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Hidden River

Purpose: To inform and connect the residents of the Hidden River subdivision in Plainfield, IL


Notices for meetings and updates on issues will also appear on this site, so make sure you add yourself under Our Neighbors to the right, and include your email, as we will send out emails letting you know when meetings will take place.




Click on the OUR INFO tab and look for the newsletter. Updates and information will be found under this listing.



Please read the newsletter for details. Thank you


Meeting Scheduled for March 30.  Check the newsletter under Our Info for details.  Thank you


Assessments are due now. Please make payments ASAP. These can be paid in full at $180.00 or two payments of $90.00. Send payment in now, to avoid a collection process being acted on. If you have not paid 2012-2013 payments, email a board member to arrange payment now. The $180.00 dues are for the 2013-2014 year as well. Check the January 2014 newsletter for more information, collection and more.

We are looking for four more board members. Do you want to join the Board? The October meeting is when to do it!


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HOA bill

I did not get a bill in the mail.  Did anyoine else? more
Started: June 1st 2017Replies: 0

Any Contact Info?

Hi,   Does anyone have any contact info for Scott, or some other board member (that isn't a P.O Box)?   I'm in the process of selling, and I need quite a bit of info on the HOA, including:... more
Started: January 5th 2016Replies: 0


Still using this site? more
Started: July 12th 2015Replies: 0

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