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What a Thief Looks for when He Wants to Rob Your Home

Published: Thu August 5th, 2010

By: Jaime A. Heidel

Category: People

Thieves are on the lookout for homes that make an easy target. Find out what a thief looks for when he wants to rob your home & how to hide it.

What A Thief Looks For

If you're away from home, a thief may simply look up your number in the phone book and call at all hours. If he receives no response for a couple of days your home may start to look good to him.

How To Hide It

Whether you're on a weekend getaway or a two-week vacation, forward calls from the landline to your cell phone. That way, if a potential thief calls, you may be poolside a thousand miles from home but according to him, you're "there" to answer.

What A Thief Looks For

Nothing says, "come on in, nobody's home" to a thief like magazines and bills falling out of the mailbox and newspapers piling up on the lawn.

How To Hide It

Go to the post office and have them hold mail for the length of time you plan to be away. Call the newspaper you subscribe to and let them know to halt delivery until you return.

What A Thief Looks For

The lights are off and nobody's home.

How To Hide It

Pick up an inexpensive timer system for indoor & outdoor lights. This way, you can set them to switch on and off according to your usual schedule creating the illusion somebody is at home.

What A Thief Looks For

The "hidden" key you keep under your doormat.

How To Hide It

Everybody's locked themselves out of the house once or twice. Instead of hiding a spare key to your front door right next to your front door, keep a spare in your car. You can also give the spare to a trusted neighbor who can keep it indoors with them until it's needed.

What A Thief Looks For

The ladder against the side of the house leftover from Sunday's chores.

How To Hide It

It's easy to forget to put tools such as ladders and hedge trimmers away but look at it from a the perspective of a thief; that ladder could be used to gain entry and the hedge trimmers could be used as a weapon. For safety's sake, it is important to put all tools in a locked tool shed when not in use.

What A Thief Looks For

The tall bush that completely hides the unlocked window to a state-of-the-art home office.

How To Hide It

Trimming bushes and hedges around windows is a good way to make a thief think twice about trying to break in unnoticed. Keep windows on the ground floor locked when nobody is at home. Take care not to accidentally advertise a valuable computer or home theatre system by keeping curtains closed or assuring valuable items are not visible from the street or lawn.

What A Thief Looks For

Indication that your home is protected by a security system.

What You Can Do To Make Him Believe It

Even if you don't have an alarm system, you can deter a thief by placing realistic-looking "protected by security system" decals on your windows and doors. What he doesn't know will protect you.

There you have it. What a thief looks for when he wants to rob your home and how to hide it.

 Community Policing Unit of the Pawtucket Police Department offers the following crime prevention and safety tips for residents.

If you leave your residence to do yard work, enjoy a BBQ, or just enjoying your back yard make sure that your entrance doors are securely locked along with making sure not to leave valuables that can easily be seen from the windows outside.

Sheds and Garages: Lock 'Em Up Pawtucket Police Department wants to remind residents to lock their sheds and garages. Officials say the best deterrent to keep thieves from stealing your property is a lock and key. Don't assume you are safe from these unwanted people just because you are at home.

Oftentimes, burglars watch and wait to see where you are and what you are doing. Sheds and garages are often left open and unattended as we do yard work or other outdoor activities. The thief is counting on us to become lax in our security.

To avoid losing valuables, remember to close and lock doors to your garage, shed and home. This is especially true if you are in the front yard and the storage area is in the back. It takes almost no time for a thief to come and go with your property.

Take the time to reacquaint yourself with your old neighbors and meet the new ones. Why not suggest a neighborhood watch to protect and watch out for one another's property. Let your neighbors know when a suspicious person has been spotted in your area. Neighbors working together for each other's wellbeing are the foundation for a happy community.

Make life difficult for a burglar, use locks and keys to protect your property. If you see a suspicious person or notice an unusual situation around your house or that of a neighbor, call 911.

Keep Patio Doors Locked

This time of year we all like to let the fresh air into our homes. And as the warm summer months approach we need to remember some summer safety tips to avoid those pesky summer pests: burglars.

