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Attempted kidnap JLMiddle School

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Name correction

I just want y'all to know that I'm not James who is on the board. I just realized this website allows duplicate names. Maybe next time I'll change it to Jimmy. I have been reading this website for a while & now want to participate in the discussion.

Sex offender

Thanks for the correction. I was just about to inquire about someone using my name. Too bad you could post using anybody's name on this forum. I don't have the ability to control that but I suggest we post our email addresses. If you don't want to provide your email address that's understandable, just change name so it won't be duplicated.

I have updated our link (on Police & Safety) to show the picture of unit # 118 sex offender.

Very true to what Jimmy was saying. The bottom line is, always pay your attention to your surrounding. Never ever leave your garage door open unattended, even partially open where someone could crawl inside. He could attack you inside your house & couldn't be heard by your neighbors.

Yesterday there was a shooting in front of our mailbox area. This is what I heard from the people on-site when HPD officers were questioning them: A female realtor was taking another female client to see foreclosed unit #94 when the clien't boyfriend attacked her. She's pregnant & looking for a place to live. Apparently she tries to be separate from her boyfriend or whatever. Upon being attacked, they both ran inside the car and honked nonstop, then took off. The boyfriend I think from the evidence we observed, (2 bullet shells on the ground behind #41 garage) fired 2 shots at the car as it was speeding through the driveway to Sands Point. Many people heard the 2 shots. I was attempting to run out but my baby prevented me. A good thing or I could confront the shooter.

While HPD officer was investigating, the 2 women came back & provided the officer more information. This guy I'm sure will be caught. I hope he would be put away for a long time with a restraining order. If not, and if this woman bought unit #94, trouble would follow her.

By The real James
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Just wanted to add a picture of the registered sex offender in Unit 118.

William (Billy) Scott Hensley

 Offender Photograph

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Thanks James, this is good information.

Here's one more I found in our complex...

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