Applied Geography formerly Rural Training Center, Thailand

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Applied Geography for Sustainable Living (shortened to Applied GeographyT) as superceded the Rural Training Center-Thailand (RTC-TH).  Since ceasing operations in Thailand, this more accurately reflects our widened horizons. Please also note lesson archive site (RTC-TH-Tech) is re-named "Applied Geography 2.  [Note: We thank the good folks at Neighborhoodlink to support this change and allowing the RTC-TH files to be accessible to past users via the same URL.]

The core concepts of community-based education and the Geographic Systems Model are being adapted to the issues and challenges of education.  We are collaborating with S.E.E.D.S. (Sustainable Early Education Development System to adapt these to early childhood education (in particular) as well as education for all community members.  Children are our future.  In many parts of the world, poverty imposes a terrible toll on the future of those children and nations.  And the toll is often biggest when it comes to the education of young girls.  What nation can afford to ignore nearly half the brain power of its people?


We will continue our original efforts in sustainable agriculture for small rural family farms.  Many small rural family farms around the world are in jeopardy. Social and economic aspirations move them away from subsistence to commercial agriculture. Under capitalization and poor education all work against them as they struggle to make ends meet. Many leave the farm in search of jobs in the cities. With little or no education, they are relegated to low paying jobs and are easily exploited. 


 A new shift toward sustainable living, especially in urban areas.  This is reasonable and logical since we are now living in an urban environment. And a reality of the 21st century is that 55% of the world's people live in cities.  This is expected to grow to 65% by 2050.


Welcome to our website and we hope you will join us in the quest to make the world a better place for all.


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plowing the paddies

What a great section in the newsletter this month! I found it interesting the note about elders continuing with the tradition of following the plow! do they follow the entire plow time,... more
Started: July 15th 2012Replies: 1

What equipment do we use to make our lessons?

We got an email from a teacher in the Philippines asking what camera equipment and methods do we use to make the illustrated slide show lessons for our REEEPP program.  She is a new teacher and... more
Started: January 26th 2012Replies: 0

Your Various Programs

I found your website and the PDF about the various program logos. The brief descriptions were intriguing. Where can I get more details about them? more
Started: December 16th 2009Replies: 1
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