Here are a few recommendations from the Pawtucket Police Department's Burglary Unit:

Never leave a patio door unlocked while away from home. Security experts recommend a security bar placed between the sliding door and the doorjamb. These bars are often referred to as "Charlie bars." Don't assume that the latch on the door is secure enough to ward off a thief. Lock the door at night as well to keep out unwanted guests.
Always lock windows on the first floor or ground floor. This applies even if there is an enclosed or screened-in porch. It takes so little time and effort to cut through screen mesh and gain access to a home or apartment.
Always secure windows and doors in the basement. It can be easy to forget about this area of the house during the summer months when we're running in and out doing chores.
Some other areas to lock up when not in use: those sheds and garages. When not using them, lock them. Thieves often wait for residents to leave the area, if only for a moment, to raid the shed or garage. And don't forget to lock the windows of the garage too. If there is an entrance to the house through the garage, a thief can enter your residence while you are out tending to the garden or washing your car.

Enjoy all that summer has to offer but don't let your house become a target for burglars.

Got A Bike? Engrave It - Lock It Or Lose It

Bike riding and warm weather are a natural combination. But if your bike is stolen, hiking will be more your speed over the next few months.

The Pawtucket Police Department suggests all bike owners engrave their bikes. It's very simple to do and if needed, owners can go to the local precinct and borrow an engraving tool. Officers say using the ID numbers from a driver's license or Rhode Island ID card is the best way to mark your bike. Never, Never use a social security number as an ID number.

Another suggestion from officers is when storing a bike in a shed or garage, lock and attach it to a lawnmower or other heavy and bulky equipment. Thieves do break into sheds and garages. Attaching a bike to a piece of heavy equipment makes it more difficult to just walk or ride away from the area.

Before Leaving for vacation …Secure Your Residence

Make sure all the locks on the doors and windows function properly and use them.

Make sure your residence looks lived in and not empty.
Leave the shades and blinds on doors and windows in a position that you would normally have them.
Ask several neighbors to keep an eye on your residence while you are away. Leave your vacation address and telephone number with the neighbors so you can be reached in an emergency.
Make sure your smoke and burglar alarms are functioning properly and armed.
Arrange for a neighbor to pick up your deliveries: mail, newspaper, and any other packages.
Arrange for someone to maintain your yard so your home appears occupied.
Have someone place your garbage cans at the curb for normal pickup and put them away after the pickup has been made.
Make sure you have timers for lights, television, or radios so they turn on and off at the appropriate times.
Turn the ringer on the telephone down low or off. A possible intruder will not be alerted to your absence by a ringing telephone. If you can, forward your calls to your cellular phone or a trusted individual.
Leave a normal message on your answering machine; do not announce your absence on the answering machine.
Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway while you are gone so it will appear that someone is home. If you leave your car at home, park as you normally would.
Consider taking valuables that you cannot live without to a safety deposit box.
Call local police to advise them that you are on vacation.
On The Road

Try not to carry large amounts of cash; use traveler’s checks. If you must carry large sums of money do not openly display it.
Do not carry more credit cards than you will need. Keep a list of all traveler’s check numbers and credit card numbers in a safe place. Have telephone numbers to call if either are lost or stolen.
Never advertise your plans to strangers; this includes travel routes and the amount of cash you are carrying.
Do not stop for hitchhikers or stranded motorists. If you want to help, call for assistance for them.
If you suspect that someone is following you, drive to the nearest well-populated place and call 911 or use your cellular phone for emergency assistance.
Do not leave any tickets (airline, train, bus) in open view. They are as valuable as cash.
Males are advised to carry wallets in an inside pocket or the front pocket of their pants. Females should carry their purses under their arm with a firm grasp.
Mark your luggage so it is easily identified. Take pictures of your luggage so airline personnel can identify it if it is lost.
Be sure your luggage is locked and labeled with your name and telephone number. Someone can call you if your luggage is found. If you have a business address, label it on the luggage for a return address.
Hotel and Motel Security

