Farley Neighborhood

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 Mailing Address:

  Farley Neighborhood
  PO Box 51920
  Indianapolis, IN 46251 







Crime Watch Meeting:

July 31, 2018 - 7:00 PM - Chapel Hill United Methodist Church - 10th and Girls School Rd (Behind the Taco Bell).

Annual Dues:

Starting July 1, 2017 the Fiscal Year was moved to July 1. From 2017 forward, the annual $25 neighborhood association fees are due by July 31, each year. This will enable the Farley Board to obtain the annual agreements needed to accomplish the neighborhood services your dues provide.

In the past your dues have helped your board of directors to:

  • - Promote better speed control in our neighborhood.
  • - Work with city and county government to:
    •    - Maintain our streets.
    •    - Provide better storm water drainage.
    •    - Improve sewage service
    •    -  Provide tighter zoning controls and code enforcement.
    • - Pay for IPL to install and maintain street lights in sections of the           
    •   neighborhood where they were lacking.
    • - Sponsor, advertise, and place signs to promote the semi-annual       
  •    garage sales.
  • - Print and distribute the neighborhood newsletters to keep you up to
       date on activities.
  • - Coordinate the neighborhood Crime Watch effort.
  • - Work with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to provide free trees to
       residents who requested them.
  • - Plan, promote, and hold the informative Annual Farley Neighborhood
       Association Meetings.
  • - Hold discussions with the Department of Environment and Soil
       Erosion to address erosion on properties adjacent to Topp Creek.
    - Ensure the streets are plowed and/or salted/sanded after snow and ice storms.
  • To continue to receive these services, it is important that your annual dues are paid. Please send your check for $25 for this year's dues to the following address by July 31, 2018:

              Farley Neighborhood Membership Drive 
              PO Box 51920
              Indianapolis, IN 46251

This is an excellent value for these services and among the lowest association fee of all neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

If you are not sure whether your dues are up to date, please call: Don Griffith, Treasurer, at 317-241-0588.

Neighborhood Garage Sales:

 June 9, 2018 - 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM  (Rain date, June 16th)

September 15, 2018 - 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Rain date, September 22nd)    



Farley Communications: 

To accomplish efficient and effective communications between the residents and the FNA Board, you now have three ways to contact us:

 - The Farley website: www.neighborhoodlink.com/Farley


 -  Our new FaceBook site: Farley Neighbors


 - Our e-mail address: farleyneighborhood@gmail.com


 - Our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhood news and posts:



You can also call any of the board members; we’ll be glad to help! See the Pages & Links section below for phone numbers.


Also, please let us know if you are aware of new residents in our community so we can welcome them and let them know about our neighborhood.


Drainage Issues:

DPW and Citizens Energy Group are working together to address drainage issues in Farley and surrounding neighborhoods. Specifically, in Farley, they worked this summer at 11th St and Glen Arm and 11th St and Eleanor on drainage projects. Also, they are looking at Topp Creek in general to see what changes can be made to improve drainage throughout the neighborhood. 

It was suggested that residents call Citizens Energy, 924-3311, and ask for an inspector to report roads and/or bridges crumbling because of water.

A Revised Storm Water Master Plan is available online at Indy.gov/stormwater. All scheduled projects will be posted with start dates and estimated completion dates so you can track any drainage problems of specific concern to you.

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Neighborhood meeting

I attended the Farley Assoc neighborhood meeting last night (4/21).  There were a lot of good, informational presenters on the agenda.  It seems like every meeting I have attended (since... more
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For those who don't know  W. 16TH and Farley Drive's intersection is now a FOUR WAY STOP. Please be aware of this as there are NO WARNING SIGN'S in place to warn the motorists of this change. Use... more
Started: July 10th 2018Replies: 1


wondering if the fence being erected on the corner of Farley and sixteenth streets is legal more
Started: November 22nd 2017Replies: 4

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