current board member. That way we will be sure to be able to get a quorum and put the name of a current board member on it. We don't want any of these proxies to fall into the hand of a ''bad'' ex-board member. We know they just wait for an opportunity to sneak back onto the board. Please don't give your proxy to anyone knocking at your door claim this and that..., unless you know the face of a current board member who is trying to gather proxies to ensure a quorum. Right now I'm not aware of any current board member who is going door to door.

As far as I know, 3 current board members are running (Casey, Sam and I). We just want to help SPW a little more and we want to keep bad board members from returning. For me personally, I want to keep bad board members from returning as well as to be able to vote to appoint a new board member to replace myself.

Kermit & John's terms have not expired so if there is no quorum they will stay on the board. Please be sure to add any of the current board members name on your proxy and send it to Randall before Jan. 17, or bring it to the meeting with you.

Thanks all.

By James
annual meeting

Cecilia is running? Is she kidding herself or what??? Didn't she realize it took more than 50% of homeowners to kick her out now she wants the same people to put her back on the board?
Geez, some people really do miss their time on the board, and the money they ate. Now they want to come back for more.

She thinks people could forget her name that easy? What a dreamer! Everyone please remember these names: Cecilia & Ernest. They are to be never allowed back to the board. Please vote for all current board members or send your empty proxies to Randall in care of the current board.

By Anna
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