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In January 2005 the Historic Preservation Office conducted preliminary historical research and completed a field survey of properties in the Pierson Place neighborhood, between Camelback Road and The Grand Canal, from Central to 7th avenues.

The neighborhood was determined to be historically and architecturally significant and is   More...

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2007 Irrigation

Hello all. It's that time of year again and it seems we're cut off again. I remember at the end of last year there were discussions about correcting the problems. I think it's time we re-visit those... more
Started: February 25th 2007Replies: 2

Park N Ride Lot @ Central/3rd Av

My biggest concern is safety. I would like to see that any entrance into our Neighborhood from the parking lot be directed THROUGH an OCCUPIED facility or Monitored Doorway of some sort. I am NOT in... more
Started: September 8th 2006Replies: 2

Neighborhood Survey coming

Dear neighbors, we have been historic for almost a year now and a lot of changes are coming our way. We will soon have the Light Rail on two of our borders, as well as a Park & Ride and Station in one... more
Started: September 27th 2006Replies: 0

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