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Replacement Washer/dryer

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Has anyone replaced their washer/dryer?  The size of the closet ans the location of the vent makes it impossible to fit today's high capacity washer/dryers.  What have others done when replacing their original units?


We are thinking about moving the vent location or raising the dryer.

We replaced our washer and dryer with the new front load high efficiency type which are larger.  We encountered the same problem as you are now encountering. In order to accomodate the larger size, we had to make several changes to the closet. First we moved the vent opening (on the back wall of the closet) so that lined up exactly to the opening in the back of the dryer.  This allowed us to push the dryer closer to the back wall of the closet and make the connection from dryer to vent opening in only a couple of inches. (Otherwise, we would have had to allow for the space in back for a vent to bend around and meet up with the wall.) Secondly we had to have the door frame widened to allow for additional clearance on the sides so that the washer and dry doors could open.  The closet width was OK, it's just that the door frame was too narrow.  (We also had to order new bi-fold doors to fit the new opening.  You can buy custom size bi-folds at Smoots Lumber). Lastly, and as part of the door frame widening, we had to have the frame built out a couple of inches into the hallway.  The extra depth was needed in order to allow the bi-folds to clear the front loaders (even given the fact that we had gained a few inches in the back). All in all, it was well worth it. 

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