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We regret to announce the passing of "

Frank Hays, associate regional director for natural and cultural resource stewardship and science in the National Park Service’s Northeast Region, died suddenly on March 3 from a heart attack. He was 58.

Hays served as superintendent of Manzanar from April 2001 to July 2005, overseeing its transition from having virtually no staff and no on-site facilities to a much larger staff and a full-blown Visitor’s Center. Coincidentally, he passed away on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Manzanar National Historic Site." (Source: http://www.rafu.com/2017/03/obituary-frank-hays-former-superintendent-of-manzanar-national-historic-site/)

Students in some of Mr. Lee's geography classes volunteer and/or participated in a Public Land Corps (PLC) grant doing community service work to prepare Manzanar NHS for its grand opening in 2001 under the guidance and cooperation of Frank Hays.  Frank made sure the students had ample time to participate in other cultural activities at the site during periods of their volunteer work.  It wasn't all sweat, grime, and work.  When visiting artists were at Manzanar, Frank made a special effort to let students attend the talks and demonstrations.  He wanted to fully engage the students in all aspects of Manzanar.

For many of the students it was the first time they visited a National Park unit, did community service work, camped out in tents, and "touched" history up close and personal.  The PLC grant at Manzanar NHS focused on introducing urban youth to “outdoor jobs” and apply geography classroom lessons to the real world.  It also incorporated basic job training for entry level positions in the National Park Service.  This led to one of the student volunteers being offered a summer intern position at Manzanar NHS.  For all this and more, we respectfully honor the life and work of Frank Hays.

At the end of the Spring 2007 term, Prof. Gregory Lee concluded his 17-year teaching career at Pasadena City College. However, this website will be minimally maintained to provide basic applied geographic information to former students and community members.


If you are looking for the documents "Introduction to Geography" of the "Natural Terrain StudyGuide" please use the link to the Rural Training Center-Thailand to find the latest revised editions.  They have been re-published as part of the Applied Geography series.  Use the link on the "Our Links" section to access the series.


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