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Subject: "Highline Meadows is Centennials only Ghetto"- "NEWS WORTHY"


Highline Meadows Fellows

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Dear Sirs,

 I belive this is news worthy, above is a link to the most incredible mess of an HOA in Colorado .

 Thanks for beliving in the truth!

 We have a Board of Directors which are being controlled and bamboozled by Denise Haas with TMMC.

I have lived at this Highline Meadows complex for 20 years as it has started to fall apart and the roofs are still leaking. We have been slammed with Two 1/4 million dollar assessments for two years now as the Board of Directors will not cut cost and use every penny of our money with "NO RESERVES".

They want to enforce a 3-4 Million Dollar Assessment now to Replace the roofs, fix the wiring issues in the town homes, rebuild the garages and paint the buildings. The place is looking like a Ghetto as each year the Budget pays for 120K for Two on site maintenance personnel a Specialist contractors for Plumbing, Electrical, Lights, Pool, Landscape, Lift Station, Paint and a fleet of lawyers

Our Roofs are leaking in almost all 20 building for the last ten years, we have paid 3 special assessments and had 9 increases in dues for the 298 owners of this complex as this place falls apart and TMMC demands more money to keep feeding it to there fleet of Hindman Sanchez lawyers and third party contractors.

They would love to sue you and take all your money if they can.

This is a Huge Money making operation for TMMC and their contractors as they suck off all our monies and leave us with leaking roofs, pot holes and paint chipping everywhere.

We are 350K in accounts receivable, we cant see the books and go through almost a Million dollars a year and we all live in Centennials only Ghetto which is falling apart and we deal with Asbestos's. The Board will not inform buyers of the Asbestos's and has been caught removing it without following guidelines. The roofs Bleed from leaks which causes damage to the ceilings and walls as up to 15% Asbestos's can be found in the Popcorn insulation.

The Board of Directors will not inform the community and new buyers of our problems and money issues as they spend all our money and rattle the cages of anyone who voices their opinion as this Unduly elected board is directed by Denise Haas and TMMC.

There is no chance of getting any voice by vote since a majority quorum cannot be met for ten years now and we have no say in anything at this complex.

There are several cases in A county District court: Here is one: J & S Investments 07-CV 2392

The Board of Directors has spend thousands of dollars on this case and may only recover a percentage of these monies. They have now a different lawyer as the case will go on year two in the Arapahoe County District court system. The monies come from the paying homeowners as we are 350K in accounts receivable.

It has gotten so bad at this Community that us "Sheep in a Field" have no say in any matters as an Unduly elected Board and TMMC control us, control our monies, control our rules and control our demising future.

 Thanks Joe


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President Name: Alan Saval

Vice President Name: Steve Mericle

Secretary Name: Brad Larson

 Treasurer Name: Scott Hommas

Member at Large Name: Kerry Miller


Ex-Vice President Name: MORGENTHALER, DANIEL R

Ex-Member at Large Name: STARR, DAVID A Name:

One Day HOA's and Property Management companies will start to respect the rights the common man instead of squashing him to make monetary gain and power to control others in Associations in America.

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Don't Forget the Secretary is also running a business which is posted in the News letter as "Honey Do for $35 dollars a hour or $250 for the whole day"

This is Brad Larson the current Secretary.

This is a clear violation of the Declaration that no "trade" or "Business" shall be ran from the Resident of Highline Meadows!

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