Place all of your luggage in your room; do not leave anything in your vehicle.
Do not leave valuables in your room when you are not there; take them with you.
Keep a daily check of all your belongings.
Place extra cash, jewelry, or valuables in a hotel/motel safe.
Use the door viewer to identify anyone requesting entry into your room. Do not open the door if you do not believe the person has a legitimate reason for being in your room.
Unpack your luggage. Arrange all your belongings so that you will notice if anything is missing.
Create a safety plan with your colleagues
Be aware of your environment - you are the best judge of who "belongs" in your workplace. Trust your instincts - unusual or suspicious circumstances should be reported to Police.
If you must work alone before or after normal business hours, lock your work area
Re-secure propped doors. Report repeated offenses to Police.
Report defective lighting to Service Operations at DPW. Before/after hours, consider using the stairs rather than the elevator
Park in an area that will be well lit when you return
Lock your car. Lock valuables in the trunk or hide then from view
Don't get in your car until you have checked the inside, especially the back seat
Before driving, lock your doors and put on your seatbelt
Body language counts! Walk with confidence. Show that you are aware and in control
Whenever possible, walk with at least one other person
Use well lit, well traveled routes. Consider using public transportation after dark
When approaching your car or your door, get your keys out in advance. Don't fumble for your keys at the door
Consider carrying a small, readily available, high-intensity flash light
If you feel that you are being followed look directly at the person, awareness is often a deterrent
If a follower persists, head toward a well lit, occupied area and call the police (9-1-1)
When faced with robbery, surrender your valuables, don't risk your life for your property
If you are assaulted, be realistic about your response. Only you can decide whether or not to resist!
As soon as safety permits, you are encouraged to report any crime to the police


The popularity of personal computers and computer equipment has created a major concern for computer security. Most modern computers are lightweight and compact, making it easy to move from place to place. This is as convenient for you as it is for a thief. The ease in moveability, combined with an excellent resale value, makes this equipment extremely attractive to a thief.

PREVENTING A THEFT: Your computer is an investment that you cannot afford to lose. For this reason, Pawtucket Police would like to offer these suggestions on securing your computer and computer equipment:
NEVER LEAVE APT or HOUSE UNLOCKED AND UNOCCUPIED: A thief with a target in mind only needs minutes to accomplish his task.

RECORD THE SERIAL NUMBER OF EACH PIECE OF EQUIPMENT: Store this information in a safe place that is quickly accessible if the items are stolen. Operation ID from Pawtucket Police Helps.

JOIN OPERATION IDENTIFICATION: Have your computer equipment permanently marked with an identifying number that can be traced back only to you. NAP & Police loans engravers to you or an officer will assist you with the engraving. Call Sgt.Ed St Pierrefor more information.

REPORT SUSPICIOUS PEOPLE and activities to Police.

BUYING A LOCKING DEVICE: Secure your computer and computer equipment to a table top. There is a wide variety of computer locking devices available to consumers today to physically secure their computers and computer equipment. These devices include: electronic monitors, adhesive pads, jigsaw puzzle mazes, locking cables and bolting systems. Bookstores offers some locking devices or contact Police Services for more information.

INSTALL TRACKING SOFTWARE: Personal computer tracking software, such as LapTrak, is virtually undetectable, immovaable, and silent safeguard software that enables alarm monitoring stations to track the location and use of laptop or desktop computers 24 hours-per-day, 365 days-per-year. For more information on LapTrak, visit our partner website at


Accept software from strangers
Input software from network bulletin boards
Share diskettes with outsiders
Use or make illegal duplicates of software
Post password, near terminal or include password in file


Disguise titles from the casual browser
Keep your password and PIN a secret; never share them with others
Log off when you leave your workstation
Lock down hardware.
Keep magnets away form workstation and diskettes

Major Martin's Tips

Please, please look out, observe and call. Everyone in the neighborhood sees and knows that we need to call police when you see something suspicious. Last week there was a break into a house on Glenwood Ave. & the suspects were seen leaving the residence by a neighbor. This person never called the police and never got a good description of the suspects or the vehicle they were using.
Major Martins said this many times before, but the best police department is the one that has the full cooperation of its citizens. When the citizens report suspicious behavior (they are in the best position to know what is suspicious since they live in the area) the police can more easily solve crimes and the criminals will look to go elsewhere if they know that the neighbors will report to the police what they see.

Some simple tips- We can stop most crimes if you help! 726-3911

Lighting really helps.
Shrubs not hiding places.
Neighbors watching when you are away.
No mail or papers showing vacationing.
A neighbors car in your driveway.
No open doors unlocked.
Mark your valuables with ID #
Pictures of the house interior
No unlicensed soliciting
Follow your gut feelings
No screened windows opened on 1st floor
No open garage doors while working
Lights inside house going automatically
Radios/noise going on automatically
No phone messages saying away
Locking car doors
No GPS attached to car windows
Dogs may help
Security alarms may help but Turn ON
Calling police if suspicious
No ladders lying around
Reporting street lights out
Watching out with neighbors
Your ideas can add to these
Share ideas at Pawtucket Nite Out

Email us

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