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Attempted kidnap JLMiddle School

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Beware of an attempted kidnapping at Jane Long Middle School. It was all over the news yesterday. A black girl shown on TV describing that she was walking to JL Middle School (while listening to her iPod) was jumped from behind. Someone had a strong grip around her and attempted to pick her up. She fought and escaped, ran to the school and notified the principal.

She is a black girl that led me to think she was attacked by a black man. I'm not trying to stereotype, I'm just saying what I think. Hopefully I could get someone's attention so they could look after their kids. As we have on our website, there are 2 sex offenders living in our complex. One at unit # 82 and the other at unit #118. James, I could no longer see the link for that sex offender at # 118. Please repost that link.

I checked on this site and his picture came out:

It's a little hard to see the exact location once you entered 6704 Sands Point, Houston TX 77074. The best I could point out is to click on a red dot that appears right on US 59 freeway near Bellaire & Westpark tollway.

These guys may look different now as they could try to conceal their faces as compared to the ones posted on the web.

By Andrew

Yes, there were attempted kidnappings in recent days near a middle school. But it wasn't at Jane Long Middle school. It was Sharpstown Middle School. Second, the female described him as a hispanic male(no speculation please). Copy and paste the URL:

BUT there were attempted kidnappings at Long Middle School last month. 2 attempts on consecutive days. The first incident occurred on the 11th, and the next one occurred on the 12th.
Copy and paste URLs:

As for the Sex offenders living here, I suggest our residents to check here for up-to-date records:

Anyway, I was only able to find one sex offender living here at 118, i guess the one at 82 moved out. If any body remembers his name please post it on here so we can be sure he moved out. Thanks,

By John

Marlin Williams, who lived in #82 has moved out. Copy and past URL:

By John
Sex offender at unit # 118

Thanks for y'all information.

It's good to know that the sex offender at unit #82 has moved out. But there is still a sex offender living at unit # 118. I often see him walking a small chihuahua around the mailbox area, smiling at everybody. DO NOT be fooled by the innocent look. He might very well be looking around for his next target and could follow to see where that potential target lives. Once a sex offender always be a sex offender. That's why law makers are allowing DPS to post their pictures on the web and they have to register where they live.

We have every right to post his picture on our bulletin board. If I were the board I would send his picture to every single SPW resident. Maybe this action would drive him away like the other one.

Please take a good look at him on this link by copy & paste:

I will ask James to post a picture on our website just like #82 sex offender. Please inform your neighbors of our website. This website is one of the best things that happened to SPW residents, of course right on top next to the maintenance fee reduction.

By James
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